10 Great Deals For Cheap Vacations For Students

For high school and college students alike, the long holidays reward months and months of classes, exams and intense concentration. This year has been more difficult than the others with the confinement. But little by little, Homestay in Mussoorie the borders are opening up, and the students are starting to plan their vacations. If you’re not planning on getting a summer job, it’s time to plan your travels now. Financial boosts, travel grants, transport cards for young adventurers… Here are ten good tips for getting away on a tight budget.

1. Explore Europe by train

Choose from over 40,000 destinations in 33 countries and experience the European adventure that suits you. The Interrail pass allows you to use the network of 37 railway companies in 30 European countries. It also offers discounts on museums, activities, hostel nights and ferry rides. From five days to a month, you can choose the duration of the pass. For 12-27 year olds, count €251 for seven days of travel over a period of one month.

2. Take the bus

Equivalent to the Interrail for the coach, the Interflix allows you to make five journeys in Europe for 99€. Each trip costs €20 regardless of the distance. Created by the Flixbus company, champion of “Macron coaches”, this pass, Homestay in Mussoorie valid for three months, gives access to a network of 1,700 destinations in 27 European countries. An example of an itinerary from Paris? Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Venice. This service is currently unavailable.

3. Unlimited TGV for €79 per month

Explore France by train in an unlimited, flexible and economical way. This is what the TGVmax card promises, launched in January 2017 by the SNCF for 16-27 year olds. For €79 per month, you can take the TGV and certain Intercités trains as much as you want, subject to availability. Please note that the subscription commits you for a minimum of three months and the cancellation costs amount to €15. The card does not work on regional trains (TER).

4. Go to a hostel

When you are a student, spending your holidays in exceptional places, in France or abroad, while saving money, is quite possible. Long perceived as uncomfortable lodgings with austere dormitories, youth hostels have been undergoing a facelift for several years. They can now offer an idyllic setting, Homestay in Mussoorie a neat decoration as well as many activities while maintaining attractive prices. This is the ideal formula when you have to deal with a student budget, which is very often limited. Whether in Cassis, Annecy, on the bay of Mont Saint Michel, or even on the Croatian island of Hvar, Barcelona or Istanbul, in terms of destinations, students are spoiled for choice.

5. The Zellidja scholarship

Hip-hop culture in Moscow and Yalta, the female condition in Cuba or the consequences of the fall of communism on the music of the Balkans. So many study subjects that earned their author a grant from the Zellidja Foundation, created in 1939.

  • Worth €900 for a first trip and €1,100 for a second, it finances projects that combine travel, Homestay in Mussoorie discovery and spirit of initiative.
  • Several conditions must be met: be between 16 and 20 years old, travel alone for a minimum of one month and submit a road book and a study report on their return.
  • Several celebrities have benefited from the foundation’s aid, such as historian Serge Klarsfeld, journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach and writer Dominique Lapierre, author of Paris is burning?

6. €100 to €200 in holiday vouchers offered by the Paris City Hall

Parisians aged 16 to 30 can benefit from €100 holiday vouchers thanks to the Paris Jeunes Vacances scheme run by the Paris City Hall. This aid is increased to €200 for applicants with proof of a difficult social situation (grant holders, assisted contracts, etc.). To qualify, you must present a holiday plan that meets several conditions: stay of at least four days and three nights, for tourist purposes, for a maximum of six people. The file, to be completed online, must be submitted to the borough hall. A commission meets at least twice a year to decide on the files.

7. Stays organized by the BDEs of schools and universities

To travel inexpensively with other students, simply knock on the student office (BDE) of your school or university. Skiing holidays, weekends in London or Amsterdam, a day at the Château de Chambord… Most BDEs organise, in addition to evenings, organized stays at preferential rates, Homestay in Mussoorie including transport, accommodation, meals and activities. An example? A week in the Alps organized by the Sorbonne at 480€ all included.

8. Humanitarian missions for committed young people

Holidays do not always rhyme with idleness . Thanks to international camps, young people can travel while serving a good cause. Concordia, Rempart or International Voluntary Service organize people of all ages to participate in a solidarity project for two or three weeks.

  1. Promoting children’s rights in India, cleaning a beach in Canada, renovating a church in Auvergne.
  2. The themes are very varied, as is the choice of destinations.
  3. No special skills are required.
  4. Participants work an average of five hours a day.
  5. At Concordia, stays cost between €120 and €460 depending on age and country, plus €20 for annual membership.

9. Board and lodging against agricultural work

A good way to go green, to discover local traditions and to be accommodated for free: wwoofing. In exchange for room and board on a farm or farm, you discover the daily life of your hosts and participate in their daily tasks (planting, picking, animal care, etc.) for a few hours a day. You can take advantage of the free time to visit the region. A holiday formula that will appeal to young city dwellers in search of greenery.


10. And for the Parisians who are not leaving…

Parisians who do not leave the capital can always escape through culture and sport. Every summer, the Paris City Hall makes the Pass Jeunes available to 15-25 year olds. It offers free or reduced-price access to museums, Homestay in Mussoorie swimming pools, cinemas and monuments in the capital and the inner suburbs. Attention, the number of passes is limited each year, remember to ask for it as soon as possible. The Pass is not yet available. We have to wait for this summer.

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