10 Most Popular Facial Surgery Procedures

The demand for plastic surgery procedures has increased over the years. Nowadays, even celebrities are quite honest about the cosmetic procedures they had. This has a positive influence on the general public and encourages them to get it done themselves. Cosmetic surgery, especially facial procedures have become quite common these days. Since it’s the trend we have listed the most popular facial procedures and their details to prepare you for the same. An increasingly large number of people are going for certain popular and on-demand surgeries and you can go too.

List of the Most Popular Facial Procedures:


This is one of the most common facelift surgical procedures. It reduces the aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, etc. The surgeon carefully makes small incisions around the frontal ear of the patient, just behind their hairline to remove the extra skin. This tightens the skin and gives it a smooth texture. The incision marks often disappear after 10 days of the procedure. This procedure is one of the most popular facial procedures that help patients achieve that youthful look.


Our skin becomes less firm as we age. It leads to drooping and sagging in the visible areas. The skin of the eyelid is one such area. This skin is much thinner than the other areas of our body. As the skin sags, many patients undergo certain procedures to achieve that youthful look. This is where eyelid surgery comes into play. In this, the surgeon takes out excess skin and fat around the eyelid. This tightens the muscle tissue. The surgeon then removes the stitches after 4-5 days after the procedure.


Rhinoplasty or nose job is the most popular facial procedure as the nose is the face’s focal point. This is one of the first choices when it comes to surgical procedures for people. It involves reshaping the nose to enhance certain parts. This process involves cuts within the nostril of the patient which reshapes the inner cartilage. The overall goal is to get a more attractive appearance. But people also get rhinoplasty to improve breathing issues and fix a deviated septum.

Brow Lift

Another one of the most popular facial surgeries includes a forehead or brow lift. It improves the appearance of the face, especially the forehead area. In this procedure, the surgeon raises the soft tissue in the upper part of the forehead. People in their 30s have less droopiness. So, it is an ideal time to have a browlift.

Neck Lift

This procedure is an up-and-coming facial plastic surgery process. It can be the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure in the coming years. In this procedure, the surgeon lifts the neck muscles and removes excess fat and skin in the neck. After that, he closes the incision and applies a dressing under your chin. This process is ideal for people in their early 40s.


Just like chemical peeling, this procedure removes wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in removing the scars on the skin. However, the main difference between dermabrasion and chemical peel is that the former needs a surgeon. The surgeon uses a rotating brush to take out the topmost layer of the skin. It removes the surface layer, thus improving any existing facial defects.

Orthognathic Surgery

This surgical procedure is to reshape your chin and jaw. It improves the appearance of your jaw or chin, to give you a more polished and slimmer look. It can also be used to reshape the teeth if they are not aligned properly. Since this is a complex surgical process, you need to consult an experienced surgeon. Being one of the major hubs in the country, you can find great surgeons for plastic surgery in Miami.

Buccal Fat Removal

This is one of the most popular facial procedures, especially amongst celebrities. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the buccal fat pads from your cheeks. This gives you a slimmer look and improves your facial angles. The total recovery from this process needs at least three weeks. You also need to be in regular touch with your surgeon during the recovery.

Cheek Augmentation

This procedure involves inserting cheek implants. This surgery, contrary to buccal fat removal, makes the cheeks look fuller. Like every plastic surgery, this process helps you attain that youthful look. It balances your facial features to make you feel more pretty. This procedure does not take a lot of time to recover. It leads to some mild bruising but otherwise, it will get better in a couple of days.

Lip Augmentation

It is a cosmetic process that gives you fuller lips. The surgeon injects dermal filler into your lips and around your mouth. These fillers contain hyaluronic act which is also a natural substance in your body. Collagen is also another popular filler after hyaluronic acid. This procedure also does not need a lot of time for recovery. It needs around a week or two to recover. But you can go back to work a few days post your bodrum escort surgery.

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In this day and age, plastic surgery has become quite common amongst people. However, before going for one, you need to be careful. Most health insurance does not cover plastic surgery. Therefore, it is better that you do some research about both, your body type as well as the kind of surgery you want to have. You also need to be careful about the surgeon that you choose so that you can get a good experience. Cosmetic surgery is a good way for you to feel more confident about yourself and your body.

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