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10 reasons you should hire a professional for carpet cleaning at Clinton Hill

carpet cleaning at Clifton Hill
carpet cleaning at Clifton Hill

While it may be cheaper to rent a carpet cleaning machine than to hire a professional for carpet cleaning at Clinton Hill, there are many benefits to getting a professional that will make the extra cost worthwhile. Professionals who have on-board equipment have an advantage in several ways. Because they clean carpets day in and day out, they are less likely to make mistakes such as using too much detergent or neglecting to rinse out all the residue.
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The professionals not only clean your carpet but also ensure you that they will clean it safely and germs free.

Here are the top 10 advantages of hiring a professional carpet cleaner

1-Industrial equipment and cleaning solutions

We use well-maintained, up-to-date truck-mounted cleaning machines. Unlike the machines you rent or buy, truck-mounted machines have superb suction power, enabling them to extract deeply buried dirt and stubborn stains. Our trucks are stocked with only the best products from top manufacturers. You can rest assured that our products are effective, efficient and safe for your carpets, consumers and the environment. If a spot can be removed, our products will remove it. After our neutralizing rinse, any water left behind is as safe as tap water and no residue is left behind.

2-Hot water = better cleaning  

The truck provides hot water up to 250 degrees, which improves the effectiveness of the detergent. If it’s a rented machine, all you can do is pour hot water into the mixing tank and hope it doesn’t get too cold while you’re cleaning. Finally, professionals benefit from having a more powerful vacuum system. Because they remove more water, they have the potential to rinse more thoroughly, and researchers have found that the amount of water flowing through carpet fibers is the most important factor in determining how thoroughly a cleaning is carried out. In addition, professional vacuums make the fibers drier, so the room can be returned to use more quickly.

3-Don’t break your back

Another benefit is that technicians will move most of your furniture before cleaning (we don’t move large items such as wardrobes, entertainment centers or beds). No need to break your back or rent a moving truck. In addition, once the carpets have dried, our technicians will move all the furniture back to its original location. Moving the furniture is part of the price you are quoted, not an additional cost.

4-Improve the air quality in your home

Regular vacuuming will only remove surface dirt and dust, leaving piles of dirt embedded in the fibers of your carpet. It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year – more frequently for larger homes and in areas with high traffic and pets – to remove the deeper layers of dirt underneath. Professional carpet cleaners have equipment powerful enough to eliminate invisible dry contaminants and improve the air quality inside your home.

5-Save your time

When you clean your own carpets you have to move furniture. Vacuum all the carpets. Spot treat the carpets to remove stains. Apply a pre-treatment solution to the carpets. Fill and empty the water tanks. Carry and clean the equipment when you’re done. Using a professional service means an experienced technician will handle all this work.  They are saving your time and trips to the masseur.

6-Avoid mould

Moulds are common carpet invaders. They usually appear after someone has tried to clean their carpet and left it excessively damp. When you will hire a professional company, like us, we will ensure you that your carpet will not over saturate and they will extract the industrial extraction completely.

7-Restore your carpet to its original beauty and quality

By removing stubborn stains and embedded dirt, you can help restore your carpet to its original beauty and quality. Maintaining your carpet with regular professional deep cleaning will help you extend the life of your carpet and leave your carpet feeling and looking clean.


We can also help you protect your carpet from permanent staining and soiling. Ask about our fabric protection to help protect the fibers from wear and tear, as well as stains and spills. Our premium fabric protection, Micro Seal Permanent Fabric Protection, is the best fabric protection available. There is no need to apply it again because it is non exotic and non allergen.

9-Knowledge of different carpet types

Our experienced carpet cleaning technicians have extensive knowledge of different types and brands of carpets and have the best cleaning methods and products for your carpets. Instead of taking a chance on carpet cleaning rental or store-bought cleaning solutions, protect your carpets from accidental damage and have your carpets professionally cleaned by a professional.


As a reputable carpet cleaning company, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services. We stand behind our work every time. If you’re not happy with your cleaning job, give us a call and we’ll go back and redo it for free.


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