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11 Best Online Team Building Activities

With the pandemic hitting almost every country, the governments have imposed a lockdown in many areas. In these tough times when everyone is working from home, it has become difficult for people to bond with each other. With the meetings being held virtually, it is important to know how you can make your team members interact and have fun. But do you know there are various team building virtual games that can help you boost engagement among your team members? This article provides you with a list of the best virtual team building activities you can include in your meetings. 

Virtual Home Tour

A virtual home tour is a great activity to boost engagement within the team. It is a great team-building activity. Ask your team members to provide a sneak-peek into their homes with the help of a pre-recorded home tour video. This activity can help the team members learn more about each other and reveal the fun side of their colleagues. 


Virtual Karaoke

Has work from home setting made you miss out on all the fun with your team members. A virtual karaoke is a fun virtual game that will help you recall the good old days. Moreover, it will help you know their choices and hidden talents. The team members can either sing a song of their choice or other members can recommend a song to them. This activity will add an extra fun element to your virtual team building activity.


Live Group Chats

A team-building activity in corporate companies is all about networking and engagement among the team members. Live group chats are a great way to boost engagement among the team members. In such difficult times, when people are isolated at home, a simple group chat can go a long way in emotionally uplifting the mood of your team. Group chats help the team members bond over texts and the topics can range from gardening to travelling. 


Virtual Dance Party

Wondering how to boost engagement among your team members? There could be nothing better and more fun than a virtual dance party. Ask all the team members to put on their party shoes and show some of their best moves. Doesn’t this sound fun? Moreover, a virtual dance party can act as a great icebreaker. It can help the new team members get comfortable with others.  


Online Challenge

Keeping up with the trend of social media challenges, you can also include an online challenge within your team building activities. Online challenge is the most popular team building virtual game. Colleagues can give each other funny challenges and ask them to perform them impromptu. For instance, you can challenge your team member to lick a lemon slice. Although it may seem easy, the hilarious facial expressions of the members performing this challenge will make the activity fun and promote bonding among the team. 


Share a Story

What could be a better team building activity than something that takes you back in time? Share a story is one of the best games to play virtually. You can ask each team member to share a fun story with the entire team. It will help boost interaction and bonding among the team members. Remember to look for a virtual event platform that provides the feature of audio and video chat. This feature will help the team members read the facial expressions of the storyteller. 


Assign a role to everyone

You can assign a role to each team member and ensure that they play their role during the meeting meticulously. The roles can be as follows –

Cheerleader –

Give this role to the most happy-go-lucky person in the team. the cheerleader will be responsible to cheer the team and ensuring that the members are in high spirits. 

Photographer –

Give this role to the person who clicks the best pictures. As the name suggests, the photographer will be responsible for taking snaps of the team throughout the meeting. 

The mover and shaker –

This person will come in handy when the team loses track of the conversation. The mover and shaker will bring everyone back on track. 

Comedian –

Give this role to the most hilarious person in the team. This person will be responsible for cracking jokes and throwing one-liners throughout the meeting. It will help keep the environment fun and humorous. 


Virtual Vacation

Imagine watching the sunset on a beautiful island while sitting at your home. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Especially in the times when everyone is locked in their homes, this virtual vacation is sure to get everyone supercharged and excited. You can even take the help of online event platforms that allow you to complete customization. Features such as the dynamic 3D animation and the 360-degree view are sure to bring a realistic travel experience for your team members. It is also a great idea for a virtual Christmas and new year party celebration


Virtual Stand-up Comedy

Everyone loves stand-up comedies! With that being said, you can hire a stand-up comedian to entertain your team members and get them laughing. This activity is sure to gain a lot of appreciation from your team members. 


Guess the Person

Yes, you heard it right. It is as exciting as it sounds. So in this activity, you can ask all the team members to write one unique or unknown fact about themselves and ask the others to guess who wrote it. You can read the facts aloud during the event and let the team members guess who wrote it. This activity will incorporate a feeling of suspense in the event. 


Never Have I Ever

No virtual party or a virtual town hall meeting is complete without the classic Never Have I ever game. Ask everyone to hold up all their fingers. Now everyone will say something that they have not done. The other members are required to put down one finger each if they have done it. You can also pre-write the prompts and speak them aloud during the event. 


Summing Up

Now that you are aware of the best team building activities for lockdown, you can go ahead and make your team indulge in some fun and laughter. You can let your creativity flow and add some unique and fun activities to the list. 


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