15 Haunted Castles Around the World

15 Haunted Castles Around the World

“Straight out of a fairy tale” is a great way to bring back the images of tiny bridges blooming forests and canals that weave through towns. But don’t overlook the fact that every fairy tale includes a darker side, as well. Villains and their shady lairs or headquarters are equally important to these tales. What could Sleeping Beauty be without Maleficent’s castle? The castles in this haunted collection there are dungeons filled with ghostly ballrooms, haunted skeletons terrifying tales of the dead, and wild tigers that have terrorized a village. This is the list of the world’s haunted castles, ranging from New Zealand to Romania and beyond. Explore at your own risk. Get various witch names ideas using a witch name generator.

  • Leap Castle, Ireland

It was constructed between the 13th century and the 15th century in the late 15th century, this Irish castle has witnessed more death-deaths than the Game of Thrones wedding. According to the legend that during a battle to be the ruler of the O’Carroll clan (which was known for poisoning diners) One brother slammed an ax into the other priest as the priest was preparing to celebrate mass in the chapel of the castle. The room is now referred to as “The Bloody Chapel,” and the priest is believed to be haunting the church late at night. And the terror doesn’t end there. 

In the course of castle restorations during the first half of 1900 construction workers discovered an underground dungeon inside the Bloody Chapel with so many human skeletons that they filled three cartloads after being taken away. The dungeon was constructed so that the prisoners could fall through a trapdoor, get their lungs punctured by spikes made of wood that was buried in the floor, then eventually die slowly, horribly in the ear of the clan members that were shady above.

  • Chillingham Castle, England

As Britain’s most haunted castle, the appropriately called Chillingham Castle has a horrific background of prisons with a history of prisoners, dungeons, and notorious torture chambers. The list of ghosts in Chillingham Castle includes the wailing “blue boy,” the pantry’s flimsy “white lady,” and the elusive lady Mary Berkeley. Take a ghost tour run by the castle or sleep in a self-catering residence if you’re brave enough.

  • Burg Eltz, Germany

Burg Eltz dates back to 1157. The list of legends about the castle is long. Of the rooms that are in the castle that are accessible to visitors one that is believed to be among the most haunted is the bedroom of Countess Agnes. The bed, her breastplate, and battle-ax are still in the room. legend claims that she was killed in the defense of it from another “undesirable” suitor and, consequently, remains a specter of this German castle, which lies in between the cities of Koblenz and Trier which is now.

  • Houska Castle, Czech Republic

It is located about one hour to the north of Prague, Houska Castle has no fortifications, has no kitchen, and was not inhabited by residents when it was built. However, it does contain something unlike any other castle has – a massive gap in the ground that is believed to be the gate to hell. Houska was purposely constructed over the gap (which is believed to be infinity) to close the gate and stop demons from entering our world. The demons are believed to be trapped within these walls on the lowest levels.

Here’s where it gets very disturbing: Prior to closing the hole, nearby prisoners were granted pardons if they agreed to be dropped into the hole using ropes and then write about what they observed. The first prisoner who was taken down began screaming for a short time. After being raised up, according to the report, it appeared that he had passed 30 years of age.

  • Voergaard Castle, Denmark

In the northern part of the Danish city located in Dronninglund, Voergaard Castle displays works by Raphael, Goya, and El Greco to the public. However, the castle is equally famous for its dark history. The most well-known myth is the tale of Ingeborg Skeel, who bought this castle in 1578 and drowned the architect of the castle in the moat to ensure that it would be impossible for him to make another structure as gorgeous as Voergaard. 

There are reports of Skeel’s ghostly grouchy wandering around the Castle at night wearing a white dress. Even if you’re not a believer in ghost tales, you may still feel goosebumps while walking through Rosedonten the most famous Voergaard cave: The room was designed to ensure that a mature man was unable to stand straight and not lay out There aren’t openings for air or light to get in.

  • Predjama Castle, Slovenia

In a cave situated within an imposing cliff, Predjama, which dates up to the year 1274 is an impressive structure according to the standards. If you add in the local legend, you’ll surely be spooked. It was once the home for knight Erazem Lueger. Predjama had secret entrances and is said to be a scene of treachery and torture. Lueger was swindled by his servants and was murdered in the castle, and it is said to be haunting it to this day.

  • Himeji Castle, Japan

Himeji Castle dates to 1333 and is considered one of the best remaining models of Japanese castle design. It also has some mysterious folklore that is associated with it. The most famous story tells of Okiku an enigmatic character from the past who was falsely accused of stealing precious dishes. She was executed and thrown into a well inside the castle. The ghost of her remains haunts the castle in the evening, counting dishes with a sad tone; she gets to nine before screaming and heading back into the water.

  • Castle Fraser, Scotland

The castle was built between 1575 and 1636 in the east of Scotland, Castle Fraser is known for its intricate architectural design, gorgeous farmland, and gardens. There is also a gruesome legend. According to the legend, a princess who was a guest at Castle Fraser was brutally killed in her sleep. The body of the princess has carried down the stone staircase and left a trail of blood on the floor. However hard they tried to clean the stairs, the people who lived there could not clean the blood stains off the staircase, so they made the decision to cover the stairs with wood panels, and it is still in use to this day. There is a legend that”the ghost” of the princess is seen in the halls of the castle at night.

  • Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

One of the top attractions in the capital city of Scotland is, according to many, among the most visited. The castle’s parts date to more than 800 years, the historical castle’s dungeons from the past have brought guests to the castle for “visits” from colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War, French prisoners of the Seven Years’ War, and even ghosts of a dog roaming around the cemetery of the grounds of the castle.

  • Larnach Castle, New Zealand

Larnach was constructed between 1871 and 1887 in order to be the home of William Larnach, a prominent local politician from New Zealand. The most notable feature is the 3,000-square-foot ballroom that Larnach was able to construct as a birthday present for his daughter Kate who later passed away from typhoid, a disease that struck the young at age 26 and is believed to haunt the ballroom. Don’t think of those tappings on your shoulder or whispers of your ear as an invention of the imagination, however: The structure has been frequented by paranormal investigators as well as appeared as a part of Ghost Hunters International.

  • Moosham Castle, Austria

In the Salzburg Witch Trials between 1675 between 1675 and 1690 Moosham was the site of numerous executions, detentions, and torture of hundreds of women and men suspected of witchcraft. Later in the 1800s, there was a plethora of deer and cattle in the castle’s vicinity were discovered dead and the residents were convicted and executed for being werewolves. Today, visitors and staff have reported hearing banging sounds and footprints, as well as being able to see white mists and even feeling someone breathe upon the ground.

  • The Dead Sea

One of the largest and oldest of South Africa’s colonial structures Cape Town’s Castle of Good Hope once was a dungeon without windows in which convicts drowned in chains attached to its walls. It is said to haunt the site even today. Other scary things? A large black dog who jumps at people before disappearing in the distance, a bell that sounds on its own (though it is called by an officer who hanged himself using his bellrope), and lights inside the Buren bastion that turn on and off without human intervention.

  • Casa Loma, Toronto

There’s a Gothic Revival-style castle located in midtown Toronto which, regardless of whether you know that or not, probably has. On the screen, that’s. Casa Loma has made appearances in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, X-Men, Disney’s live-action Beauty, and the Beast as well in the role of Hogwarts within Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is due in part to the distinctive architectural features of the mansion and also due to its history. There have been many decades of ghost sightings reported. Which includes the ghost of Sir Henry Pallet, its original resident. As well as his spouse Lady Mary who was the reason the castle was constructed. Also, more often seen is the appearance of a servant. Who was born in the early 1900s? The population of 60,000 in Toronto suffered from the flu.

  • Bhangarh Fort, India

In Rajasthan, the State of Rajasthan in the vicinity of the Aravali mountain range is an old fort that was destroyed in the 17th-century city. A local legend tells us that a sadhu lives on the top of the hill. That was the closest and allowed the fort to be constructed with conditions that were not able to cast shadows on his home. 

If his request was not met by the city, he cursed them. The most haunted city in India The entry point to the most popular tourist spots is strictly restricted after sunset. The nearby villagers talk of ghostly activity. But skeptical individuals claim that the true purpose is to safeguard visitors from those living in the nearby Tiger reserve. The dark aura and negative energy of Bhangarh Fort. However, they are accepted by both people who believe in God and not.

  • Bran Castle, Romania

It’s not much more Halloween-y than this: Dracula’s Castle. Bran Castle is somewhat connected to the historical figure. Who inspired Bram Stoker’s author Bram Stoker, Vlad III. Dracula, also referred to by the name of Vlad the Impaler–and yes. You correctly inferred that instead of sucking blood, Vlad killed his victims. Many believe that Bran Castle was among the places where Vlad III reigned terror on Transylvania. (Most historians would like evidence, but.) The museum is now a museum, and other terrifying sights inside the walls include a gold casket. That holds one of Romania’s queens Marie.

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