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3 Amazing Street Food in Jaipur to Eat

Street Food in Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for its fortresses and palace, but there is one more thing that comes to mind when thinking about this beautiful city. Yeah, it’s Jaipur food. Here are 3 amazing street food in Jaipur to eat while your Jaipur sightseeing tour packages.

Best Food Corners For Must Visit

You can find so many best places to visit in Jaipur for food. But these 3 best corners are must visit on your Jaipur tour.

Best Food to Eat On Your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Jaipur is full of different colors and cultures and is absolutely reflected in the wonderfully delicious foodstuff! In this beautiful city, you can start and end your day just by eating food that you lick with your fingers, but you still don’t get enough. The diverse cultures and history of Jaipur’s vibrant culture have a say in the wide variety of flavors and dishes that exist in Jaipur’s street food. There is something that everyone can enjoy in every corner of the city. It’s a food paradise.

Food Paradise in Jaipur

So don’t waste your time anymore and dive into the delicious world of Jaipur at these 5 best stall food locations for eating in Jaipur –

Shri Nath Pav Bhaji Vala

No one in Jaipur has ever heard of the name of Shrina Pubbazi. It is one of the oldest food stalls in Jaipur and is truly loved throughout the city. Currently, due to its insane popularity, Shri Nath Pav Bhaji’s stalls are so numerous that it is difficult to determine which is the original and it is difficult to answer that question, so the SBI Bank of Chaula Rasta I would like to talk about this little stall outside. This place is never uncrowded. It is always full of people.

It’s a dish with plenty of butter and a perfect combination of spices to get back to this place. Served with fresh onions, limes and lesan chutneys, it’s a truly unique experience. When we say this is the best pub buddy in Jaipur, we really mean it!

Samrat’s Famous Breakfast Food

Without including Samrat’s famous breakfast food, the morning in Jaipur is incomplete. If you really want to experience Rajasthan street food, this is definitely a place for you. Located in Chaula Rasta, this place is crowded at 7am with the famous breakfasts of Samosa and Cachoris, Mirchibadas, Poha and Jalebi, and the list grow steadily. This cultural breakfast is different from the famous Masala Chai.

It gives you a very authentic Rajasthan food choice and is one of the oldest Rajasthan food locations, which also has great value in the city’s culture and heritage.

If you are a tourist, this is a must-see to get the real experience and taste of Jaipur.

Bombay Sandwich at Saraogi Mansion

Saraogi Mansion is best of the busiest shopping locations in pink city. Located in the heart of Bap Bazaar, this place is always filled with both tourists and locals all day long. What do you need most after a tired shopping? Yes, it’s the last lip-sounding snack! The sandwich and Bhel Puri stalls right next to Saraogi are the perfect place to get rid of your hunger.

Those light butter Bombay sandwiches will definitely be different after a tired day. They make sandwiches with secret chutney. It makes them unique and very special throughout the city. It’s definitely a must-see for all foodies out there.

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