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4 Ways to Make Your Curtain & Drapery Hardware Stylish

Curtain holdbacks are as crucial as curtains and fabrics adding to the beauty of a room or house. A window treatment that focuses on all the parts of the curtain treatment can even turn a dull mood into a shining one. The best part of the current generation is not afraid of experimenting with various drapery hardware, including crystal curtain hardware. Even simple looks can become elegant, raising the bar of home décor of a place. Here are a few more suggestions for the budding home stylists and customizers who like to give their rooms life with the window treatments.

Extend the Curtain Rod

To hang a drapery, use the hardware that fits the scenario. Make sure you always take a pole of drapery rod that goes at least three inches beyond the sides of the casement frames. It helps in the following ways:

  • It illusions that the window is large
  • It enables more natural light inside the room
  • It restricts shadows at the ends of the casement frames
  • It adds visual appeal that reveals more of the glass than a poky curtain

Steam the Curtains

Fettering finishes never catch attention. So keep the curtains steam-ironed to get a sleek finish. Wrinkles and folds are always distracting. People who think that the wrinkles will fall out of time commit mistakes.

Suppose you still feel lethargic about ironing your curtains. In that case, you can also use beautiful curtain holdbacks to keep the curtains aside allow the natural light to come in, elevating the environment and creating a different aura around the curtain treatment.

High-End Window Treatment

If you want your casements to look professional and attractive, use this tip, hang your curtains touching the ceilings. The sight will provide a grand illusion using the extra height. You can also use crystal curtain hardware at three ends to make them look more enchanting. When you have used a budget valence or an unlined curtain panel placing the curtain at the right height, it fetches a lot of attention.

Hanging the curtains rods at least twelve inches above the window frame, combing with bamboo or roman shade under the rod adds elegance to the design and enables the panels to shine high without showing any blank space. Employing a professional like Design My Drapes to do the jobs can ease you in the process and avoid unnecessary tantrums.

Adjust the Curtain Length with Drapery Hardware

To make the curtain panels more stylish, you can adjust the length of a curtain with the Bishop Sleeve trick. Add a rod pocket to the treatment. Adding hem finish and puddle finish to the window treatment will help you transform the look into something extraordinary by using unlined curtain panels. Use DIY curtain holdbacks to finish the look.

While using a short curtain panel, add width at the bottom using a solid color or any synchronizing pattern making a design detail flaunting packaged curtain look custom made. You can also use velvet or suede texture to create a more captivating appearance.

Reaching a helping hand when you are renovating the home décor is a genuine assistance. The association or person guides you throughout the crista and troughs of the journey and helps you bring out the perfect appearance fit for your targeted space. You can consult with Design My Drapes for similar assistance. Design My Drapes is your go-to store where you find everything related to drapes, curtains, and hardware. It is a prominent place for garnishing your windows and doors. The range of products available at this place can captivate any beauty-loving people. The products are affordable and envision the customer to mesmerize with the enchantment. For further help, go to the official link.

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