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5 Solutions to Fix Outlook for Mac Syncing with Gmail

Outlook for Mac Syncing with Gmail

Ms Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is a company that has provided different services like a mail application, calendar, contacts and others to its customers and account holders. Another good thing about MS Outlook is that you can use the application on any device very easily. But, many times when people try to sync their Outlook application with Gmail, it causes a problem and refuses to do the same.

This is why we are going to give you the solution to the question: How do I fix sync issues in Outlook? There can be many reasons for the problem and people may find it quite frustrating but you can easily solve all the syncing issues that you may be facing with your Outlook email. 

Methods to fix Outlook and Gmail Sync issues

It is not very difficult to fix the sync issues you may be facing. The solutions that we have given are very simple and can be done by any person so, we recommend that you carefully read through them and then resolve the issue. 

Solution 1: Process Repetition Time

If your Outlook not syncing with Gmail then, the first thing that you should try is to delete the account and then re-add it. Most of the time, people ignore and do not try the most basic solution that can get them out of the problem. This solution works wonders most of the time and this is why it is the first one on the list. You can also be assured about the data as everything will be saved on Google’s server. 

Solution 2: Availability of the updated version

Another simple solution that you can try when you are facing syncing issues is to update your Mac. Once updated the application will itself solve all the problems that are with the outlook and Gmail applications.

Solution 3: Gmail IMAP Settings

This sync issue can also happen if the Gmail IMAP protocol is not activated in the application. You can use the steps given below to activate it.

  1. Click on the Transfer icon on the screen and then open the Settings menu.
  2. Then, tap the POP/IMAP option and allow the IMAP.
  3. This will activate the IMAP protocol and will probably fix the problem.

Solution 4: Configuring Gmail in Outlook

If you are thinking Why is my email not syncing in Outlook then, it can probably be because of configuration problems. You need to configure your Gmail in the Outlook application for it to properly sync with the mail. You can configure Gmail from the settings of the application.

Solution 5: Use of Current Campaigns

The last thing that you can use is to use the problem and questions section of the Outlook for Mac application. These special Microsoft forums are specifically made to resolve the worries of any person. 

You can also use the website EmailsCrunch.com to look for more solutions to fix the syncing issues of the Outlook application with Gmail. We hope that you have completely understood the process and are able to fix your problem. 

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