5 Tips on Designing Custom Retail Boxes With Logo

Custom retail boxes with logos are one of the most attention-grabbing packaging products. Also, there are various benefits of retail packaging design to highlight your brand and increase your brand awareness. 

When you look around, you can notice that thousands or millions of retail packaging companies are present in the world. Furthermore, it’s no surprise that custom retail box printing has become more critical than ever before.

How do you differentiate your products from the rest with so many retailers in the market?

All you need is to design innovative custom retail boxes that your consumers will quickly recognize from a distance. In this way, it helps you leave a great impression on buyers and generates more revenue.

Importance of Custom Retail Boxes For Your Brand

Custom retail boxes with logos perform multiple functions. It provides excellent protection to the products, keeping them secure during transportation. Secondly, retail packaging boxes give a unique display to your products as they highlight your company among several competitors. So both of these factors are very important to boost up the sales of your business. 

Custom retail boxes are good enough to protect the inside product from damage, breakage, or mishandling. Using such a packaging type, you can ensure safe delivery at the consumer’s doorstep. 

Custom retail boxes with logos are an insightful way to present your products. In such ways, not only your product’s features are highlighted, but also it grabs the attention of your buyers.  

Designing a fantastic custom retail box requires professional expertise. Custom Boxes Market is a premium packaging company that provides its customers with top-notch services. So design retail boxes according to your branding requirements to stand out. 

How to Make Your Retail Packaging Boxes Outstanding?

Retail packaging design refers to packaging displayed on the retail shelves or in retail stores. Furthermore, retail packaging requires no additional unpacking or restocking as they are ready to grab the attention of the targeted buyers. 

If you are working on retail product design, then these tips might be helpful for you to make your packaging outstanding:

Environmental Friendly Packaging 

As environmental conditions worsen day by day, it’s time to protect our planet. Therefore, many retail packaging industries adopt several eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

In this way, Kraft packaging boxes are always the best solution to choose from as these boxes are bio-degradable and made of 100% original material. Also, buyers are asking for it, which is beneficial for your business. Moreover, this is the perfect way to highlight the brand in the market.

Go for Bright Color Schemes

While designing custom retail boxes with logos, select colors that will pop in the store environment, so make your retail packaging boxes eye-catching to enhance the unboxing experience of your buyers. 

Other than that, using color schemes that are trending can help grab the attention of your consumers. Moreover, go for classic color palettes as they will attract older buyers while bright colors grab children’s attention. 

In addition, when you are working on custom retail box printing, you always wonder if there is an attractive color scheme? Or which color perfectly suits your retail packages?

So firstly you should consider which kind of product you are going to design. Secondly, go for attractive color schemes that significantly impact the customers.

According to research, it is proved that branding colors can increase recognition in buyers by 90%. Hence go for different color options to make the first impression possible.

Use Brand Logo or Tagline

To make your custom retail boxes with logos visually appealing, add additional factors on the outside of the box. Moreover, focus on choosing attractive logos or stickers representing your brand image. Furthermore, consider adding:

  • Your brand logo and tagline
  • Information about your product or brand
  • Instructions on how to use product
  • Quotes from happy customers
  • A picture of the product 
  • A joke or story

Add a prominent logo on the custom retail boxes that stand out against the background. Furthermore, select the right color and font style that increase the beauty of your product. 

Shape and Size of Your Product

The first thing you need to consider is the dimension of your products. What size and shape of box do you need? For this purpose, you need to know what you plan to put inside the box.

Furthermore, custom boxes market have various kinds of custom retail boxes are available in defining the specific product type, such as:

  • The cuboid boxes
  • The circle boxes
  • The multi-sided boxes
  • The rectangular boxes
  • The surprise boxes and many others 

Last Word

Custom retail boxes with logo are a great opportunity to show off your company personality. By following the above factors, you can make your retail boxes look unique and versatile. It can be a great way to advertise your business. We will be able to do this for you if you have a logo or your company’s name and colors.

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