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5 Types of Primary Care Doctors

Family medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, primary care, obstetrics, and dr of internal medicine in Michigan

What is the difference between the medical professions given above?

Even more importantly – how do you choose the right primary care doctor?

Picking the ideal primary care doctor is a crucial step in enhancing or treating your well-being and general health. However, it might be difficult to know where to begin with so many options available. 

To assist you in finding the ideal primary care doctor and comprehending the variations among primary specialties. This blog will provide you with a brief of types of primary care doctors and how to pick the right one.

What is primary doctor?

You can trust a primary care doctor to help you with a wide range of medical requirements. They are available for any emergency needs and you can also visit them for regular checkups. 

These medical professionals can assist you with preventive care, for example, screenings, vaccinations, and routine physicals. 

They can also detect, manage, and treat a variety of chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension. 

Additionally, what happens if you get sick or ill during the day?

They can assist with it as well. 

Some of the common services of primary care doctors are given below:

  • Prescribing medicines like painkillers, birth control, antibiotics, and many more. 
  • Analyzing common health issues and recommending the treatment according to it. 
  • Managing chronic illness for example, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Treating illnesses and minor injuries, such as sleep issues, seasonal flu, skin conditions, internal problem, and sinus infections.  
  • Routine checkups.

The importance of primary care doctors?

In general, healthy people rarely require medication or a specialist’s services. Therefore, it’s fairly logical that most people do not give choosing a primary care doctor any attention.

However, any person will eventually feel unwell, which may necessitate seeking medical advice. This is the situation and time when having a primary care physician you can rely on. Also, you need to figure out who can serve as your  point of entry into the healthcare system. Also, how to find the clinic of lung and sleep in Riverview and other regions?

A primary care doctor which is also known as primary care physicians provide the following care:

  • Teaches healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Recognize common medical conditions, treat them, and refer patients to medical experts, if required.
  • Preventive care

Regular visits with the same physician can help in the earlier detection of health issues. Additionally, it will keep you healthier, happier, and save your money on extra medical bills. Moreover, a primary care physician can properly direct your next steps and put you in touch with the appropriate specialist. if you require more specialized treatment for a health concern.

Type of primary care doctor you might be looking for

Primary care physicians fall into one of five categories. Each of them is an expert in a specific area. So, your queries might be clarified and it will be easy to find a doctor according to your problem.

  1. Pediatricians
  2. Internal medicine-pediatric doctors
  3. OB-GYNs (obstetrics and gynecology)
  4. Family medicine doctors
  5. Internal medicine doctors


Pediatricians are experts in providing care for kids from birth through early adulthood. Along with more complicated problems they are trained to handle more minor illnesses and injuries. 

Their field of specialization overlaps with family medicine physicians, who deal with babies from children to young adults. However, the primary distinction between pediatrics and family medicine physicians is that pediatricians are entirely committed to children’s care.

Why choose a pediatrician for primary care?

Pediatricians are knowledgeable on a variety of pediatric medical issues. They are experts at keeping kids on track for a healthy future and identifying developmental milestones.

Pediatricians are skilled at interacting with kids and making them feel at ease. This is a significant bonus if your kid is shy or afraid to visit the doctor.

Internal medicine-pediatrics doctors

Internal medicine and pediatricians are one category of medical professionals. Both internal medicine and pediatrics are covered by their board certification. These doctors provide care for both children and adults and have the ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses. They are also known as med-peds physicians (pronounced: MED-pads).

Why choose an internal medicine-pediatrics doctor for primary care?

Because they have a worth of being a doctor who is board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine. Many patients look towards med-peds specialists. Given their extensive training, med-peds may serve as the family’s primary care physician. Even if one member of the group has a condition that calls for specialist treatment. 


OB-GYN doctors provide care for women’s health, particular female reproductive health. They offer standard services and screenings for women’s health, including Pap tests, STI testing, and pelvic exams. They may work at a specialist office or a primary care clinic. 

Why choose an OB-GYN doctor for primary care?

Many women view their OB-GYN as a trusted and intimate friend in the medical community. In addition, if a woman is in good health, she may decide to visit an OB-GYN only for primary care physicians.

While your OB-GYN can take care of all of your needs for women’s health. Additionally, they offer some standard preventive services like your yearly flu shot. Your primary care physician can assist you if you are ill or have concerns regarding your general health.

Family medicine doctors

Family doctors have the distinct advantage of caring for the entire family. They observe young children, babies, grandparents, and parents. You only need to contact one person who is familiar with your family’s medical history. They can offer highly customized care, regardless of who in your family is ill.

Why choose a family medicine doctor for primary care?

When you have a family doctor, you can go to one dependable person for all of your family’s medical needs. This is convenient and gives you peace of mind. Family doctors have a broad spectrum of experience because they care for a variety of patients. They are adept at communicating with patients of all ages, including infants and adults.

Internal medicine doctors

You might wonder what an internal medicine physician is. Internal medicine doctors only treat adults. They are completely apart from other primary care physicians. Internists are the medical professionals who specialize in treating patients from early adulthood to old age.

Why choose an internal medicine doctor for primary care?

Internal medicine doctors are skilled at maintaining a balance between an adult’s routine preventative care needs and their specialty treatment requirements. They are knowledgeable about diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure that can develop in adults.

How often do you need to see your primary care doctor?

Visiting a doctor frequently makes it simpler to stay on top of your health. Regardless of who you decide to choose as your primary care physician. It’s crucial to maintain your schedule of checkups, screenings, and vaccinations. Preventive treatment always keeps you healthier. However, it is typically fully covered by most health insurance plans, even high-deductible ones.

You might just visit your primary care physician once a year if you are in good health. However, you might require more regular visits if you have a chronic illness like diabetes. Additionally, your primary care physician can assist in getting you well if you are unwell or injured.

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