6 Important Software Development Team Roles You Should Know

In this article we are telling about important software development team roles

Software Development Teams have many people playing different roles. Each team member has a special kind of knowledge and skill. The roles are often defined depending on the nature of software being built, the requirements and the deadline. Most teams use these six most important roles:

The image of people working in the IT field has changed over the last few years. Ridiculous stereotypes about programmers have been dispelled, and it’s now cool to code, and programmers are now considered to be at the top of the decade of 2010. So when we speak about IT professionals, it is not exclusively about software developers.

IT projects require a variety of specialists, not just those with technical backgrounds.

At Tkxel, we deal with projects across various industries like logistics, healthcare, eLearning, and more. Of course, this requires different strategies, but the core elements of the development of our applications typically remain the same.

This article will discuss six crucial job roles in the professional world essential to ensure high-quality app development.

Analyst in Business

Analyst in Business

Business analysts develop a project immediately after the sale has been complete and, sometimes, even before the sale. The primary responsibility of a professional analyst is in communicating with the client and with the committed team of developers.

Clients generally consider their needs. Programmers think in terms of codes and features, focusing on the best way to accomplish what the customer wants. The difference is between essential elements and features to be implement and the goal of the client.

A business analyst (called in short BA) should precisely identify what the customer and wants. The BA takes the client’s specifications for the product they want, examines how the product’s design should be and the features that should be added, and the reason and how it should be done to achieve this.

The researcher conducts competitor research with marketing specialists to ensure that the proposed project is feasible and comparable to similar products in the market.

The BA can also define the audience for the project, design profiles of the user, wireframes, and write specifications for software requirements until it is fully supplied through the user.

Therefore, the job of the BA is to plan the best development method and interpret the client’s requirements in preparing documentation and ensuring an effective way of communicating between the client and team.

Project Manager

Project Manager
When the client’s needs are gathered and correctly interpreted, the project manager (shortly known as a PM) enters the picture. The primary responsibility of a project manager within the team of developers is overseeing the entire project.

To clarify it better, we will discuss the essential tasks for PMs. Like the BA PM, the PM may be involve in communications with clients, but the primary responsibility for the PM lies in working in direct contact with their team.

The project manager assigns tasks to team members, organizes the workflow, guides team members, manages the process, and coordinates the activities for the entire team.

Additionally, the PM will be accountable for managing time, evaluating and managing the risks and unpredicted scenarios. The PM must also ensure that development runs according to the plans.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer
This is where the majority of the creative process originates from. The primary responsibility of the designer’s UI/UX is to make the product look appealing and easy, and enjoyable to use.

The designer uses wireframes drawn by the user or Business Analyst to “draw” mockups and then create the mobile interface design (or User Interface or UI) per the latest guidelines and current trends.

He also designs the app’s flow and, consequently, the user experience (UX), making the product simple.

At Tkxel, our designers, use InVision to design dynamic prototypes that show how the final product will perform, allowing the user to try the prototype on an actual device before developing.

It allows clients to look at the model of the intended product. It is also essential for programmers who have in charge of writing the program code on the item.

It’s like designing a model for a room designed by experts with a clear area of expertise intended to embellish the space. Our UX UI designers also offer visual elements for stores of applications, including mockups, logos, and mockups of the product you want to promote.

Developers / Programmers


They make up the majority of members of our team. They are individuals with solid backgrounds. Programmers are “translators” who translate the spoken language of humans and the graphics language in the form of the languages used by digital technology that computers and other technical devices can comprehend and consequently perform what the client requires.

There are various types of developers, including middle, junior, and senior developers, based on their field experience and level of expertise.

They all have various areas of expertise, various languages they code in, and the platforms they use. This is why there’s a wide “variety” of developers who are working on a single project.

A typical software development project for a mobile application requires, at minimum, an Android developer or an iOS developer and a backend developer.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance experts are essential to every software development process and ensure a top-quality product. They evaluate the software, review all the app’s functions and determine flaws, bugs, and bugs, in addition to submitting a communication to the development team, who will then conduct the fix for bugs.

It is crucial to identify flaws before you finish the product and then expose the product to real users as it will protect the look of the product and guarantee satisfaction for the user.

Other responsibilities for QA specialists are not just tests of the products in general but making sure that it is in line with the client’s requirements.

Specialists in Marketing

Specialists in Marketing

Marketing professionals handle the development of the product in post-development phases and are crucial to all products unless you’ve designed a system of software exclusively for your business.

The team has come up with a fantastic product, but what’s its purpose even if no one knows about it?

Marketing experts conduct market research during the initial stage of mobile and web application development. They also design to launch campaigns for marketing following the launch, including search distribution channels are used to conduct social media-based marketing (SMM), create texts or writing (SEO writing) and descriptions of products (content marketing), and so on. to advertise an item and ensure it is successful.

They are also accountable for applications statistics analysis and product development and enhancement, which includes deciding on new features to introduce and assess user reactions and other aspects.

To summarize, it is vital to be aware that the software development team is not just about the programmers who write the code.

At Tkxel, we have a team of experts who are accountable for each stage of development for the application you want to develop and will ensure that you get a top-quality product.


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