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7 Common Examples to Home Styles, Architecture and Design

You can come across numerous home styles and associated terms in your search for your first home or investment in residential property. Having a brief idea about home styles, design, architecture, etc. can facilitate you in your home construction or purchase. Many of you rush to contact respective professionals for architecture designer in Greater Noida or your native city to get clarity on these terms. Interacting with a few of them is good for you. However, you can go through the below-mentioned examples of common home styles, architecture and design for your reference:

  1. Rowhouses 

Such a house has a shared roofline and more than one wall with other homes in a block. The style of windows and many other features are the same in many houses in that block. From 1820 to the current time, you can come across it mainly in American cities. Now, you can get it designed and constructed in your own city with a professional’s support. 

  1. Cape Cod Style Home 

First constructed in 1740 in the Midwest of the USA, such homes are available in most parts of the current world. They are popular and in trend due to their simplicity and ease of construction. Such houses have a front door in the middle of window rows and a pitched steep roof. Later on, Dormer windows became additional features of such a home.

  1. Colonial Homes 

There are a lot of similarities between Colonial Homes and Cape Cod Style Homes. These homes contain a rectangular, simple, and symmetrical structure that has a connection to the 1600s. Such houses have influences of the regions or the countries occupied at the time they were constructed. The different types of Colonial Homes are French, Georgian, English, Dutch, American, and Spanish. Most of them are two or more storeys tall and have a grand entryway and a staircase in the centre.    

  1. Craftsman Style Home 

It was very popular in the 20th century. Such a style of homes contains design elements of the British arts and crafts makes anyone have a look at it. Its features include large front porches, a low slung roof, and big squared-off columns. These homes have stones or bricks as decorative elements.

  1. Brownstones 

Became popular between the 1840s and the 1890s, experts use eponymous stones in the construction of homes of such a style. From the ground, it is really pink. However, it becomes dark brown with time. People take many townhouses as brownstones due to their paintwork. The real Brownstone townhouses are made of real brown stones. In the current world too, brown coloured stones are favourite building material due to their softness and ease to work with.

  1. Spanish Style Home 

First constructed in the 1920s, homes of such a style are quite popular in the contemporary world. From the influence of Spain’s architecture, these homes contain terracotta roof tiles, low slung roofs, and white plastered walls. The interiors of such houses have tiles on floors and arched windows & entryways. 

  1. Victorian Style Home

Such homes were very popular in the period of 1850-1920. It is the result of the Victorian design movement, which took place in England. Such homes have decorations on the outside. They have bay windows, dormer windows, steep gabled roofs, and rounded turrets. 


The world around you is a rich source of home styles that you can use for your own inspiration. The write-up has explained briefly seven common home styles that have a glorious past. You can consult an architect in your local city to know more about home styles and designs.

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