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7 Creative Ways to Engage Students with Technology

Importance technology in education student face the problems in difficult topics, students also faced the problem in usage of technology.  Students are not concentrate in the classroom, they engage lot of things, similarly learning, gaining etc. now a day’s usage of technology in the classroom.

Students faced the problem through the usage of technology in the acknowledgement of thesis, like 3D videos, 5G videos, YouTube, explainer video, power point.

Submit assignments as blogs

Blogs are a great way to share your work with a wider audience, and they can also be a useful way to get feedback from your peers. If you’re not sure how to start a blog, there are plenty of free platforms out there, such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com. Once you’ve created your blog, you can simply post your assignment as a new entry. Be sure to include a link to your assignment so that your readers can access it easily.

Best for students in grades 7–12

Engage your students:Your students can showcase their writing by publishing written tasks as blogs, and they can also support one another by leaving comments. The blogs will likely be of greater quality if you publish them openly.

Add this to your classroom: Many free blogging services exist. Some of the more popular and user-friendly sites.

Replace some reading in podcasts:

Someone are not saying that you should change the text read. Someone is just stressing that the teacher who wants to mix things up in the classroom and fill it with technology. They can use the podcast to break down some of their reading engagement. This person remember that reading the novel in the school there were many things that bothered in the mind.

Learning management system

To find the apps and any programs which teach the more thing to students through the games etc. students learn more things and provide the feedback about the learning system through the apps or any programs.

Presentation in software

Students very excited when saw the presentation in the classroom everyone interested to learn the new things. Every student’s response to the teacher about the presentation topics.

Submit the assignments

Students have faced the problems for submit the assignment while assignment writing a dissertation, students faced a variety of challenges. Firstly student faced the problems about the topic which topic student select in own assignment.

Student faced the problem to create the outline students faced problem when writing their assignment is gathering data for their research. Students must justify their views, persuade their readers, and do so, as well as provide sufficient proof to support their claims.

Submit assignment and podcasts in video.

Assignment is a typical problem for a student, and they want to do well in school and put forth the effort to help them succeed, like consulting their seniors or hiring a private tutor,

The stress associated with presentations is greatly reduced for students who use podcasts and videos to submit their assignments. They are able to make multiple iterations of the assignment without knowing who would be reviewing it. For your students to review after class or in order to study for a test, you can also record podcasts and videos of your lectures. This benefits learners who missed a class as well.

When student hear about the submit the assignment in podcast in video then student make an assignment through with the focused and concentration. Students very well know about the online IT dissertation service however, it is clear that everyone live in a technology environment, and if you want to achieve something special, you must try the new technology in the school. Additionally, you need to develop healthy habit if you want to try something new.

Work with classroom on the other side of world

Allow the internet in the classroom student can communicate with any on and anytime.  By using the internet, you can discuss with students about the country. And students learn many things that they are interested in it.

Engage your students

There is nothing engage than a room is full of students from another continent. Communicate with all of students and learn the background of culture.

Skype is a great way to engage student in your classroom from interacting with other class rooms to hosting guest of lecture.

Record and playback reading

Students do not know how it sounds when they read the book .it may be students know very well but still the students are making the same pronunciation mistakes in this situation increase the students confidents and also increase the engagement of students.

Engage your students

Your negative face expression may be in a difficulty situation for your students. When you wants to record your students reading so students could hear the difference in his voice and students knew that what it meant to read with expression.

Add to this your classroom

Record each Students reading using voice recorder on your computer, software, OR smartphone then email this audio file to your student. If you want that listen to the recording of other students OR other people in your class then you use the sound cloud and send to their parents.

Interactive attendance

Time may be consuming when to take the attendance by raising the hands of the students it is very important to find out which students are present in the classroom. It is not necessary for you to wasting the time in attendance because the morning time is best usage of time for you.

Engage your students

One of your student that responsible for their mark the attendance to all of students with an interactive white board. This teacher teaches him how to be responsible and how he get in to the habit of using an interactive white board.

Add this to your classroom

Take a picture of each students during the week before school and add this picture in the notebook file

Place the picture in the present section where the student visit in each section.

Conduct an online class

Online education has been an integral part of the school environment for many students before the accessing education and learning the online. You learn different way of teaching and monitoring the students, learn more about the online class virtually through, games OR video call. Plan an online lesson, which you keep sharing with students, then do online class and say them to complete the assignment on the time and every student can share this assignment in online platform (Hvorecký, Beňo, and Janošcová, 2021).

Engage your students

Invite your students to study online and bless them online in our technology driven world.

Add this to your classroom

Create your own digital plan online teacher’s plan to write the online plan notes and support any interaction with student’s education. Follow the online quizzes through the instruction also help to your students for the ability of knowledge.


Engage student technology it is Importance technology for the students to face the problems in difficult topics, students also faced the problem in usage of technology, how students use the technology, like 3D videos, 5G videos, YouTube, PowerPoint and also explained videos these are all technology can use in the classroom. By doing this all these technologies will reduce the problems of the students


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