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9 fun-filled Father’s Day activities to do with your Dad


Fathers can be hard to shop for. Each year, I think long and hard about what my dad would like for Father’s Day, but the truth is that he doesn’t need anything. He already has it all! What he does want is simple: time with his family. Here are 9 great ways you can make your dad feel special this Father’s Day.

Go for a hike to make your Dad feel special 

Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors with your dad while getting some fresh air and exercise at the same time. You’ll also get to enjoy nature together, which can be a great bonding experience for both of you. And if there’s one thing dads love more than being outside, it’s getting away from it all for even just an hour or two!

If your dad likes hiking already, then this will be a fun activity for everyone involved! But if he doesn’t already hike on his own very often (or at all!), here are some tips for getting started:

  • Find somewhere that has trails suitable for beginners—it shouldn’t take more than half an hour or so to get there by car from where you live;
  • Plan out which trail would be best suited toward what level of difficulty based upon its length and terrain;
  • Make sure that everyone brings water bottles–you’ll want plenty since dehydration can happen quickly at higher altitudes due to a lack of oxygen in thin air

Take a memorable road trip

  • If you’re going to spend a day with your father, you might as well make it worth his while. Instead of a typical family outing—or an overpriced restaurant—why not take him on a road trip? If he’s the kind of dad who loves travelling and exploring new places, try taking him somewhere adventurous (but not too far away). Check out some unique destinations that are only two hours away from home.

Do some DIY projects together

DIY projects are a fun way to spend time with your dad, and they can be as simple as making a poster or a photo album. If you take the DIY route, here are some ideas for what you can do together:

  • Make an “All About Dad” wall display. This is great because it’s easy and inexpensive to pull off, but also really meaningful! All you have to do is cut out one of Dad’s favourite pictures of himself and glue it onto some poster board along with pictures of his family members (and maybe even pets). Glue another piece of paper underneath those photos where each person writes something they love about their dad. Then hang the whole thing up on the wall so everyone can see it!
  • Create unique Father’s Day cards using old magazines or newspapers that contain articles that remind you of him. You can write messages inside saying things like “Happy Father’s Day” or “We Love You.” I’m sure this will put a smile on his face when he reads them!

Host a barbecue to make your Dad feel special 

If you’re looking for an activity that will help you reconnect with your Dad, then a barbecue is a great option! There’s nothing more fun than spending time outside grilling up some delicious food and enjoying each other’s company. But it’s important to make sure that when hosting your own party, you have everything covered.

Here’s how to host an unforgettable Father’s Day barbecue and make your Dad feel special:

  • Make a list of all the things you need to do. This includes making a menu plan, shopping for ingredients and drinks, preparing the food ahead of time (or even the day before), cooking everything at once (so nobody has to wait!), and setting up any decorations or entertainment that may be needed in advance (think music speakers), etc. Doing this will save tons of time on the day itself—you’ll know exactly what needs doing right away so as not to waste any precious minutes!
  • Plan ahead by composing a shopping list based on what was already decided upon at point #1 above: Who wants burgers? What toppings should they be served? How many salads will people want instead? Other drinks besides lemonade; most commonly would include water bottles filled with juice.

It could be a good idea to invite your Dad’s friends over too for a barbecue party. This will help your father cheer up and combat stress. Organising the party in a home away from home such as at the best luxury villas in North Goa is the good decision you could ever take to celebrate Father’s Day. This is an ideal place to swing the blues away for your father and lift up his spirit in company with his friends and family. 

Play board games and cards together

If you’re looking for a way to spend time with your dad, it’s hard to beat games. They’re an excellent way to bond, and you’ll have a lot of fun too! If your parents are up for it, think about playing some board games or card games together. You can even get creative and make your own game! For example: if you have a bunch of index cards lying around (or perhaps some cereal boxes), then why not try making this DIY Memory card game? All it takes is some glue and tape—print out some old family pictures and the end result will be fantastic!

Hit the beach

One of the best ways to spend some quality time with your dad is at the beach. If you’re lucky enough to live near one, consider heading down there for a day trip or weekend getaway. If not, check out our list of beaches that are close enough to make travel feasible.

Whether you want to go for a dip in the ocean or just kick back on the sand with some sunscreen and a good book, there’s something special about spending time near water—and it’s even better when it’s spent with family! If your dad loves sports (or even if he doesn’t), pack some athletic equipment like Frisbees and footballs so everyone can have fun playing catch in between dips in the ocean. Photography is what he likes then bring along a camera so he can capture memories from this special outing together as a family.

If you have been observing that your Dad goes through a lot of stress for over a long time now then Father’s Day is the best excuse to escape to the tranquil place in Goa. You can look for a private pool villa for sale in Goa where your father can take a dive and drown his fatigue into the glistening waters. 

Make it an action movie night with his favourite snacks and beverages

  • Make it an action movie night with his favourite snacks and beverages
  • Popcorn is a great snack that can be prepared in an air popper or using a simple hot oil method. You can also purchase pre-popped popcorn from the grocery store if you don’t have time to make it yourself, but I would suggest making some fresh for this occasion!
  • If your dad prefers sodas or teas over beer, then consider getting him a variety pack of different flavours so he can try something new each time he drinks one (or just buy him his favourite flavour).

Go fishing to make your Dad feel special

Fishing is a great way to spend quality time with your dad. Fishing is possible with a rod or net, which means there are many ways to go about it.

  • You can try your hand at fly fishing in a lake or river. Depending on where you live, there may be lakes or rivers near enough for you and your dad to go together—and even if they’re not close by (or maybe because they aren’t), spending some time together while outdoors sounds like a great way to make your Dad feel special!

So whether or not your dad has gone fishing before there are plenty of ways to spend time with him. There are more fun things to do together!

Whatever you do, spend time enjoying each other’s company.

Spending quality time with your dad is important to you, and it should be for him as well. This doesn’t mean that you have to only do activities that are super fun or involve a lot of money. It just means that you should make the most out of whatever time you get to spend together.

He’s already got a job, right? So this day is all about relaxing! You can even take advantage of Father’s Day being on Sunday by having breakfast in bed or playing games together while he reads his newspaper (if he reads newspapers). He’ll probably appreciate it even more if there are no other distractions around like chores or homework assignments. Spend your time together relaxing and having fun.

So whatever you do for Father’s Day, don’t forget what matters most: spending quality time with your dad! Make your Dad feel special this Father’s Day. 


Our final piece of advice is this: don’t stress about the perfect Father’s Day gift. You may want to get him a present. Choose something really meaningful for your dad. But remember, it’s not what you do or what you buy that makes an impact on your loved ones; it’s the time you spend together. So if you need ideas for what to gift your Dad then just spend quality time spent together. He will love it the most!

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