9 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Print Management Software

So your organization has chosen to invest in a print order management solution. This is fantastic news! But now what? 

You must be thinking what kind of software should you use.  Should you purchase a solution to set up on your servers? Which features are most crucial? How much time will it take to train your team members? Can you get a software that can look after your print orders from start to end? 

In light of these concerns and the wide range of tools that are currently available in the market, it may get really challenging to select the ideal tool for your business.  

Before spending money on a web-to-print solution, there are a few crucial considerations that must be made because they can be a real deal breaker for your printing business.  

Here are the 9 questions that you must ask before purchasing a print management solutions. 

1. What type of print software solution should do our company needs to use? 

Your search for an online printing arrangement should begin with this inquiry. Your need needs to decide whether there’s a need of a web-based print management solution, a cloud-hosted software, or a solution that can be installed on your servers. 

Cost is a major factor in this decision because web- and cloud-hosted solutions are frequently less expensive. Additionally, smaller businesses typically lack the resources necessary to manage the internal installation of a system. 

2. Does it contain the features that our business needs? 

The best print order management software includes flexible eCommerce options, collaborative features, pricing estimators, design templates, and customizations in a single, user-friendly, and intuitive package. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one print order management solution in order to manage your entire printing workflow from start to end, don’t settle for less. Instead, be sure to carefully scrutinize the market till you ultimately get the solution that envelopes everything your business needs. 

3. Does the print management solution integrate with the necessary tools? 

Something that makes print management tools even more powerful is their ability to extend and integrate with other tools. The gaps in your current web-to-print platform can be filled via integrations, transforming it into an all-in-one solution tailored to your requirements. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of complementary applications and tools available on the market for online print solution integration for those who don’t like wasting time switching between multiple platforms. The golden rule for picking the best web to print solution is straightforward: the more, the better. 

4. What will be the cost of the print management solution? 

In order to find the answer to this question, you first need to understand how costs are calculated for such solutions. Software as a Service (SaaS) relies on a subscription model, so make sure that you ask your print service provider about the metrics that are employed to define services and determine costs. Different service providers offer different options, such as the number of users, number of digital prints, per print device and server, etc. 

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that a price tag in the software niche not only guarantees a high-quality product, but it also delivers it. 

5. Will services expand as my company scales or as our demands change? 

It is crucial to understand that your print order management system can grow, adapt to shifting business realities, and continue to provide market-leading online print services to all of your employees and at all of your business locations. 

The solutions we choose today should ideally be flexible. A cloud-based print order management solution helps you save money on infrastructure while also having quick adaptability if and when your online printing requirements.  

It’s a better to avoid getting left with an obsolete and rigid technology when there are so many technological advancements out there. Hence, always ask your print service provide whether the solutions they offer are flexible and scalable or not. 

6. Is the solution safe and secure? 

There are very high chances of data security breaches in the software niche. Investing in a Web-to-print platform that offers you the highest level of solution security and integrity is imperative as it is absolutely non-negotiable. 

Printing security breaches can range from unauthorized access to files stored on your network or in the cloud to the theft of private information that is sitting about in printer trays waiting for retrieving. 

The solution must keep separate databases for each customer and guarantee the privacy of all your information and designs so that no one may access them without your permission. To ensure the security and reliability of all your online payments, ask your service provider if the solution offers data backup and secure payment transactions.

7. Does it have robust reporting capabilities? 

In order to continuously improve, it is essential to derive insight from data as the print environment evolves constantly. To help you increase security, accountability, and efficiency, you should seek dynamic reporting features so that you can evaluate and monitor data usage in real-time.  

Business online print service providers should ideally be able to give you detailed information regarding headline figures and customize reports to be directly applicable to your objectives and KPIs. 

Ask your service provider if they provide report generation and what are their delivery options.  In order to add value to your business, find out if the print management company has the internal expertise to transform raw data into business insight. 

8. Is the print management software easy to use? 

It comes as no surprise that nobody will ever utilize software if it is complicated and challenging to use. It is crucial that a Web-to-print solution is simple to use and has a low learning curve because this will help a company y standardize and streamline its printing process. 

Before making an investment in a web-to-print software, companies must ask the vendor about the learning curve of the tool, user experience, and ordering process.  

Try to understand whether the tool requires you to have technical knowledge or any non-technical personnel can use it without any hassle.  

9. Can the software provide good support when my team stuck somewhere ?

The success or failure of a web-to-print software for your company can be greatly influenced by customer support. The level of customer support and satisfaction that a solution delivers is the next question that you should ask your service provider before making a purchase. 

Despite the fact that the majority of web-to-print solution providers offer robust features, many of them lack efficient customer support. You must look for a web-to-print solution that offers highly personalized support, setup services, and training to each and every client to ensure smooth functioning and maximize business growth.    


Investing in a print order management solution is a very effective strategy to expand your print business. With the right tool at your disposal, your business will be able to accomplish its goals, increase client satisfaction, and increase revenue. It is important for businesses to always keep the requirements specific to their firms into consideration when choosing a piece of software. It is supposed to be an asset for your company and not just another liability. Therefore, seeking answers to these nine questions will help you select the right web-to-print software for your printing business in order to deliver the best work.

Naimish Patel

Employed as a Senior Business Development Manager with OnPrint Shop, Naimish wears many hats. As a skilled SaaS expert and a Web-to-print specialist, he has helped numerous print service businesses design unparalleled and smooth customer journeys for their clients. Through his superior knowledge of automated order processing in the print industry, he has developed ingenuous digital solutions and strategies for clients across the globe and helped them reach best achievable results. His problem-solving attitude makes one of the most dedicated and trusted print industry influencer.

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