A beginners’ Guide to Box Printing for E-commerce Businesses

Even if you aren’t an established e-brand yet, you must have heard of shipping boxes. These come in a variety of appearances and box printing components.

How important is printing?

The benefits of using custom printing on the shipping boxes are quite evident. One only has to look at some of the successful e-businesses like Amazon to know the significance of custom e-commerce boxes.

Answer the following questions might help to get a clearer picture:

  • Do all these come in the same dimensions?
  • Do they have the basic brown color?
  • What do they say about the brand?
  • Do they encourage you to reorder?

All these and more outcomes are realized with strong printing features. You can think of plain boxes as branding done without any effect and missing the opportunity at hand. While well-printed boxes can have an outstanding impact on customers’ choices and the overall brand appeal.

Whether you are new or desiring a makeover for your business, e-commerce boxes are the best answer to all your packaging woes. Are you wondering how? Take a look:

Keep the brand identity fresh for a long time

The brand image is undoubtedly the most prominent branding feature that stays with customers even after they shop. This one aspect is common to e-commerce as well as tangible retail. The brand logo and title must be retainable and modern printing helps in this.

For one, the image can be put in varied styles, designs, and color hues. This conforms to the overall brand story and extends the brand values onto the boxes. Customers buying online are excited to get their orders and the boxes made with memorable branding, fuel this enthusiasm even more. It certainly helps to generate orders on a loop.

So many printing options protect the box contents; inside and out. Laminations and coatings prevent box erosions due to excessive heat, moisture, and sunlight. They even prevent scratches on the corners and add freshness to the box appeal.

Custom printed shipping boxes that look original and new when the customers receive them, often get the brand more customer loyalty.

Reinstate the brand values

How do buyers understand what the business is all about? Today, the customers are extremely concerned about who they buy from and the social and environmental impact of their shopping.

One good way to assure them of the positive brand values is by placing favorable business beliefs on the boxes. For example, stating that the boxes are recyclable works to attract millennial customers.

Another effective method is to spark debate on social causes. Certain brands continue the conversation on their social media to keep the customers’ interested in the brand activities. Printing the boxes provides a good platform to inform customers that the business is responsible and sound of its extra-commercial duties.

Help keep products undamaged

The prime reason for box printing is to successfully tip shipping variants in the brand’s favor. Not many brands have the same capabilities as Amazon and eBay. They ship their orders on their own without much third-party indulgence. But small and new brands are often short of such luxuries.

Printing is the next best alternative to this. Handling, care, and warehouse requirements mentioned on the boxes ensure that the contents get the best shipping conditions. Customers love to see their purchases arriving on time and in good form.

Modern printing methods allow texts as well as graphics to depict such info. Colors and effects make the boxes look regal and make reading fun. Customers take out time to read boxes printed with stylish and colorful fonts coupled with captivating illustrations. This enables the brand to put across branding messages.

box printing

Preserve the brand identity

Many times, customers tend to judge the box appearances to be an extension of the business itself. Therefore, shabby boxes made with unplanned patterns and designs are not going to work favorably for the business.

Apart from the many custom box crafting options, numerous offbeat printing choices can be included to make the boxes appear relevant and powerful.

These typically include:

  • Printing content on innovative box spots. Using the box insides or corners can greatly improve the box appeal.
  • Using a modern blend of colors and patterns. The contemporary trends involve keeping the box look simple and elegant. Using monotones and symmetric lines is a good idea.
  • Making the box last longer with spot UV coatings. Even the most sensitive items can be shipped to faraway destinations safely.
  • Cut-out windows, die-cutting, embossed brand logo, and foil stamping are among a plethora of printing techniques available.

What are the risks?

While the custom printing features are almost fool-proof, at certain times, brands tend to go beyond their means to get the ideal box appearance. This should be avoided to expand profits while gaining from cost reductions offered by custom printing.

Moreover, the boxes are made with custom materials. Ensure that you use bio-degradable stock paper to appeal strongly to customers. The eco-friendly labels would make better sense when placed on reusable box materials.

Another risk is that certain products like CBD items are regulated internationally. Their boxes must be aligned with the laid-out guidelines and display required details. Printing the boxes carefully is crucial to expand the customer base and avoid costly fines and returns.

Here are some clever ways that the boxes can reduce overall expenses:

  • Create a safe shipping environment by mentioning the product characteristics. Less customer complaints would reduce costs.
  • Be a platform for branding. This would lower the brand’s dependency on other expensive marketing outlets.
  • Make the most of the box space and allure customers through personalized features. Messages, colors, and textures aimed at a specific customer group are likely to inflate sales and profits.

The benefits and capabilities of box printing are quite visible. All these make it imperative to use printing for branding and more.


Custom e-commerce packaging offers more than the usual brand appeal and makes the most of the asset at hand; the shipping boxes.


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