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A Complete Guide to Sell Jewelry on Instagram

If you’re a online jewelry retailer who hasn’t gotten the memo, we’re here to tell you that Instagram could be the biggest boon you’ve been waiting for. Yes! With its eye-catching filters and regular updates, it’s no surprise that most people are addicted. However, if you believe that it primarily glorifies social vanity, think again. According to statistics, 90% of the top 100 brands in the world are on Instagram.

We all are active on social media in this digital world, be it Instagram or Facebook. And we cannot neglect the fact we all are social animals and tend to spend most of our time handling our social media accounts. If you own a jewelry business, then flaunting and promoting it online will surely benefit you and boost your jewelry sales. According to recent statistics, businesses witness 90% the upgrade in their sales with the help of Instagram. Not only on Instagram, but you can also even promote your jewelry on Pinterest to fetch customers. If you feel stuck and wonder how to sell your jewelry on Instagram, then please allow us to help you out. We have chalked out some handy tips that you can incorporate to boost your jewelry sales on Instagram.   

Few Tips to Sell Jewelry On Instagram 

Being active on social media deals with a plethora of things. It is, of course, much more than just promoting your products but building the image of the brand. And do not forget to write catchy captions along with the pictures.   

And we cannot neglect the fact that is interacting with the customers fetch out to the customers.

Here are a few tips for selling jewelry on Instagram.

1. Create a Brand Profile  

Please ensure that the username you opt for represents your brand. Usually, the companies use the same name as they kept for their company. But when the company’s name is too elongated, the vendors have to look for another short name that does not deviate from the existing brand. Your Instagram name should consist of 1-30 letters or characters.   

If somebody already takes the Instagram name you decided, please come up with a similar name that exactly represents your brand. You can even look for the desired name.   

Pro Tip: Your Instagram account should be memorable and consistent.   

After choosing the Instagram name for your brand, upload a profile picture that is apparently the logo for your company. By attempting this procedure, you will be strengthening the brand. It will help in fetching out the customers.   

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2. Create Engaging Content  

It becomes extremely important to create the sort of content that will keep the customers engaged. It is essential to upload absolutely blemish-free shots. For instance, the actual jewelry should be in focus and have a picture-perfect shot.   

3. Write catchy Captions  

Let’s assume that you have included a wonderful shot, but you should also let the customers know about the product. In this case, writing a great caption can help make the customers aware of the product, and if the caption and picture are appealing, there are higher chances that the customers will fall in love with the product already.   

However, while writing the captions, please do not forget to keep in mind your target audience. Along with this, do not forget to engage with your audience by asking questions and adding a call to action.  

4. Use Tags  Productively  

Hashtags are indeed very important. They help to reach out not only to your followers but also to the other Instagram users as well. According to a recent statistical report, it got declared that usually, five to ten hashtags are ideal for making any Instagram post perfect. Along with this, you do not have to restrict yourself to only your brand name hashtags. You can use other hashtags as well to promote your jewelry.   

5. Let Instagram Ads Assist in Reaching Maximum Customers  

It is definitely an undeniable fact that Instagram helps us connect with many people. Like your regular posts, Instagram ads help narrate your company’s tale and fetch out to the users in a fraction of second.   

6. Indulge in Conversation With Your Audience  

It becomes extremely important to indulge in conversation with your audience. And social media is undoubtedly a two-way road. That is why it is quite necessary to interact with the audience and receive their perspective about the design of the jewelry. Please do not forget to reply to the customer’s comments. It assists in building a good relationship with the customers.   

7. Create High-Quality Pictures

To make your jewelry stand out on Instagram, use top-notch quality pictures. Click the high-quality pictures and flaunt them on your business social media account. It will surely entice your customers to get their hand on that jewelry piece. In addition to this, edit the jewelry photos to make them attractive to the customers.   

8. Pen Down Engaging Descriptions   

It is absolutely your choice what you plan to write besides your pictures. It could either be short and supple or a series of elongated passages. Nevertheless, make sure to let the description be interesting and allow your followers to indulge in a conversation with you. Moreover, use emoticons to express yourself. It undoubtedly adds a fun element to your post and encourages people to comment on it.   

9. Let Instagram Stories have the Conversation  

The Instagram story is a segment used to upload pictures and videos that stays for twenty-four hours. It is indeed a great idea to relax, and you do not have to get worried as the Instagram story will be gone after twenty-four hours. You can experiment with various fun elements using hashtags, polls, gifs, etc. Not only this, but it also helps your account to be tracked. You can figure out who watched your Instagram story just by swiping up, thereby suggesting to what number of people you have reached.   

If you feel brave enough, you can even go live on your feed and interact with your followers. If you feel a bit uncomfortable, then it is completely fine. Then, you do not have to go live. You can just upload pictures and indulge in conversation with your followers. Let your followers know about your day or any random stuff.   

10. Talk About the Upcoming Events  

It is always good to let your followers know what next event you plan to organize. We cannot neglect the fact that Instagram is a reliable platform to promote your events. So, please take advantage of it and let your followers know about it.   

Wrapping up  

There you go! Now, you got familiar with the tips and tricks to sell your jewelry on Instagram. Use these tips and boost your sales of jewelry. Moreover, please do not forget to indulge in a conversation with your followers. Along with this, if you feel there is a picture that is not up to the mark, then please ensure to edit it. The appearance of the pictures will be the deciding factor in whether the customers will like the jewelry you are showcasing. And if you feel too overwhelmed, then you can get in touch with a reliable company that offers the best jewelry photo retouching services.    

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Sumul Padharia, a man of many talents is a BDE by profession at IIPVAPI, a world leader in photo editing services. He is also a photographer by passion and a cricketer by heart, but his first love is delivering client success through premium grade image editing services. In his free time, you can find him honing his aim in front of a dart board

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