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A Logo Design Company Strives To Provide The Best Logo For Your Business

Whether small or large, every business needs a logo design company that makes attractive and professional logos differentiating them from others. It is an essential factor that gives a unique identity to businesses and strengthens their brand presence so that their clients highly recognize them. A logo design is the first thing people notice about any business, so it must be top-notch to impact positively. A good logo design speaks about a business’s values, mission, vision, products, services, who they are, and how they do things. Moreover, it is a gateway for businesses to get fame in the business world to become a symbol of recognition in the world.

Logo designing is an art and requires exceptional creative skills to make professional designs. Businesses always look for professional logo designers with brilliant design skills to hire them and get unique logos. However, different logo designs trends are emerging with new ideas and design patterns, helping businesses to improve their brand identity and stand out in the competition. On the other hand, businesses are taking inspiration from other companies’ logo designs to make their logo from scratch.

Top 10 Logos By Professional Logo Design Companies

Do you know Nike’s swoosh costs $35, and Twitter costs $15? Why?

Think for a while!

It is all because they kept their logo simple but recognizable.

Your company logo design must be creative, memorable, and timeless to deliver a lasting first impression. A professional logo design is the most critical element for businesses that mark them recognizable among the customers for the long term. So that whenever a customer recalls their services, they always come first in their mind.

However, many businesses have top-notch logo designs that make them highly recognizable. They either worked on logo designs themselves or hired a logo design company to make them this capable.

So what are you looking for? Visualize their logos to do the same thing with your business logo.


Starbucks is the most famous coffee shop globally with a unique logo design. The famous coffee industry has been serving the best café services since 1971. Their logo design includes siren along with their name right from inception. But in 2008, they removed Starbucks ‘ name from their logo. It does not impact their reputation, services, and customers; people still recognize them.

Hence, it is clear that adding or removing your brand name is not mandatory to make your logo a memorable design.


Look at the golden arches; which company’s logo is this? It represents the world’s famous fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s. McDonald’s has a very simple but memorable logo design. In 1948, their logo design was known as the Speedee Service System. But later on, it transformed into ‘M’ with golden arches. In its logo revolutions, they did not face any challenge, but they got more influence over the others. So you can be as transformative as McDonald’s.


The world’s famous IT service company, Apple, visualized its name in its logo. Apple is a software and hardware tech company providing mobile phones, laptops, iPods, accessories, and mobile apps. No matter you like or dislike its products, its logo design has stolen the attention of logo designers. Its logo is just a bitten apple but has made a long-lasting impression in customers’ minds.


FedEx is an American transportation and ecommerce service company serving worldwide. Their logo design is a bit tricky, holding an optical illusion. Let’s look at it closely, and what makes it attractive?

FedEx is a simple wordmark logo with negative space between letters E and X. The spacing is given logically that it perfectly makes an arrow. The arrow speaks about their faster services, sound’s good, isn’t it?


Did you ever notice the Mercedes logo?

Here you go with its logic. Mercedes is a famous automobile company known for its luxurious cars. Their logo design is an iconic piece of design with an in-depth message. Mercedes group of cars convey their brand message in triangular star logo bounded with a circle. The three edges of the star represent their dominance over land, air, and sea. Moreover, their amazing logo design does not need a name for recognition.


Adidas’ incredible three-stripes logo has the true reflection of efforts done by a professional logo design company. It has been an iconic design for decades.

Adidas is a famous athlete fabric and footwear company known for its high quality and durable stuff. The renowned brand has been recognized for its logo for many years and still stands tall in the market. You can take inspiration from Adidas’s logo and create your own from scratch.


You may hear about different brands that gained popularity overnight, UPS being one of them. UPS is famous American shipping, receiving, and supply chain management company. The company has a unique logo design having a shield holding their brand name.

The shield represents their stability and integrity, while the package shows their packaging services. Be like UPS and create logistics in your business logo.


A leading social media platform, Twitter has a simple but perfect logo that best fits its services. Their logo consists of nothing but a chirping bluebird. Their logo is a memorable design that does not need any name to recognize.


In the race of getting complex logo design, be like Google and show off your potential with a simple wordmark logo. Google’s new logo has bright colors and sans-serif fonts that make it nothing remarkable.


If you do not want your logo to be stuffy with complex designs, be like Amazon. They have a very pleasing logo with an arrow pointing from A to Z. The logic behind their logo is they have everything that makes you smile.


Above are the best logo designs of the world’s famous brands. Their iconic logos are capturing customers’ attention and even attracting more. Hence, take inspiration from these unique logos and create one for yourself.

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