A New Wave Of Internet: Web3 And Their Relation To NFTs

The way of life has drastically changed in the last few decades. The internet has become part and parcel of the human experience. Among this revelation and the constant advancements in the field to better improve and enrich lives – a new wave of the internet has popped up in recent times. It has been categorized into “Web3.” In the midst of the advancements in the internet sector, another sector that has recently been conceptualized and brought to the forefront due to its high probable revenue-generating abilities: Crypto and, in specific, “the NFTs.”

The NFTs are investment beasts in the current climate, as thousands of creators, big brands, and businesses are shifting their energy to pierce the market. Now, the web3 and NFTs both co-exist in the same parallels. Blockchain technology helps the development and the working of web3. The blockchain facilitates multi-purpose use cases to be implemented from just one technology. This makes space for unlimited growth and scalability, generating more investments and also employment factors.

Evolution of the web through the years

The internet and its ideation started in the early ’80s. The concept grew as a potential use-case. Throughout their eras, their importance was discovered. Initially exclusive to the powerful government bodies and military usage, it eventually bled into the general everyday use for the public. And around the late 90’s and early 2000’s – the web blew up out of proportion. The three simple categories of the evolution of the internet, aka web are.

Static web

The web started out as a mere medium to present very low-end data. This concept has evolved over the years, and their storage and consumption space has significantly reduced by folds. Static information and data in certain sectors still use the concept.

Social web

The Social interaction with dynamic content sharing is the next step in the evolution of the internet. Social media found its footing when the eventual evolution of the industry took place, and it grew in spades. Now, social media is ruling every aspect of human interaction. Coding languages like JAVA, HTML, and much more have paved the way for the inception of platforms like Instagram, youtube. Which in turn houses millions of creators and artists who generate revenue based on the content they put out on these platforms.

Web3: intelligent web 

The intelligent web is the extension of the use cases of the social web, but with elements of semantic and artificial intelligence behavior integrated into the interface. This web can gauge, compute, and understand your concerns following a pattern of previous interaction with the platforms and other intelligent strings of robust technology deployed in the platform. Blockchain hosts NFTs. This makes it easy for digital native influencers and content creators to monetize their content with natively built-in payments as a plus.

Looking to the future

Web3, or the intelligent web, is the future of internet interaction. It is time to get familiar with the platform. Get educated on the use cases of technological advancements. Especially if you are a creator or an influencer trying to make it in the current climate of immeasurable and competitive growth.

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