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ACS Skill Assessment Guideline

Step wise Procedure to apply in 2022

ACS Skill Assessment

The Australian Computer Society, or ACS, assesses your ICT-related skills, expertise, and professional experience.  You can use the RPL report examined by ACS  to apply for a PR visa in Australia in case of your lack of additional education.

The ACS will examine your expertise if you do not have an ICT degree but have professional ICT level employment experience closely related to the ANZSCO preferred occupation for migration. The appropriate assessment authority carries out skills evaluation in Australia. The evaluating body determines whether or not you are a qualified candidate for the selected occupation of your choice. ACS (Australian Computer Society) only examines the IT specialist.

The step-by-step process for applying ACS Skill Assessment

If you want to move to Australia under the “skilled” category, you must carefully follow the ACS skill evaluation criteria. Begin by carefully checking your particular visa requirements, then seek for the occupation in the ANZSCO Code Information guide that best matches your skills and work experience.

Then, on the official ACS for Australia website, fill out the online application form in that manner. Before even applying for the ACS Australia assessment, be well informed of what they are getting themselves into, as it is a rather systematic approach.

Here is a step-by-step approach for applying for an ACS talent assessment in accordance with the ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines.

Understanding the Department of Home Affairs’ Criteria

Before submitting your skills assessment for Australia, you must certify that you meet the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Check that you understand the specifics of your visa requirements, or seek guidance from MARA-registered firms in Chandigarh or West Highlander for ACS skills evaluation.

In Australia, there are numerous employment and career opportunities for IT specialists, and demand is growing considerably faster than in other industries. Many industries requires IT competency, but particularly in large corporations. Working for a major corporation is the ideal option if you want stable employment with constant hours. If you want greater flexibility, look for work with a firm that hires IT professionals or start your own business.

Choose the appropriate ANZSCO code.

Before selecting an ANZSCO code, read the description of job responsibilities for that ANZSCO Code. This contains the description of the connected occupation, tasks , and required skill level. When selecting an ANZSCO code for the ACS RPL Application, ensure that your credentials and professional experience are directly related to and completely match that ANZSCO code.

You can look up and analyze the work responsibilities for the most relevant ANZSCO Codes on the websites of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ANZSCO Search) and the Australian Computer Society (ICT ANZSCO List). You have to write RPL report in accordance with the ANZSCO Code that you choose.

Fill up the application form

  • Fill out the application and upload all essential documents in verified PDF format.
  • Combine all pages for qualification and employment input into a single PDF document.
  • Scan the documents at a low resolution of no more than 200 DPI.
  • Each PDF file can be up to 3MB in size.
  • Don’t send the read-only file, and don’t password-protect your PDF files.

An email from ACS will include your assessment outcome letter, which you can send to the Department of Home Affairs as verification of your migration skills assessment.

RPL  Report for ACS Skill Assessment

Recognition Prior Learning is a report given to ACS by those who desire to relocate to Australia and continue their career in ICT but do not have an ICT degree or come from other unrelated backgrounds.

RPL for ACS Australia immigration is a skill assessment procedure used by the Australian Computer Society to examine applicants’ skills, knowledge, and capacities. This is obtained through formal or informal learning. The goal of the RPL report or ACS skill Assessment is to allow candidates to demonstrate that they have obtained an equivalent level of knowledge in the absence of an ICT certificate.

Applicants accomplish this by identifying many various topics that are alluded to in the publication. The ACS Core Body of Knowledge for ICT Professionals(CBOK), have considered and covered by their acquired knowledge.

As verification of their knowledge standards, applicants must provide reports on two projects.

You must submit your two completed project reports in the RPL application for ACS- Australian Computer Society(ACS) Recognition of Prior Learning Form.

Candidates must submit extensive information about their career and work history. They should also submit appropriate evidence of their stated ICT competence in a working setting, in each report.

Who Needs the ACS RPL Report?

Here we have mentioned two different categories of RPL report applicants for ACS :

Applicants who have a non ICT degree qualification must hold a minimum of 6 years of experience as an expert ICT employee in a field related to the nominated occupation ANZSCO code.

Applicants who don’t have higher education need to have other 2 years of experience in the ICT background. Meanwhile the other years do not need to be relevant to the ANZSCO code.

Also want to know how to write employment reference letter for ACS  RPL report?

ACS Skill Assessment Guideline for Document Checklist

Before submitting a migration skills assessment ensure that you meet the conditions outlined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Before completing an ACS skills assessment, ensure that you understand the specifics of your unique visa. It should be in accordance with the Department of Home Affairs rules. You can seek the aid of a certified migration agency (MARA).

ACS requires following papers to complete the competency exam for Australia PR.

  • A certified copy of your passport OR a copy of your birth certificate (only the identification page).
  • A certified copy of your marriage license if you’ve been married and your name has changed.
  • A certified copy of your academic records and achievement certificate OR completion letter are necessary for Australian credentials.
  • Third-party Statutory Declarations or work reference letters must be certified.
  • To apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application, you must first complete an ACS RPL Form.
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resumé

The only way to have your RPL positively appraised is to follow the ACS Skill Assessment protocol and criteria. To submit an ACS for skill evaluation, submit all relevant documentation correctly. You have to consider all the variables stated while submitting the RPL report. This will help you to gain the PR points

Get Help preparing ACS RPL Report

You can seek assistance from ACS RPL Report writing service providers for guidance. They can generate your reports with trained authors who will earn a favorable rating from ACS.

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