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Advantages And Disadvantages of Traditional Exposed Shower Kits

Traditional Exposed Shower Kits

Whether you have an enclosure or looking for a shower for a bathtub, you will need to find the perfect match for your practical and style needs. Where traditional exposed shower kits are cheaper and easier to install, concealed showers are great for clean and tidier looks. 

Whenever you plan for a bathroom makeover, you should focus on the feel of the bathroom without much hassle. There is no doubt that most of us are looking for affordable makeover options. Although regarded as traditional these shower kits are trendy and available in modern styles as well. The availability in the wide range has made these a preferred option for most of the bathrooms nowadays. However, the choice depends on you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know all the pros and cons of this type of shower to make an informed decision. 

What Are Traditional Exposed Shower Kits

It is clear from the name the traditional exposed shower kits are commonly found and popular shower kits available in the market. While there is today availability of conceal and electric shower systems as well, traditional style is ideal due to various reasons. The traditional shower kits, when having visible pipelines, valves, and fittings that are fixed on the walls. A common set includes a showerhead, pipes that connect to the showerhead, shower knobs, etc. However, there is the possibility of a handheld showerhead as well or both. 

How do Traditional Exposed Shower Kits work?

The traditional exposed shower kits exactly have the same mechanism as the shower mixers. In order to make the temperature comfortable, the water mixing takes place before it flows out of the showerhead. There are various ways in which the mixing of water is regulated. For example, there can be single or two-lever mixers. These levers provide full control over the quantities of both temperatures you want to mix before it reaches you. So, you don’t really have to worry about sudden changes in the water temperature. Nor need to reset it more often. 

Exposed Shower KitsPros of Traditional Exposed Shower Kits.

You can expect the following advantages or benefits from these exposed types of shower kits. 

  • Easier Installation: The first and most important benefit that you can expect from these traditional shower kits is that they are easier to install. Unlike concealed shower, there is no fixing inside the wall. So, everything is exposed and requires no problem in installation. In most cases, you can easily handle it on your own.
  • Cost-Effective: The traditional showers are cost-effective to install. It is because the unit price is usually less than the other types of showers. In addition to that, since the installation is easier, it requires less time which means you may either fit it on your own or, if the plumber is hired, will require less time to get it done. That also means less cost of installation.
  • Flexibility: Although these are traditional types of showers, you can also install them in contemporary bathrooms. In addition to that, there is another type of flexibility that is that you can fit these on any kind of surface. It can be tiles, walls, or any other similar place. Such flexibility makes them a preferred choice in many cases.
  • Upgrading / Changing is Easier: Although such showers are long-lasting, you may sometimes need to replace, change or upgrade them. Since exposed showers are easier to install, you can easily change or upgrade them too. So, there is not much hassle; simply unscrew the older one and fit the newer one as per your requirements.

Cons Of Traditional Exposed Shower Kits.

There are the following cons of traditional exposed shower kits like everything else. 

  • Untidy Looks: There is an emerging trend that the fitting and fixtures in the bathrooms should look neater and tidier. The exposed showers are not the kind of fixture that is suitable if you want such looks. That means you will have to compromise on the neater looks in case you want to install them.
  • Space Requirements: Another con of traditional showers is that they have many space requirements. It is due to the fact that there is all the pipes are exposed and occupy the space inside the bathroom. That increases its projection requirements. Therefore, it can be a problem for small space bathrooms.

Final Thoughts About Traditional Exposed Shower Kits

The traditional exposed shower kits are a great option if you are looking for a cost-effective, easier to install, and upgrade shower solution. However, it has disadvantages like untidy looks and higher space requirements. Your final choice should depend on your personal preference and the bathroom design. You can check high-quality shower kits and showers accessories at Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK. 

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