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Animals In Chestnuts /Simple Ideas

Animals In Chestnuts /Simple Ideas

Today I offer you easy to reproduce brown animal models. For most of these animals, you only need chestnuts (or chestnuts), tassels, matches. Making animals from chestnuts is a fun fall activity to do!

I’ve shared some fall craft ideas for kids before, and today I’m bringing you this new idea: making animals out of chestnuts. These aren’t just decorations. And they’re fun fall toys that can keep your kids occupied for hours. Do you have a handful of chestnuts? Get started.

Materials: chestnuts (or chestnuts), matches (or toothpicks), glue, scissors, etc.

Brown animals: games and company ideas

You can create a lot of different animals, birds, and even characters. All you need are chestnuts and matches: make different shapes, insert games to tie chestnuts to each other, and paint different faces. Give all of these supplies to the kids and have fun creating characters or animals in chestnuts or chestnuts!

Hedgehog in brown

Place toothpicks for the hedgehog’s peaks and draw a face for it with a marker. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With Y For Kids

Deer in chestnuts

Use a small chestnut (or tassel) for the deer’s head and a large chestnut for the body and connect them with a match or a small branch. Add four games for the legs and finish with two small units for the antlers of your brown deer!

Ladybug in chestnuts

Glue two chestnuts together: a small one for the head and a larger one for the body. Add legs with matches or toothpicks and finish with the tasks. You can glue small circles of colored paper or use paint. Also, think about the eyes!

Chestnut caterpillar

Assemble a line of chestnuts or chestnuts with matches, then add a head with antennae and then draw a face using a black felt-tip pen. You can suggest that they make a caterpillar with chestnuts using plasticine for the little ones.

Owl in brown

Select a beautiful brown or a beautiful chestnut and paint a beak in the color of your choice. Then use two acorn shells in which you draw eyes on the inside with a felt tip pen or black marker and glue them on the brown top 

Snail with a brown

Model a body with plasticine as in the image below and then add a large chestnut for the shell of this snail. All you have to do is add small wiggly eyes (you can also draw them with a black felt-tip pen) and a mouth.

Spider in brown

To make this animal brown, make and insert the legs with slightly broken matches (as below) and glue two movable eyes for the eyes.

Brown animals + plasticine

Offer your children some extra play dough and have them make brown animals with it. You can show them the image below to inspire them.

Chestnut bird

Take a big chestnut for the body and insert four matches or toothpicks for the legs (yes, I know a bird has only two legs, but it will not stand up; otherwise, we create an imaginary bird on all fours). Take another brown (a little smaller) and glue a paper beak and two small round paper eyes to it.


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