Avoid Paying Too Much For Bridesmaids Dresses

We’re here to let you know that finding bridesmaids dresses isn’t always a bed of roses. It might be, uh, challenging. Selecting colors and fashions for a large group of women can seem tough. Additionally, how do you choose a reasonable price range for your daughters to spend? And how are you expected to determine the best bridesmaid dress?

Birdy Grey is here to give you guidance and to provide answers to these challenging topics. You’ll feel more prepared to go shopping once you know which components of a bridesmaid dress are necessary & which are there to take advantage of you. Savvy consumers make informed decisions. And on your wedding day, you deserve nothing but the best.

What Should I Expect to Pay for a Bridesmaids Dress?

Dresses for bridesmaids can cost as little as $50 or as much as $200. The Knot estimates that bridesmaid dresses cost $140 on average per person. What gives with the broad price range? Let’s be sincere. The price ranges between shockingly low and outrageously high have a cost, and we’re not just talking monetary costs.

What should you pay, then? Before we respond, it’s crucial to comprehend which aspects of bridesmaid gowns are crucial &  which are there to defraud you. You may save a lot of money on bridesmaid dresses if you know what to look for when shopping.

Pay for these Things

  • Top-notch materials and construction.
  • Better customer experience and service.
  • Designs and hues that complement your wedding party.

Things you shouldn’t spend money on

  • Name brands.
  • Overpriced clothing.

$99-$169 is a reasonable pricing range. At Birdy Grey, we have discovered the ideal harmony between gorgeous gowns, first-rate customer service, and affordable pricing points. What makes this pricing range the best, then? Your shopping experience and the quality of your clothing will drastically suffer if you pay less. If you spend more, you’ll just be purchasing a dress for a brand name. The designer of your tag won’t be seen by anyone at the wedding, shocking information.

What Are Fabrics & Materials of High Quality?

It’s simple to ignore the dress’s quality when looking for bridesmaid dresses. Not that we blame you! Although it’s enjoyable to concentrate on the style & color, you need also think about the materials you’ll be wearing. After all, it would be unfortunate if a zipper broke or if you discovered the fabric was a little too sheer on your wedding day.

Bridesmaids Fabrics

The most popular fabric for bridesmaid gowns is chiffon. A fair price on this would be between $100 and $150. Be aware that shorter dresses will be less expensive and longer gowns will cost more.

Satin, tulle, velvet, sequins, and embroidery are examples of specialty fabrics. The typical price range that should go for is $120-170 because these will cost more. Although you might locate items for less than $50, they won’t look quite as good as a Halloween costume.

Bridesmaids Materials

A high-quality bridesmaid dress has some characteristics that make it stand out from the competitors. Here are some of the most crucial ones to watch out for.

Fully Lined

You need two liners if your bridesmaids are wearing light-colored dresses. Invest into a double liner if you prefer your guests to focus on your MOH’s polka dot underwear! A single liner would often work for dresses with deeper colors.

Good Zippers

Do you realize that not all zippers are created equal? Cheaper zippers are more likely to experience failures like broken teeth, popped pulls, and jammed slides. KYY zippers, which are substantially stronger than the industry standards and are employed by high-end garment firms, are used by Birdy Grey coupon codes.


The structure is crucial if you want a dress that looks good on you, fits better, and stays in place. Structured dresses, sometimes known as “boning,” give your body a form and give you a more defined figure.

Flexible Straps

Even though you may be a size 8, your body may not necessarily be that size throughout. Without spending money on modifications, you can get the ideal fit with adjustable straps. Straps that can be adjusted are a useful addition.


A dress with pockets is the absolute BEST. It’s simply in our nature. Give your bridesmaids the dress of their dreams, complete with pockets, rather than letting them spend the entire evening carrying around a purse.

Which Kind of Customer Service Can I Expect?

Everybody has different standards for what constitutes good customer service. Depending on how you choose to shop might also affect the quality of the customer care. We’re here to provide what knowledge we have about each type of shopping. You can then make a decision on your own.

Purchasing In A Store

You’ll receive a more hands-on experience if you choose in-store shopping. You’ll be able to try dresses on in person and work with a professional stylist. However, there is a further expense involved. Your gowns will be slightly more expensive since retail establishments need to cover the costs of labor and rent. However, many customers feel that the experience was worth the extra expense.

For reference, the Wedding Shoppe, a retail establishment in Minnesota, sells Birdy Grey bridesmaid dresses. Our outfits are sold there for $109 to $149. Thus, shopping at a retail establishment doesn’t always require shelling out more than $200, despite the possibility of slightly higher prices.

The unavailability of sample sizes that try on is another factor to take into account while buying in-store. It’s unlikely that the shopping trip will be enjoyable unless your bridesmaids are all between sizes 6 and 10. There can be resentment if some of your daughters are struggling to fit into the dresses while others are drowning in them.

Shopping Online for Bridesmaids

You can buy bridesmaid dresses from a plethora of online merchants. But are such choices trustworthy and of excellent quality? Online shopping can be risky because it prevents you from personally trying on clothing. You might get a see-through bridesmaid dress that doesn’t resemble the web pictures. Or you might strike it lucky!

Should you, then, shop online? If you have the opportunity to try the dress on beforehand, we advise against doing so. You will be able

to see how it looks on every one of your bridesmaids in this manner. To increase your chances of being happy with your dress, go for online purchases in the $99–$169 price range.

What Other Considerations Should I Make?

There are a few more things to consider before starting your shopping spree. We can help you with your color selection or if you’re wanting to coordinate your entire wedding party.

Collaboration with the Groomsmen

Everyone is aware of how challenging it can be to coordinate the groomsmen’s attire and accessories with the bridesmaids’ gowns. It takes a lot of time and is practically impossible! To exactly match your bridesmaids, Birdy Grey offers matching bow ties, standard ties, and pocket squares.

Trendy Bridesmaids Designs & Colors

Make sure to purchase the styles and hues that complement your wedding the most! If you need some direction, take a look at our most well-liked choices from this year.

Infant bridesmaids or a pregnant woman?

Do any members of your bridal party require special outfits? Birdy Grey provides alternatives for junior and maternity bridesmaid dresses that coordinate. These will blend in perfectly with the other members of your bridesmaid squad, making sure that everyone is made to feel welcome.

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