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Beach Coloring Pages: 30 Free Printable Drawings

Beach Coloring: 30 Free Printable Drawings

If you are looking for a beach coloring page, this page is for you with these many free drawings! To print one of these beaches and sea coloring pages, you have to click on an image. It will then open in a Pop-Up window, and you will have to click on the small picture of the printer.

Finally! The day has arrived for the family day at the beach. My parents are organizing our family beach excursion for the first time since the start of summer vacation. Of course, I was delighted when my parents announced that we were going to the beach next Sunday.

So last Friday night, my dad took some time coming home from work so that he, mum. I could go to the grocery store and buy whatever we needed on our Sunday beach excursion. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With X For Kids

beaches like snacks and refreshments

There were so many things we bought for our family day at the beach like snacks and refreshments, meat and rice, and so on. Now that the day had finally arrived, I was ready to have a wonderful time with my parents at the beach. On Sunday morning, my mom and dad were busy preparing food in the kitchen while I helped pack the refreshments in a large cooler with ice.

When my parents had finished preparing the food, they had packed it in a large box with plates, spoons, and forks. Then we started packing everything in our family car. Soon, in the next hour, we were driving down the main road and heading for the beach, which is my favorite place in the world so far.

The seawater was blue and beautiful as it sparkled in the hot sun. There were a few people here and there on the beach. Some were busy playing kites, while a few children built sandcastles just for fun. At least a dozen people are already bathing in the clear blue seawater.

By the time we got out of the car, I was already excited to go in the water and enjoy a good swim in the sea. My mother seemed to have read my mind, so she told me that ‘was lunch first, then we could all go in the water.

The food was amazingly delicious. Baked chicken, lasagna, egg salad, and apple pie, it was indeed a fantastic meal. Then I drank iced lime juice. Well, I have to say I was already enjoying our family day at the beach.

After this beautiful lunch, my parents and I relaxed for half an hour on the hot sand (I thought about the beach coloring I did that morning) until it was officially time for us. Fun.

We all ran into the seawater and dived. The water was calm and wonderful, and we stayed there until it was time for us to pack our things and go home. It was eight o’clock that night when we left. As I sat in the back seat of the car. I looked out the window to take another peek at the clear blue seawater before leaving.

I could see the sun was already set above the ocean horizon. But I know that on yet another day, we will be back to enjoy another day with the family… and in the meantime, I ask my mom to print me a beach coloring page to wait! Source: Your Story Club!

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