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Best computers to play games and for almost everything.

In portable or desktop form, the play games computer is an excellent platform for gaming that has many fans. That is why we propose in this article eleven options adjusted to different price ranges.


The computer is becoming the best possible gaming platform, as well as being a perfect tool for many other productivity and leisure tasks.

Of course, you must choose the ideal computer for the type of game you like to enjoy, taking into account your budget. Why gaming? They are computers designed to withstand long gaming sessions, thanks to having a more powerful processor, higher performance of its RAM, quality of graphics card and better cooling. Without forgetting its appearance, really attractive.

In this article we are going to show you eleven examples of computers conceived by the main manufacturers in this new golden age of gaming. Four portable computers, as many desktop computers, all of them accompanied by the best accessories for the game.


It is a question that raises much more doubts than a few years ago, when the difference between a computer and a laptop was abysmal. Currently it is possible to acquire a best laptop for college under 300$ laptop that will deal with the main games on the market without problem, and the best thing is that there are many price ranges.

The ideal option for a gamer who will always play at home is the desktop computer, surrounded by the best specialized accessories such as monitors, mice, keyboards and headphones. But it is also possible to connect a screen to a powerful laptop, so the differences are blurred.

The advantages of the desktop are obvious: it is cheaper to acquire with superior features, and it also has a better cooling system. On the opposite side we have the flexibility of the laptop, that we can move it from the room, even take it with us on vacation.


If you are looking for a gaming computer, there are two really important points to assess and compare with other options: the amount of RAM memory and the dedicated graphics card that they offer us.

A third important point is the processor, where we will bet on an Intel Core i7 as a minimum model. But it is fair to comment that the capacity of the graphic unit weighs more in the whole. Let’s go over the most important specifications:

It seems to us really necessary not to go below 16GB of RAM.

Regarding storage, don’t hesitate to choose an SSD drive over a conventional hard drive. From 512GB it seems like a good amount to install the system and several latest generation games.

NVidia is the one that calls the shots on the graphics scene, without devaluing AMD’s options. In a first step to play most titles we have the GTX 16, from a previous generation but very valid for price.

In a medium-high range we would have the NVidia RTX 20 series, with which we would be left over for any last generation title.

If what we want is the maximum – and be prepared for the future – we have to look towards the NVidia RTX 30. We could say that the ideal model for balance between price and performance is the RTX 3050 graphics.


In the case of wanting to play on PC anywhere, we are going to propose the best gaming laptops  that can be found in different price ranges. Fortunately, there is an option for every pocket.

Taking into account that they already have a screen and control methods, we accompany them with good gaming headphones, wireless and with a microphone. Nor can you miss a good transport backpack.

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