Best Criteria To Select A Maths Tutor

Mathematics is a crucial subject for learners as it develops many essential skills like logical reasoning, calculation ability, and more. Besides, its concepts help understand various other subjects in a better way. For this reason, the Maths tutoring market is on a boom. Consequently, the students get a lot of options when it comes to choosing a suitable Maths tutor for academic assistance. However, the abundance of choices makes things difficult for them because they can’t select the one best for them.

The learners must look for a tutor who can convey the concepts effectively to develop a better subject understanding. Similarly, we have listed some criteria below that will simplify the tutor selection process for you. So, let’s have a look. 

Top Criteria To Find The Best Maths Tutor

Go With The Experienced Ones

Experience is an important factor to consider when selecting a Maths tutor. An experienced teacher helps the students score good marks in the exam and makes them learn the practical implementation behind the concepts. 

Mathematics can help us understand the working of a lot of things that surround us. Thus, a detailed understanding of the topics is essential for the students, especially those in elementary school, to lay a good learning foundation. 

The tutors with decent experience have the skills and knowledge required to facilitate a good learning experience for the students. Also, they adjust their teaching method according to the student’s abilities to complement their learning. Hence, one must select a Maths tutor with decent teaching experience.

Should You Go With A Self Taught Tutor?

Whether or not you should go with self-taught tutors depends on the learning requirements. Some of these tutors have expertise in a single topic like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc. On the other hand, some offer their services to students of specific levels like elementary school, high school, or university.

So, one must assess own requirements in the first place before selecting a tutor. Self-taught tutors can be as good as qualified ones if they have the knowledge, expertise, and right teaching methods. The trick is to go through all the tutoring options available in your budget and choose the best ones.

A self-taught tutor can offer a unique learning experience to the students because they don’t necessarily use the traditional tutoring methods. In addition, they have more practical knowledge as they have learnt everything on their own, rather than following a pre-curated lesson plan. 

Look For Tutors With Flexible Schedules

School education already takes a considerable amount of time from the students. Therefore, it is crucial to have schedule flexibility in Maths tutoring to learn according to personal preferences, convenience, and availability. Hence, the students must look for good Maths tutors who are ready to deliver the classes at the times they prefer. 

For instance, some learners are comfortable taking classes in the evening, while some prefer weekend classes only. Thus, go with the ones that suit your preferences. Also, the tutor must be ready to change the class timings in case of a requirement. For example, if you can’t attend a class for a few days due to some urgent work; the tutor must compensate for it by giving classes on the weekend. 

In short, if you keep up the regularity, and don’t miss classes, you can effectively learn the subject. So, find a Maths tutor that offers flexibility in the schedule. 

Identify Your Goals and Discuss Them With Tutors

As discussed above, identifying your learning goals is one of the most important steps. There can be different objectives for which you might require a Maths tutor. For instance, there is no point in hiring a high school teacher, if you are a university student. Similarly, there is no benefit in hiring a school curriculum expert, if one is preparing for some competitive exam. 

After figuring out your goals, discuss them with tutors if they can help you achieve them or not. It is better to clarify things in the first place than to have disputes later on. In addition, providing a clear picture to the tutor of what you want to achieve, makes things easy for both. 

Look For Passionate Tutors

Having diverse knowledge and expertise in Maths is good, but the tutors must be inspired and dedicated. Otherwise, they will treat their job as a burden and teach for the mere completion of their work. Contrarily, the tutors who are naturally passionate about the subject, give their best in the sessions.

Moreover, the tutors should not only be interested in the subject; but also in teaching in general. Irrespective of the subject, there are some common teaching skills that every tutor should have a good hold on. When tutors have these qualities, the level of their classes automatically improves; enabling them to provide more value to the students. 

One must ask the tutors why they are doing this job and what they like the most about it. The way an individual answers it will provide you with a glimpse of whether they are actually passionate about their job, or not. 

Your Preference: Online Classes or In-Person Sessions?

It boils down to personal comfort and convenience whether one should choose online sessions or in-person tutoring. For instance, if you can perform better in the presence of a tutor, you should go with in-person tutoring. On the other hand, if you prefer to learn from the convenience of home, online sessions are the best for you.

However, you must keep in mind that both learning modes have their pros and cons. In-person tutoring requires either the student or the tutor to travel and reach a particular location daily. Whereas, online learning requires digital gadgets like a laptop, headset, and a fast internet connection. So, keep these things into consideration before making a decision.


The best criteria for selecting a Maths tutor are different for every learner, and they can have clarity on the same by considering the above points. Moreover, if you are looking to hire a Maths tutor, you can take the help of education platforms like tuition agencies. They help the learners find the best tutors available in their budget, near their location. In addition, the students can go through the profiles of various tutors to compare them and find the most suitable one.

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