Best Duck Calls Available at Kittles

The JJ Lares Magnum Duck is a J.J. Lares brand duck call. It has a long history and lots of happy client feedback. The Magnum Hen, their most recent product, is quickly becoming a favorite among duck hunters worldwide. It includes an audible element that comes from their optional extra call, which is worth purchasing if you’re looking for duck calls.

The Clamper is a popular duck call that is used by hunters all across the west coast. You can use them as a duck hunting alternative or in conjunction with your shotgun for calling. It’s easy to understand why so many duck hunters like this call, since the sound quality is excellent.

About Kittles Outdoors

Since 1999, Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport in Uptown Colusa, California, has served clients. It is a family-owned company that is still operational in the community. Kittle’s sells fowl products as well. Customers who have recently settled in the area should be aware of hunting and fishing goods accessible near them. The Kittle’s at Colusa-Sacramento River State Park offers live bait as part of its fishing department, which is located near the Grey Life Wildlife Area and Delevan, Sutter, and Colusa wildlife refuges (including hunting and fishing possibilities).

The stern, insistent call of the hen mallard is utilized. This call, which produces a birds flying over a marsh noise that may be effectively employed to open tuleys, provides that commanding hen mallard presence with birds circling over a marsh sound. This gives you a strong female duck presence with this addition to their hybrid call. When it comes to high-quality brands such as JJ Lares, look no further than Kittles Outdoor. We’re sure you’ll discover the ideal calling for attracting ducks if you check out our selection!

About JJ Lares Duck Calls

JJ Lares, a Chico-based company that has been developing one of the world’s most highly valued duck calls for over three decades, has received several awards. JJ Lares’ duck calls are wonderful gifts for any sportsman who enjoys hunting ducks. They’re simple to use and produce a wide range of sounds. The many color choices are fantastic, but black is by far the most popular.

JJ Lares has specialized in duck calls for many years. One of their newest products, the Magnum Hen, is quickly becoming a favorite among hunters. This call gives your hybrid sound an intimidating hen mallard presence while also improving its audio quality and effectiveness. This call improves the audio quality and effectiveness of their hybrid call while adding a powerful hen mallard presence. Look no further than Kittles Outdoor to discover high-quality providers like JJ Lares ducks calls from some of the top names in the business.

About the Magnum JJ Lares Call

The Magnum JJ Lares is a well-known duck call among Kittle’s clients and hunters throughout the United States. Many individuals believe that the Magnum JJ Lares is one of the finest options accessible. Its loud high-pitched scream may be used to attract ducks and other birds, particularly during the breeding season, when hunting restrictions are in place. We have a product called The Magnum Hen that has received excellent reviews from both regular customers as well as new visitors looking for something new to try out. Magnums are simple to use and provide good results.

One of the most significant aspects that make this call effective is that it can produce loud tones while at the same time being attractive to birds. It features a large diaphragm that makes powerful noises when utilized correctly and works well for both quick action and slow motion hunting techniques. This implies you’ll get excellent outcomes every time, whether you like to stand on shore or someone who hunts from their boats offshore!

Conclusion: JJ Lares Calls Are the Best

The JJ Lares is a well-known brand. Some people were already familiar with it following the announcement, and they had already bought it. The JJ Lares is a well-established firm that releases a new JJ Lares call every year to meet the demands of its customers. These are unquestionably the greatest yet! If you get this, it will sound like a hen mallard and be able to drive tawks effectively. We feel that providing excellent alternatives is one of the most effective methods for expressing client thanks!

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