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Best Monsoon Treks in India 2

Triund Trek:

Triund trek is said to be one of the most sought-after trekking trails near McleodGanj. Triund trek is definitely going to add thrill to your weekend. Located in the Kangra Valley amidst the ethereal views of the Dhauladhar mountains. It is approximately 18 km from Dharamshala and 8 km from BhagsuNag from where you will start your trek. You will come across BhagsuNag waterfall and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Triund trek is perfectly place to start with if you are a beginner as the Triund lies in the Easy level trek. The trail features slopes and forest walks along with short length treks.

If you are a fan of bird watching then keep an eye out to encounter beautiful birds in the rhododendron and oak forest of Triund. Depending upon what you want from this trek you can choose to attempt the trek on weekdays or weekends. Weekends are more for the people who like to connect with people enroute and on weekdays you will find less backpackers and more nature. However, no matter which season it is, Triund attracts many hikers all around the year as it is easily accessible and a treat for your eyes. The spectacular views are craved by anyone and everyone and people always come back for more.

Trek Duration – 2 Days/ 1 Night

Triund Trek Difficulty – Easy to Moderate

Triund Trek Distance – 16 Km 

Triund Trek Height – 2850 Metres

 Tarsar Marsar Trek, Kashmir

Trekking in Kashmir can never go wrong with its heavenly views and pleasant weather. The valleys of Kashmir are famous for trekking along with camping in the beautiful environment. Tarsar and Marsar are two twin lakes and Tarsar Marsar trek takes you through these two dazzling lakes. The route also takes you through the Kolahi mountain and you can admire the panoramic view of the surroundings. The Moderately difficult trek of Tarsar Marsar especially comes alive in the monsoon months with its brimming lakes. Any nature lover will be in awe of this high-altitude trek of 13,000 ft. However daunting it may seem, the best part about this trek is that you don’t need to acclimate yourself as it is a gradual trek that spans over 7 days. The total distance covered during the trek is about 33 km

Trek Duration – 7 Days 

Triund Trek Difficulty – Moderate

Triund Trek Distance – 33 Kms

Triund Trek Height – 13,000 ft

Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai peak is located in the  Western Ghats in the state of Maharashtra and it is one of the most visited trekking trails near Mumbai. Approximately at a distance of 155 km from Mumbai, Kalsubai is the highest peak in the entire state and it is considered to be Everest of Maharashtra. The 5,400 ft high peak of Kalsubai gives you a bird’s eye view of everything in sight. However, you can complete the 6 km long trek of Kalsubai in a day. If you want to experience the first rays of sunshine from the top then start your trek at midnight.

Kalsubai is also known to be popular among night treks. You can cover the trail stretch of Kalsubai in 4 to 5 hours of time. As you reach the top you will get a clear view of some of the famous hills and peaks along with many forts in sight. The monsoon month makes it all the more better with lush green rolling hills of the sahyadris. 

Trek Duration – 1 Day

Trekk Distance: 6 Km

Trek Altitude: 5,400ft

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Best Season: All around the year.

Dudhsagar Falls Trek

Dudhsagar Falls with its meaning of the name originating from its characteristic of falls as white as the milk and hence called as ‘Sea of Milk’ when translated to english. The fall of Dudhsagar is set at a height of 1017 ft and is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Nestled in the laps of Western Ghats, dudhsagar will give you an illusion of a milk fall with its clean and pure waterfall. Primarily popular during monsoon season due to the lush greenery around the falls and waterfall brimming with life, Dushsagar is a must visit in monsoon season. However, you need to keep in mind that during rains the jeep safari is not available due to the slippery roads and you need to trek all the way to the top on your own. 

Trek Duration – 1 Day

Best Time to Visit: October to June 

Trek Distance: 20 km

Trek Altitude: 1017 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

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