Best New massively multiplayer online role-playing games(MMORPGs)

The concept of “new game” is loose. For some, Archeage, released in 2013, is already old, and someone believes that Tera Online, released two years earlier, is still “nothing yet”.

When choosing an MMORPG for this selection, we were guided by the following criteria:

  • The game should look good by today’s standards;
  • It has a non-target combat system ;
  • The project has a high online.

Based on this, we have found for you the best client-side MMORPGs of the last decade, for which it is not a sin to spend a couple of months.


A futuristic MMO in which you will explore distant planets and fight enemies. All for the sake of saving the universe from the mysterious “dark corruption”.

Phantasy Star Online 2 features four races and nine classes, an anime style and a rich combat system that allows you to create unique combinations of attacks and abilities. No less interesting is the character editor, within which you can customize the characters almost to infinity. The racing games unblocked is available for free, but if you want to expand the list of cosmetic items, paid DLC is available in the store .


The original FF XIV came out in 2010, failed disastrously and was closed. But her 2013 remake , A Realm Reborn , quickly became a classic of the MMORPG genre thanks to a fascinating story, thoughtful role-playing system, dynamic gameplay and great dungeon design.

Released in July 2019, a large-scale Shadowbringers update added several new classes to the project (the Gunbreaker tank with the same gunblade, which for many is a symbol of the FF series games, and the DD-ranger Dancer, who can deftly throw chakrams), new races, weapons, quests, locations and a huge story arc dedicated to establishing a balance between Light and Darkness in one of the many parallel worlds (and you will have to fight on the side of Darkness). And this is only an update, only a small part of what awaits you.


One of the strongest online games in terms of background. The characters of Tera Online are nothing more than the dreams of two sleeping titans whose bodies have been transformed over the centuries into forested continents. The Titans dreamed of as many as 13 classes, 7 races, and it is possible that this is not the end.

The combat system of this online game is a full-fledged non-target, where you can take down half of the monster’s health with one blow, and then fight long and hard against the wall of his shield. In order to satisfy all fans, the authors have implemented two types of servers: PvE and PvP. Needless to say, that in the Russian-language version, the full house is observed precisely on the latter? For high-level gamers, the developers have prepared a large-scale political system, in which three alliances fight for the valuable resource of Noctinium.

FOR HONOR (2016)

Not exactly an MMORPG, but still. If you’ve always wondered who’s cooler, vikings , knights or samurai , then For Honor has everything you need to find out. The game got into our rating because of the combat mechanics – a kind of mixture of fighting game , slasher and RPG action in the spirit of Dark Souls . Here you can attack and defend in three directions at once, use grabs, blocks, pushes, rolls and other acrobatic stunts.

But the most important thing is the multiplayer battles that take place to the accompaniment of a serious crowd of AI bots. In total, this medieval male entertainment simulator has five arena modes and one global (something like faction wars).

DESTINY 2 (2017)


Destiny 2 also has an amazing universe, written down to the smallest detail. For the players, the authors have prepared an entire solar system in which there was a place for angry aliens , a mysterious race of mechanical creatures and the Wanderer (do not ask who it is, because there is no answer).


The authors of Albion Online are proud that their brainchild is not only an MMORPG, but also a powerful sandbox , because the players themselves put their hands on everything that is in the virtual world. They extract resources, create all kinds of items and sell them to others, grow mounts, build castles , and then arrange a war for them … In general, the economy is completely based on users.

Albion Online also has a classless leveling system, a large-scale struggle for pieces of the open world , an expedition system and a couple of other interesting features that we will tactfully keep silent about.

FALLOUT 76 (2018)

A powerful background in the form of a universe that was previously only represented by single projects helped Fallout 76 stand out from the rest of the MMORPG – this is a role-playing post- apocalyptic first-person shooter that throws gamers into the legendary wastelands of America. The storyline will take you through the charming West Virginia (alone or with friends), where you will find yourself fighting terrible mutants , most of which are familiar to Fallout fans, and skirmishes with a more formidable opponent – other players.

I am glad that the developers, despite the unsuccessful start, brought Fallout 76 to a playable form and continue to improve the project.

LOST ARK (2019)

A relatively new Diablo-style MMORPG that offers a combination of a beautiful Unreal Engine 4 world and rich gameplay with a large selection of classes, hack’n’slash combat, and 3d racing games unblocked .

Despite the similarities to the iconic Diablo, Lost Ark also has many differences, including a wider list of activities – sea voyages , a detailed character editor, many mini-games, and so on. We have already mentioned beautiful graphics , but this is the case when it will not be superfluous to note again – the picture in the game is really amazing.


The online component in The Division 2 is a kind of endgame-content, but it is in it that all the charm of the game is reveal, because it is one thing to shoot at soulless dummies, and quite another to endure a particularly vicious raid with party members or run feverishly around the Dark Zone shooting back from many other gamers.

The plot of the game continues the story told in the first part. After the global epidemic, the population of the United States has declined markedly, and large cities have become a battlefield for gangs of marauders. The agents of The Division, a secret organization is working just for such a case, are call upon to cope with such a situation.

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