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Best way to promote a design agency

Choose the services that you will offer

The field of web design and graphic design can encompass a broad range of services and projects. A few examples include that a design agency provides are custom web design, web development, eCommerce websites, custom WordPress themes, website maintenance, search engine optimization, social media marketing, logo design, print design, illustration, package design, and the list goes on.

The services you would like to provide clients should be clearly defined in advance. Your marketing efforts may not be as effective as they could be if your list of services is not narrowed down. This would lead to potential clients not knowing if you are the right fit for their projects.

Identify the audience you are targeting

You should identify the services you want to offer after determining the services you want to offer in the first place, next you should define your chosen target audience or your ideal customer. Although this does not mean that you cannot work with clients that do not fit this description, knowing how and where to market your services will help you know which type of clients you should be targeting.

Small businesses in your local metro area without websites or businesses with outdated websites would be one example of a target audience. Finding the right kinds of clients and creating marketing materials and approaches to them will be less difficult if you know who you want to target.

Be aware of your strengths

Whether it is a logo design, a website, or anything in between, your clients will be able to hire a designer to fit their needs. There is no doubt that if you’re doing business with local clients, they have a large number of local designers they can choose from, as well as countless designers around the country and even around the globe. What your web design agency offers, what makes you different from the others, and what motivates you to stand out are crucial. Identify your strengths and make them work for you.

Your portfolio site should look great

A potential client will judge your skill as a web designer by the design of your portfolio site. So be sure to dedicate a lot of time to perfecting it and presenting a beautiful portfolio site. The quality of your work samples included in your portfolio will have a significant impact on the overall look of your website. Even if you don’t offer web design services. The clean, minimal design of many portfolio sites makes the samples pop and grab the attention of visitors.

Create the Site with Your Target Audience in Mind

When you are designing a portfolio website for your business, do not forget to consider your target audience. In my opinion, it’s far too common that portfolio sites are constructed with the idea. Idea of creating other ‘representative’ websites in mind rather than focusing on the ideal client. Consider showcasing work samples for clients who are also members of your target audience, if you have a very specific one in mind. It is important for you to demonstrate how you have delivered an improved outcome for and for companies like theirs.

List Your Address and Phone Number

Listing your mailing address and phone number are very useful if you’re trying to reach local clients. It can provide credibility, especially to local clients, to list your address and phone number, even if the potential client does not choose to contact you through these methods. Furthermore, improving the SEO of your site can help you reach more of your ideal clients and help improve your ranking in local searches.

Keep It Simple

A simple, clean design is frequently the key to a beautiful and effective portfolio website. Your portfolio will become more compelling with a minimalist design that emphasizes the work images. Keeping the website design simple is the key to preventing the visitor from becoming distracted. In addition to being simpler and easier to use, simple websites will likely be more user-friendly as well as more navigable.

Showcase Your Best Work

When building a portfolio site, a common mistake is to show too many samples of work. A portfolio does not need to include every project you have ever worked on.  Showcase your best work to potential clients. You should do so by showing your recent work. In every project, there will be a set of circumstances in which the client insists on taking actions that may not be in the best interest of the project. Do not display in the portfolio projects that you aren’t extremely proud of because they were made based on decisions made by the clients. It is important to keep in mind that your portfolio will be judged by the work you do.

Publish Case Studies

Consider adding case studies to your website rather than just showing images of your work. A case study provides a brief overview of the client and project. Explains the services provided and what was achieved, and (ideally) illustrates the results or outcome for the client. In addition to just creating something that looks good, case studies can let prospective clients know what you can do for them.

Showcase Testimonials From Your Clients

You can establish your credibility by including testimonials from satisfied clients. It is always a good idea to ask your clients . They are willing to provide a testimonial whenever they are happy with your work. Your portfolio site and marketing materials will always include several client testimonials if you do this consistently.  Including a picture of the person can also make the testimonial seem more personal and relatable to potential clients.

Focus on the Results

Rather than the looks of your work, prospective clients are more concerned about the results. They can see a great-looking website that you created for a client. But just because it looks good doesn’t mean it will add value to their business. Your work should focus on the results you have achieved if you want to capture potential clients’ attention.  Show a screenshot of an e-commerce site you designed. Share your experience telling the client that your work increased their revenue by 25% (or whatever was the result).

Create Your Own Design Concepts

Consider working on a design concept for a popular website. You are just getting started and do not yet have anything to showcase. Many developers share their designs and redesigns on various blogs. In addition to giving you some new work to add to your portfolio, the design concept may also get passed around and give you some additional exposure. The blog of our company has recently published posts featuring designs from various designers, one of which highlights Craigslist and the other Gmail. When using design concepts in your portfolio, you should inform your clients that your work was not commissioned by the client and is simply a personal project (for transparency).

Offer Free Estimates or Consultations

Offer a free estimate, audit, or consultation to get in touch with more potential clients. A free estimate can be obtained by setting up a web form that a potential client can fill out (you may need to speak with them as well), and then promoting that form on your portfolio website and suggesting that visitors complete it to get one.

It is possible to take this to the next level with a free consultation. It is easy to gain the trust of a potential client during a consultation. Since you have a chance to interact with them. You can justify the time and effort of offering free consultations if a reasonable percentage of them lead to paying customers. You’ll need to keep track of how much time you spend. And what kind of clients you work with (how much paid work you ultimately get out of it) to make sure that it’s worth it.

Use a Call to Action

You don’t want your portfolio to just display your work at the site. It should showcase your work in a dynamic way. There are potential clients that will browse your portfolio to see if you can work with their project. These clients are looking for a designer’s work that they might like. Don’t be afraid to push these clients to follow through with your offer. There are several ways for you to do this: you could use a button that encourages people to get an estimate for free. You could use a simple form that lets you know they are interested. Even better, you can ask them to contact you so that you can talk to them about what you have to offer.

Don’t assume that everyone who is interested in your services will take the necessary action to get in touch with you. Lead them to the desired action and make it as easy as possible.

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