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Bhutan Visa: The Ultimate Guide for Tourists

Need to apply Bhutan Visa? Don’t know how to get Bhutan Visa? Don’t worry! Here we are going to tell you all information about getting Bhutan Visa. Bhutan is one of the most pristine countries in the world. The natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Bhutan attract tourist from all over the world every year. However, if you want to visit Bhutan, you will have to obtain a visa before you go there. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds and our expert team can help you with everything related to Bhutan visa!

Planning your trip to Bhutan

With just one week left before you start your journey in Bhutan, are you feeling excited? If not, we will help with a list of things to do before entering Bhutan. Consider Bhutan visa fees, do not forget to book online! Luxury Bhutan tour allows you to see all these places from Jomolhari trekking, Tiger’s Nest tour. Druk Path trekking to Paro Festival and Punakha Dzong tours. You can get all services including airline tickets through authorized agents. These agents provide quality service at reasonable prices along with friendly environment in travel planning. All tour packages such as comfortable hotels and trip packages available through them.

Things you need to know about travelling in Bhutan

Just because you’re planning to visit Bhutan, doesn’t mean you should plan on avoiding visa requirements. There are a few things you should know about before entering into any country. Especially one that is as unique as Bhutan. We are here to help with our ultimate guide to obtaining a Bhutan visa and other entry-related information. Here is what you need to know.

What documents do I need for travelling in Bhutan?

It’s important to know what documents you need and how much they cost before you head over to Bhutan. The following is a comprehensive list of all tourist documents required in Bhutan. You can also contact our travel experts who will give you more information about travelling in Bhutan.

General advice when applying for a visa to Bhutan

It’s relatively easy to get a visa when traveling to Bhutan, as long as you plan ahead. Your best bet is to apply before you leave home; in fact, if you’re not in a rush and are planning on taking some time off from work, it might be best to apply for your visa before booking your flight! There are two main steps you have to complete before you can receive your visa—application and collection—so let’s jump right into them.

What to pack for traveling in Bhutan

Traveling to Bhutan is an experience like no other. Though traveling in Bhutan is entirely safe, there are a few things you should pack to ensure your trip runs smoothly and you have everything you need at hand. Below is a list of just some of these items. These items can be easily bought or obtained upon arrival at one of Bhutan’s airports. For example, all hotels will provide linens (sheets/pillowcases/blankets) as well as slippers and towels. However, you may prefer more familiar hotel amenities and don’t feel like packing your own, so it might be worth bringing along just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Getting around in Bhutan

You need a Bhutan visa to enter and stay in Bhutan, although there are other travel documents you can use. Tourist visas are available for both one-time visitors and those who wish to stay in Bhutan longer than 15 days. You have to apply for a tourist visa from your home country; there is no way to get one when you arrive in Bhutan. Keep in mind that airfare and other transportation costs are not included with your visa cost. That varies depending on what part of town you’re traveling from. Other costs like lodging, food and local entertainment may also add up if you intend on staying in a city like Thimphu or Paro over 15 days.

Things To Do In Thimphu, Bhutan’s Capital City

Thimphu is Bhutan’s main city, as well as its capital. Thimphu means Dense Forest, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here—dense forests with some of Bhutan’s highest peaks in view! Here are a few things to do while in Thimphu, Punakha Dzong: Punakha was once an important political center in Bhutan. But it has now been replaced by Thimphu. It still has historical significance though, so if you have time on your trip to Bhutan make sure to visit Punakha. A tour guide will likely accompany you on your trip to Punakha . Because it can be tricky finding your way around without one.


Although Bhutan is a friendly country, tourists need to obtain an official visa before entering. You can purchase a tourist visa on arrival if you arrive via Paro Airport. But if you enter through land border posts, only pre-arranged visas are accepted. It’s best to begin planning your trip to Bhutan well in advance of your desired travel date and apply as soon as possible, as most embassies require at least a few weeks to process applications. Given that it takes time to plan every last detail of a trip abroad. We suggest putting together a Bhutan itinerary well ahead of your departure date. This will ensure that all permits, tours and transportation arrangements are properly coordinated. Which means no hiccups when it comes time to travel!

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