The Many Flavors of the Boarding School in Gurgaon

Boarding schools in Gurgaon have witnessed impressive growth in the last couple of decades. The parents are actively scouting for schools in the city. They want the school to fully understand their kids. The parents are aiming at schools that are willing to go beyond the traditional schooling approach. The IB schools in Gurgaon, therefore, have become the most sought-after places for parents. The schools are best known for their new-age curriculum. The boarding schools in Gurgaon have come a long way. From fighting the myths to undergoing the structural changes to meet the new-age global standards, the best residential schools have seen all.

The best boarding schools in Gurgaon start early. The schools allow for the intake of the students at the nascent stage. This is the best time to help the impressionable brain of the child develop focus and strong character. Research shows that about 700 to 1000 neural connections take shape in the child’s brain before they turn 3-years-old. Children who are exposed to quality education during these formative years, develop various abilities as compared to normal kids. Early education can be very helpful to ascertain a healthy growth of the various senses of the child. During the formative years, the child can be roped to perform various exercises that will help them find healthy overall growth.

What makes the boarding schools so special

Our country is not new to the concept of boarding schools. Since time immemorial, we have had the concept of sending the child away from the comfort of the home to attain education. These were called Gurukul in earlier times.

The modern boarding set up in the country can be dated to the British era. The military-style operation was the mainstay of the residential school during this period. The entry of the private players in the later years following the independence changed the course of boarding schools in the country.

The introduction of the IB Board has further changed the demography of the boarding schools. The present schools in Gurgaon are the epitome of quality education with a difference. The boarding schools have become the epicenters for imparting lifelong skills and meaningful education to the children. The schools have continuously revamped their structure to better meet the expectations of the aspirational parents and the students. Running parallel with the Indian education system, the schools can emulate the best of international practices to create a level playing field for their students. The standards of the boarding schools in India are a case study to follow. It is very hard to replicate a similar result-oriented system under normal circumstances.

Let us quickly examine some salient features of the best boarding schools in Gurgaon.

Experienced faculty

Teachers are the backbone of any educational institute. The teachers in a boarding school are the local guardians of the students. Staying away from the home can be a racing affair. The teachers are the go-to people for the children staying on the residential campus. The continuous monitoring of the students by the teachers gives the parents a sense of security.

The teaching staff of the IB schools in Gurgaon is selected after a stringent screening process. Several parameters are laid to test the proficiency of the candidate. While experience plays a significant role in the selection process, the candidate must be an effective communicator as well. They should be able to work to form special bonds with their students. This will help in the productive synthesis of their classroom exercise.

Creates disciplined individuals

The boarding schools have a notorious reputation of being strict on discipline. The notion stemmed from the earlier boarding school types, typically the ones operated by the military. This was a big reason for a lot of parents to shy away from sending their kids to boarding schools.

The arrival of modern boarding schools has greatly clarified the popular myth. The schools have recreated the definition. Discipline plays a very important role in shaping our future. The school teaches the students the value of discipline and a system. The students in boarding school have to manage everything on their own.  The disciplined approach is very essential in the timely execution of activities. This forms a life-changing custom for the students graduating from a boarding school.

Quality of education

Good boarding schools are known for their quality of education. The students benefit from the structured setup of a residential school. The curriculum of the IB school is best suited to prepare the student for the new-age competition. The highly skilled teachers help the child reflect their academic prowess.

The boarding schools have a healthy classroom size. This means that the child-teacher ratio is maintained to see that no child is left behind. Teachers are assigned the task of looking after the students post the classroom sessions. These teachers are the mentors who oversee the stay of the child in the school. They keep a track of all the academic performance of the child. If required the teachers form the bridge of communication between the school and the parents.

Diversity in the school

The boarding schools in Gurgaon see a footfall of students from various strata and places. Students from different cultures, nationalities and economic starts share the campus for the entire session. This creates a unique diverse pool. Staying together these children learn from each other. There is no other model in the Indian education system that attends to such a diversity of people during a single academic session.

Students who spend their time in a diverse group are better equipped to handle the differences in a complex society. They learn to coexist peacefully, making them truly global citizens.

The boarding schools in Gurgaon have transformed the way residential campuses were looked upon, The parents today eye for limited available seats in these prestigious institutions. The IB coming of Ib school has only made the future brighter than ever for the boarding schools in India.

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