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Whether it’s summer vacation and your child is looking for something to do to pass the time or you’re hoping to teach innovative habits with a nice side hustle, encouraging your youngster to start their own business can pay off handsomely. Begin with this list of suggestions, and then go on to selling.(small business ideas)

String Bracelets (small business ideas)

There are a plethora of internet guides on how to make bracelets – all you need is some thread and you’re good to go. They can sell them to friends, on the internet, or at craft fairs. Selling craft things with an online sign-up is a brilliant idea.

Calligraphy Art Prints (small business ideas)

All you need for this project is a few excellent pens, some cardstock, and a little imagination. Simply look for creative ideas on Pinterest, watch a few YouTube tutorials, and then start selling! Your child might sell his or her inspiring quotations or custom prints as dorm or locker décor in college.

Video Game Guides (small business ideas)

Do you have a video game aficionado on your hands? Encourage students to produce how-to guides for popular video and mobile games, which they can sell as booklets or as an online subscription service.

Cake Pops(small business ideas)

Making and selling cake pops for special occasions or birthday celebrations is a fun way for kids to learn about baking and business. They may organise a bake sale to benefit a local charity or set up a booth in your area.

Greeting Cards (small business ideas)

Making and selling greeting cards for holidays and special occasions is a simple and quick method to earn money. Hand-letter them, paint them with watercolours, or use design tools to create images — the possibilities are endless!

Farmer’s Market (small business ideas)

In the spring, start a garden and sell your produce at a local farmer’s market. Kids will not only learn how to grow food, but also how to run a business.
Plant flowers in your yard with the kids and then sell them as bouquets or individual flowers at a flower stand. Just remember not to take flowers from other people’s gardens!

Slime Guru is a popular, albeit messy, craft. Make the finished product and sell it to other parents so that their children can play with it.

Pot-Holders Crochet (small business ideas)

Crocheting is a useful skill to have. Kids can sell their works after learning from YouTube tutorials or local classes.

Pillowcase Dresses (small business ideas)

If you have any budding fashion designers at home, show them how to make pillowcase dresses. They can sell them on the internet or to friends who have little children.

Knit Scarves and Hats

Knitting scarves and hats may keep kids entertained for hours with only a pair of needles and yarn. At a craft fair, sell them for a profit.

Birthday Party Favor Bags

Children can sell a few “packages” of birthday party favour bags (e.g., “Under the Sea,” “Magical Unicorns,” etc.) to parents who are party planning so they don’t have to worry about anything else. Use these 35 party favour ideas as a starting point.

Bird or squirrel feeders

Children can make and sell these feeders to aspiring wildlife observers in their neighbourhood.

Parent’s Assistive Service Provider

While your children may not be old enough to babysit, they may be capable of serving as a “parent’s assistant.” Your child will be responsible for a toddler or preschooler while the child’s mother or father is still at home doing chores or other duties.

Weeding and Yard Work

If you live in a neighbourhood, advertise in the neighbourhood newsletter or on your HOA website that your child will weed your neighbours’ yards for an hourly cost. It will keep children outside and occupied throughout the summer!

Pet Sitting

During the summer, many families go on vacations and require someone to feed and walk their pets. Going door to door or asking friends for referrals can generate a lot of business!

Cleaning and Organizing

While this may be more appropriate for older children, many people will pay to have their garage or closets cleaned and organised.

After-School Tutoring

Students can tutor and assist younger pupils with their assignments. Distribute fliers throughout the school promoting specific subjects and tutoring fees.

Dog Walking

During the day, people who work full-time often need someone to walk their pets. Bonus: Your children will get some exercise while still earning money.

Errand Running

Depending on your child’s age and/or how close you live to a supermarket, they may be able to walk, bike, or drive to a store and pick up a few items for neighbours.


If you collect cans and bring them to a recycling centre, some cities will give you money (check your city laws). Collect cans from various locations throughout your city!


Depending on your child’s age, enlist their assistance with laundry and folding for neighbours, family friends, or even yourself. Just make sure you teach them how to do it correctly first!

One-Time Concepts

Many parents will pay to have a princess come to their younger child’s birthday party. If your child is in middle school, dressing up like a Disney princess for a birthday party can be entertaining as well as profitable. This might potentially be done as part of a super hero celebration.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Play

If your area has a lot of kids, help them practise and perform a play, either at your house or at a neighbourhood clubhouse. You can charge for tickets, and the proceeds will go to the kids.

Birthday Makeover Parties

If you have a talented makeup artist on your hands, he or she can do nails and braid hair for young children’s birthday parties.

Vacation Planning

While it may appear strange at first, many families struggle to plan vacations, and having a teen who can study and offer several possibilities would save a lot of time. It would also assist your teen in learning about money management.

Wedding Invitations

If you have any friends who are seeking for a cheap way to address their wedding invitations, a teen with nice handwriting or good cursive might be the answer.

Leaf Raking

Have your kids rake and bag leaves for a neighbor’s yard — or your own — for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.

Garage Sale

As your child grows older, you can sell your old toys and clothing through a garage sale or consignment shop.

Birthday Party Magician

For someone arranging a birthday party, a child who can learn a fast magic performance is a low-cost choice. It’s a great first job that’s both entertaining and thrilling!

Younger Children’s Activities (Ages 6-12)

Toy Reviewer – Create a YouTube account for your child and let them create a blog where they may evaluate their favourite toys. Make money by referring people to your website and having them buy your stuff. You can start teaching children about web marketing at a young age.

Lemonade Stand

Add a twist to a classic idea by attending prominent events in your city, such as music festivals or sporting events. You’ll make a lot of money and have a lot of fun in your hometown. You may also open a store along a well-traveled path. Before you begin, double-check to see if any permits are required.

Chore Chart

An oldie but a goodie, this one. A task list with a monetary reward for each chore is a terrific method to get kids to pitch in around the house.

Car Wash

This one can be done in the comfort of your own home. Ask your neighbours if they’d like a car wash for a few dollars by going door to door near your residence.

Plant Watering

Children can water plants for out-of-town families or for people who have gardens or flowerbeds that need to be looked to.

Garden Decorations

Have young children paint pebbles or sun catchers to sell to individuals who want to put them in their gardens.

Farm Work

If you live near a farm, allow your children to learn how to care for animals or gather fruits and vegetables for a modest fee.

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