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Can I use composite cladding instead of stone cladding?

Yes, composite cladding can be used to replace stone cladding. However, you should be aware that replacing stone with composite cladding necessitates the removal of the old rock. Because you don’t know the condition of the brick that lies beneath the stone cladding, tearing it out is a calculated risk. There’s a probability that nothing will go wrong if you replace your stone cladding with composite cladding. However, there’s a potential that the wall underneath the cladding is weak. When replacing stone cladding with composite cladding, you should be prepared for the worst.

The reasons why most homeowners change their Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is a type of exterior wall covering that protects your home’s exterior walls from the elements. Stone cladding also acts as an insulator, preventing moisture from penetrating your walls and entering your home. It’s worth noting that stone cladding isn’t the only type of cladding that offers these advantages. Insulation is also provided via wood cladding, composite cladding, PVC-beklädnad, and aluminum cladding. However, the issue with stone cladding is that it does not look attractive when viewed from the outside.

Your stone-clad home will stand out as odd if you live on a street with brick houses. It’s like a misfit, but instead of a person, it’s a house. Who lives in an unattractive covered stone home on a brick home street, anyway? material for stone cladding There is no design in the stone claddings that makes it a viable alternative. This is due to the fact that the stones are positioned in a random manner on your home’s wall. Stone claddings also has the problem of fading fast over time. As a result, homeowners are turning to composite cladding.

Why do people use Composite Cladding?

Why do people use Composite Cladding?

The term composite refers to a blend. Wood and plastic are used in composite cladding. This combination is made up of recycled materials that have been processed into the composite cladding. The composite cladding has the advantage of being aesthetically pleasant. Unlike stone claddings, which are unsightly on a home’s exterior wall, composite cladding is attractive and will last. WPC cladding can be used instead of stone claddings. If you reside on a street with a lot of brick buildings, using composite cladding to cover your house will make it stand out.

Composite cladding will update the exterior of your property and give it a more modern aspect. In terms of design pattern, composite cladding is laid up in such a manner that it produces a pleasing pattern. Unlike stone, which has no color other than what you paint it, composite cladding comes in a variety of colors. Grey wood plastic composite cladding boards are available. Brown, black, red, oak, dark-colored, and light-colored composite cladding boards are also available. This means you may clad your home’s external wall in a material that blends in with the surroundings.

Another advantage of composite cladding is that it is simple to maintain. This implies that if dirt has accumulated on the surface texture of your wood plastic composite cladding, you may clear it away. Mold and mildew will not grow on the surface texture of your cladding if it is properly cared for. To extend the life of your composite cladding, you don’t need to sand or seal it. This means you’ll get more enjoyment out of your wood plastic composite cladding with less work. Composite cladding is very simple to install. To install wood plastic composite cladding, all you need are some basic equipment. With a saw, you can effortlessly cut your composite cladding boards.

How to Install Composite Cladding Instead of Stone Cladding

Analyze the situation 

When replacing stone claddings with kompositbeklädnad, the first step is to assess the issue. To establish if your home’s external wall is robust, you must inspect it. This can be accomplished by first removing a small section of the stone covering to have a better understanding of the wall’s condition. Know that if the wall is weak and the stones cladding is used to strengthen it, there will be additional labor. In this case, after removing all of the stone claddings, you may need to put another coat of cement plastering on the wall. This will strengthen the outer wall before you apply the composite cladding. You can remove all of the stones cladding if the wall is not fragile.

Put the Composite Cladding Back Together

The next step is to coat your house’s exterior walls with composite cladding. Composite cladding should be simple to install if you are an expert. You may also hire someone to take care of your cladding for you. Your property will have a nice appearance once you’ve done putting your composite covering.


Composite cladding can be used to replace stone cladding. Composite cladding is superior to stone cladding in terms of aesthetics, durability, and ease of maintenance.

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