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Can You Convert an EML File to PDF? Get Frequent Solution!

Are you wondering the answer to this query “Can you convert an EML file to PDF” format without any changes in mail properties? The answer to this commonly asked query is “Yes”, you can easily convert an EML files to PDF format. Many users asked for a simple way to convert EML files to PDF.

Now, the next question arises how to implement EML to PDF conversion procedure. In this article, we are going to explain manual as well as professional approach to convert EML files as PDF document. Keep reading the article till the end to know more details.

Why User’s Interest Tends Towards PDF?

There are so many reasons due to which users are looking forward to convert EML files to PDF format. Mainly, it is benefits of PDF, which derive user’s interest in converting EML files in PDF format. Let us see some amazing facts about Adobe PDF!

  • One of the main problem with the sharing of database is that it may affect formatting of the file and changes it completely. You can rest easier when the documents are in PDF file format. The formatting of data appears exactly same.
  • No doubt, PDF is smart choice for sharing database as it widely adopted all around the world. No matter whether you are sharing database with someone down the street or other side of the world, PDF is smart choice.
  • PDF is the only extension, which perfectly works on computer, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. Irrespective of the platform, you have created the PDF document; it supports to open on any hardware, software or operating system.
  • Files in PDF file format can be secured by different levels of security i.e. Watermark, Digital Signature, and passwords.
  • There is no doubt that PDF is the most convenient file format among others. It is easy to create, read and use by everyone.
  • Theoretically, PDF can contain unlimited amount of database. Nevertheless, at the time of sharing the PDF files are compressed in small size for smooth exchange of database.

Manual Approach to Convert EML File as PDF

Here you will get to know about detailed procedure to convert EML files to PDF with the help of Microsoft Word. It offer you facility to save files in various file formats like PDF, RTF, XML, and many others. Follow the steps given below to export EML files to PDF format:

  1. Fetch the location where EML mailbox is stored in your PC.
  2. Select any one EML file and right click on it. Then go with Open with option followed by Microsoft Word.
  3. Next click on the File tab.
  4. Then choose Save As option and select location to save the file.
  5. In Save As Wizard, choose the desirable location, enter name in File Name and change Save as Type to PDF from the drop down arrow.
  6. Finally click on the Save button to successfully save EML to PDF format.

Repeat the steps for saving other EML file as PDF format.

Automated Approach to Convert an EML File to PDF

CubexSoft EML to PDF Converter is an outstanding software for saving EML files in PDF format. The software is trusted by experts for moving EML database to PDF document. The program offer facility to move batch EML files to PDF documents in just one time processing. The tool perform the migration process with integrity and accuracy. No technical skills is required to move EML files in PDF format.

The EML File Converter offers variety of options for smooth transfer of EML files in PDF format such as File Naming Combination, Page Setting Tool, PDF Saving Options, Attachments Saving Options, Destination Location, and Advanced Filters options. You can easily save EML files with unaltered attachments files.

Procedure to Convert EML Files to PDF Format

  • Download and install EML to PDF Converter in your Windows or Mac operating system.
  • After properly installing the software run the tool.
  • Click on the Add Files option. Using Select Files/Select Folders option upload EML files in the software.
  • List of EML files start appearing on the left side. Tick required EML files and click on the Export button.
  • Choose PDF from the drop down arrow of Select Saving Option.
  • Next, fill other required and optional options such as location path, attachments saving option, PDF saving options, etc.
  • Finally Click on the Convert button to start EML to PDF file conversion procedure.


Final Words

In this article, we have discussed about an efficient way to migrate EML files in PDF format. Here we offer dual solution of commonly asked query “Can you convert an EML file to PDF”. We hope after reading this blog, you can move EML files to PDF documents along with attachments.

To know more details, get Trial Edition of EML Converter. The trial edition is free of any charges and explains how the software works practically. You can convert upto 25 EML files to PDF format free cost.

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