Chatbots for Millennials: Why and How Smart Brands Should Be Using Them?

The millennial generation has a preference for self-service appchat and is able to manage problems with customer service on their own. Companies have been aware of this for a long time and have searched for methods to meet this need.

Chatbots are perfect for providing the quick, personal self-service that millennials are looking for. Not only are they an efficient and quicker alternative to the other customer service channels, but they’re ideal for supporting the use of voice-activated search, purchases as well as customer service interactions which are increasing in popularity due to the growing usage of AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s home.

So, how can companies harness chatbots’ benefits to connecting with millennials?

The millennial generation wants more self-service choices

Over half the millennials claim they prefer customer service automation instead of living assistance by a live representative whenever they have the choice. So, enhancing the self-service options available to you is an effective method to enhance the customer experience of the millennial generation.

Comprehensive instructional videos, online courses as well as troubleshooting guides, and FAQs are excellent resources for people trying to resolve the issue without calling us, but they’re not the best choice for users who are in a rush and require urgent assistance.

Chatbots can make this information easy to access and digest and also provide a better method of searching for the information they require. When dealing with technical issues those who don’t understand the appropriate technical terminology to describe their issue may be unable to locate the pertinent details.

Chatbots can help find the answer to their issue by asking simple questions that don’t require any technical knowledge to answer.

Instant response

No one likes waiting around However, millennials are more demanding when it comes to this. Their dislike of waiting has been evident through studies and data for many years. Consequently, they tend to base their purchasing decisions on how fast they can complete tasks in your company. 82% of buyers believe that resolution is the most crucial factor to providing outstanding customer service.

Chatbots are able to provide a quick answer to a variety of customer questions such as requests for technical assistance to managing your account’s information and settings as well as making bookings and purchases. The ability to handle these tasks by a chatbot will ensure that users do not have to spend time searching through your site or app to find what they’re looking for, or the solution to their issue. This can prevent users from abandoning your service out of frustration, or leaving with a negative perception of your services.

An increase of 5% in retention rates could boost sales by as much as 95 percent, making this a beneficial benefit of introducing chatbots to your business.

Increase overall response time

60 percent of young people believe they should be able to wait no more than 5 minutes to reach an individual on a customer service line. This is an extremely difficult expectation to achieve for many companies. The reduction of the volume of calls is an essential approach to achieving a timely response time of this. The average time for first responders across all channels is an important measure to monitor since it has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and the trustworthiness of your company.

Chatbots offer instant responses to customers using chatbots to receive assistance or resolve questions. But, they can also speed up the response time for customers who use other channels for customer service.

This is because giving customers the chance to receive instant assistance by a chatbot eases the pressure on other customer support channels that are in the middle of having live agents assist customers.

Generation Z and Millennials (and Generation Z) are more likely to utilize chatbots and other self-service options than the other age groups, leading to fewer support tickets that require the attention of live agents. 70 70% of millennials prefer communicating with brands through chatbots, which are based on text and live chat. SMS.

Therefore, your overall service response times will be much faster when customers do not make use of the chatbot. Additionally, you can utilize your support resources for customers more effectively by delegating a lot of calls on an automated platform.

Because of these reasons, chatbots are the ideal solution for dealing with surges in customer service calls with no drop in time to respond, like those due to service disruptions or an event that is seasonal.

Chatbots, for instance, can assist in reducing the burden on support teams in the first line in the course of Black Friday sales, providing a better service to your customers, while also reducing expenses in hiring as well as training your seasonal support personnel.

In fact, the typical US company could cut up to 30 percent of their operating costs through the use of a chatbot to answer customer service inquiries. Event organizer Slush makes use of the Jennifer chatbot to automate 64 percent of all calls from customers, allowing them to manage the increasing demand that comes up prior to their next event.

Support in-app or on-site

Chatbots can provide an avenue for communication and support that does not require users to quit your app or website. Instead, they will receive assistance at the touch of a button, while remaining within your part on your site or app that they need assistance with.

This will allow them to get an immediate solution to their problem and there’s no need to open an account or write an email that could take a while for an agent on live chat to get back to.

In addition, providing assistance and advice via an in-app chatbot offers many benefits that can be beneficial to customers. Examples:

  • Customers have already registered into their accounts and have passed security checks. In the end, they will not have the hassle of signing in or creating a support account to seek help. Also, the chatbot is able to reference and reference account details in the chat.
  • The chatbot will help users with specific tasks or even do these tasks for users.
  • Users can seek assistance when they face an issue without waiting for further work.

AI-driven personalization

The millennial generation is at the forefront of demanding more personal, individualized experiences from the businesses with that they interact. Offering individualized content and experiences improves the brand’s popularity among millennials by about 28% on average.

They expect businesses to communicate in ways that best suit their preferences, anticipate their needs, and be aware of their preferences. Chatbots can satisfy each of the above needs.

AI-powered chatbots employ natural language processing in order to recognize the customer’s needs better and to interpret and reflect their tone to create conversations that are more intimate.

Machine learning allows chatbots to study the input of users and previous interactions to better predict the customer’s needs, providing more efficient and useful self-service service.

The capability to offer advice and solutions on a more personal basis assists chatbots in bridging the gap between live and self-service support alternatives.

For instance, KLM Airlines uses its BlueBot chatbot to allow customers to make reservations using a natural

conversation in which they ask questions and understand the motivation behind answers from customers to help make booking effortless.

About Rip Bull Networks: Rip Bull Networks is a software company based out of San Francisco, California. As a product organization, they seek to build original and cutting-edge products to help bring people together while being physically apart.

They have worked to improve common work chat software to fit dynamic teams better across the globe. Their software can be used by businesses large and small, and they are consistently working to improve the platform for a variety of users around the world.

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