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Choosing a Right Apple Repair Center for Your MacBook

There is no doubt that Apple Macs are expensive, but the data and project stored in the device is most important than anything. One can easily buy a new device from any Apple repair center in Mumbai but once data is lost it’s impossible to retrieve it as most of the Macs nowadays come with on-board storage. Which makes it impossible to recover data unless you get a logic board repaired.

All Apple Macs come with a limited warranty of 1 year which can be extended by paying extra to the Apple Store. The limited warranty does not cover if the screen is broken or liquid spills one needs to have an accidental warranty in order to claim. Apple authorize center use only original parts which come with 90 days of warranty but the cost of the parts are very much expensive many times the cost even reach 50% of the new Mac costs. In this situation, you can give it a try with a third-party apple repair center in Mumbai & many repair businesses use original or equivalent parts for repairs. Here is the list to check when you are getting your device repaired by a third party.

Genuine Parts:

Check and speak with the technician of the local repair store and ask what kind of parts they will be using and they mostly will have both original as well as a third party. The OEM parts will cost compared to a third party. Before you process any repair do ask them about the data safety or take a full backup in case of the mac boots.


If you choose to opt for a third party do check if there is any warranty on it, generally you should expect the same warranty as Apple Store, many of them will be also happy to offer Onsite replacement where they will carry parts at your place and get the work done at your place. The warranty claim process must be easy and simple in case anything goes wrong in the warranty period.

Repair Instead of Replacement:

Allow them to diagnose the device and come up with the solution as many times the repair can fix the problem and cost very less compare to full replacement. As long as the repair of any logic board is performed using the right parts and warranty nothing to worry and everything is good to go many of the repair stores gives a warranty even on repair warranty anywhere from 3 months to 6 months is good enough to test the device fully.

Onsite Repair:

Do check if they offer an onsite repair if yes opt for onsite repair this will save your time and you can personally take a look into the device if there is anything more required. If you have not done any cleaning & servicing on your device before do ask for basic cleaning and maintenance post-repair as that will improve the performance of the device.

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