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If you are redesigning the website or creating a website from scratch, then the first thing that comes to mind is to choose the content management system or custom website development. Both CMS VS Custom Website Development have their pros and cons. It is important to know to have a piece of complete knowledge about it. 

It will help you to choose the proper way to build the website. However, the Website designing company in delhi has brought you the comparison of CMS VS custom website development. Check out this blog for the complete detail of CMS and custom website.

What is Content Management System? 

The content management system is abbreviated as CMS, which is a platform that helps many to get started with the website on the internet. The evolution of the CMS shows that it can easily compete with the techniques like custom web development. One can easily manage, modify, or change the content on a website without any ‘technical knowledge.’

Technical knowledge is not required in the CMS, which gave a boost and evolved the software with ease. You can easily build a website without any knowledge of programming knowledge. 

Importance of Content Management System: 

The importance of CMS is aware among the designers and developers, the website designing company in Delhi has brought you a few pointers that showcase the importance the CMS software.

  1. You can work more efficiently, which reduces your time to build web pages by half. 
  2. It has optimized streamlined workflow. 
  3. CMS platform provides different services such as web hosting and email marketing. It helps to manage everything in one place. 
  4. It helps to design SEO-friendly websites. 
  5. Mobile-optimized websites. It is an important aspect of today’s websites. 

We researched some pros and cons they are as follows: 


  1. It has varieties of templates, plugins, and libraries
  2. You can easily edit the website, which gives aesthetic look to it. 
  3. It doesn’t need any technical knowledge to edit and is easy to edit. 
  4. CMS is cost-effective. 
  5. Redesigning on the CMS platform is easy.
  6. Improves the site flexibility. 
  7. Maintenance of the website is easy. 

These are the fewer pros that CMS avails to the users. 


  1. HTML editing files become limited. 
  2. Constraints on creativity, limits on designs of the site. 
  3. Software limitations can create hurdles for you. 
  4. There will be a security risk, which completely depends on the software selected. 

These were the few cons of the content management system. 

Coming to the greater part of the content management system, there is much software available, this opens the opportunities for the users to compare and choose the best suitable. WordPress, Magento, HubSpot, Canvas, Drupal, Joomla, etc. are the few popular software when it comes to content management systems.

But here, we feel it has CMS VS WordPress. There are many reasons behind this, but WordPress is the first name or platform users choose and rush to use. A large chunk of websites on the internet is built through WordPress. So all the CMS software is on one side, and WordPress is on another side, i.e, CMS VS WordPress.

CMS VS WordPress: 

There are many aspects in which WordPress leads and is standalone. It is an open-source platform that provides almost everything for the developers, from a user-friendly interface to easily design. 

Some highlighting features of WordPress that goes missing in other content management systems: 

  1. You can download, install and use for free without any hidden charges. 
  2. Simple user interface and easy to use. 
  3. 3000+ templates.
  4. Free plugins and libraries.
  5. Self-hosting with advanced security.
  6. Multi-lingual support. 
  7. Free website name. 

These are the few highlighting features of WordPress that make it strong and popular in the industry. Above are the reasons as well, which makes users go blindly for the most trusted platform, WordPress. The website designing company in Delhi considers WordPress as a full package.

What is Custom Website Development? 

Website development is a process of creating, building, and maintaining. All three of them are prime factors to stay in the competition. It is a lot more than the look and design; speed, compatibility, features, user-friendly interface, etc. are the matter of importance while developing the website. 

This is where the custom website development involves, which makes everything look possible and simple. For this, you can have a whole development team with technical knowledge or hire an agency like the website design company in Delhi.

Custom website development is like a tailor-made website, which is completely goal-driven and best for business. The website is designed according to the needs and targets to be achieved. In custom website development, each web page is designed from scratch. This gives authentic look to the website. 

Importance of Custom Website Development: 

  1. Custom web development keeps alive the human touch. 
  2. It helps to build the website that suits your products or services
  3. One can easily optimize the website
  4. It upholds the value of a website since the website can stand alone in the competition. 
  5. Improves the search engine ranking. 

There are some pros and cons of custom website development 


  1. The designer has a vision and you can build the website according to your needs. It is the biggest advantage of custom website development. 
  2. Fully optimized and unique (authentic). 
  3. Options of software integration. 
  4. You can build the website according to the trend. 
  5. An agency provides full-fledged services from custom website development to website hosting and website maintenance. 
  6. No external platform like WordPress is involved. 
  7. You can achieve goals easily since the website designed will be goal-oriented. 


  1. Time-consuming 
  2. The operational costs are high
  3. Finding the perfect match 
  4. If a company is interested in having an in-house, then it needs to invest a large chunk for building the team. 

CMS VS Custom Website Development: 

Through the comparison of CMS VS Custom Website Development, you get clarity to decide, which is best suitable for you and choose accordingly. 

1. Time Consumption for Site Development: 

CMS provides templates, plugins, and libraries for free, as we explained above (CMS VS WordPress). It doesn’t need any technical, and anyone can edit the web pages at half time than the custom website development. You get a drag and drop option that makes it feasible to edit the templates and themes. 

In custom website development, agencies will build the website from scratch using authentic ways by performing the programming language. And for the optimization of the website, it needs to be built accordingly with detailed technical work. This makes it a little time-consuming. 

2. Operational Cost: 

In CMS, it is CMS VS WordPress, if you choose to use a platform like WordPress, then you need to invest very little. Whereas, choosing the paid platforms will cost equivalent to designing the custom website. 

Custom website development, of course, needs a big chunk of money to invest. Since it has the quality of work and ability to achieve anything. This increases the operational cost, also building the website development team or hiring an agency is the operational cost a company needs to invest. 

3. Security: 

CMS as a platform holds up the responsibility of giving the proper security to the website. However, it depends on the software, their plans, and their security level. The best you choose is the most secured your site and the data of the visitor will be. 

In custom site development, it depends on the agency you select, such as the website designing company in Delhi that provides advanced security to the website. However, in custom website development, each case is secured and treated. 

4. Pricing: 

CMS is available in different versions, such as open-source and paid. Even the paid CMS platforms have different plans. So it completely depends on the user choosing the platform. Also, there is a maximum possibility of cutting down the operational cost. Where you need to invest in fewer aspects such as security, web hosting, domain name, etc. 

However, it is not the case in custom web development, the website is built from scratch with a human touch. Thus, hiring an agency will be equivalent or cost you more than a CMS-paid platform. But, building an in-house team will be costlier. 

5. Creativity: 

CMS provides ready-made templates, themes, plugins, and libraries to upscale the quality of web designs. But there is a limitation to the creative space in this aspect.

Creativity is as important as the functioning of the website, custom web development gives you a lot of space to develop a creative website. 


The Website design company in Delhi thinks that it is an individual, business, or company’s choice to go for CMS or custom websites. It completely depends on what you want from a website and how important it is for you. 

Thus, you can choose the best suitable platform for you, however, if you are going for custom web development, then you can choose an agency. It is a one-stop solution for all your digital requirements. 

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