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Convert Thunderbird to PDF Format With Manual And Automated Methods

Best Way to Print Thunderbird MBOX Files in PDF

It is imperative that you read this post in its whole if you want to be able to convert Thunderbird to PDF format. This article will show you how to print Thunderbird emails in PDF format by utilizing free add-on capabilities that are available in the Thunderbird client. The procedure may be completed by following the steps outlined in this post. You are highly encouraging you to continue browsing the web page for a quick and reputable solution.

Think About the Benefits That Come With Printing Thunderbird in PDF Format

Users of the PDF file format have access to an improved system for storing vital information because of the format’s capabilities. PDF affords users this advantageous feature. You will be able to take advantage of a variety of benefits if you opt to maintain the data in PDFs.

These files cannot be edited in any manner, not even manually. They are completely inaccessible to change. As a direct consequence of this, the process of modifying data will be more complicated than it would have been otherwise achievable.

If you have many Thunderbird MBOX files, you will be able to combine them into a single PDF document. This is made possible by the fact that each of the PDF file is capable of storing a significant amount of information within a single file.

How to Manually Convert Thunderbird to PDF?

In order to print Thunderbird MBOX email in PDF format, the import/convert functions that come along with the Thunderbird email client need to be installed first. After installing these capabilities, you will be able to convert emails from Thunderbird into PDF format by using the add-ons. The entirety of the procedure is broken down into its individual steps below. Please read it all the way through to choose the most effective method to finish the assignment.

The following are some straightforward installation instructions for ImportConvertTools: –

  • Choose Utilities from the menu that appears after clicking the Tools drop-down arrow. Visit this location to gain access to the Add-ons menu (Press ALT button if Menu is not showing there).
  • To access it, locate the menu bar in the upper right-hand corner of your browser and click on the gear symbol there. as at the moment
  • After selecting the importconverttools-3.3.0-sm+tb.xpi file from the Download Folder, you will need to choose the Open button.
  • After selecting the Install Now button, the next step is to select the option to Restart Now.

Converting Thunderbird to PDF format may be done using an add-on.

  • Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird email client straight now. Pick the location(s) from which you wish to be able to view the folder.
  • Click on the ImportConvertTools button once you have selected the folder using the right mouse button. Every single piece of correspondence has to be copied and then saved as a PDF file.
  • After determining where you want to save the converted PDF files, click the box that says “Select Folder.”

Therefore, this is the procedure that must be performed in order to manually convert Thunderbird to PDF. After committing to the manual approach, you will eventually realize that it has significant limits. You will not have the option to convert all of the emails at once, but you may convert them individually. You must convert each one separately, which may consume the majority of your time.

To eliminate all of the limitations created by the manual technique, we are presenting you with an alternate solution. The following approach allows you to convert an infinite amount of Thunderbird emails simultaneously. Therefore, examine it.

An Epic Way to Print Emails from Thunderbird to PDF

You should go with the Thunderbird Converter Wizard as your preferred course of action. Because the name already suggests that this tool was developed only to convert Thunderbird files, the program focuses all of its attention on doing just one task. This program is unquestionably required in order to print Thunderbird MBOX Files in PDF format.

This software is trustworthy and won’t require a significant amount of your time to complete. It gives the impression that the procedure is extraordinarily easy and even fun. You can convert all of the data at once, regardless of how much data there is, and this is something that should go without saying. You are going to have to believe us even if you don’t already.

Now, you need to become familiar with the process to convert Thunderbird to PDF using this application. Take a look at the step-by-step guide for the method that we are offering for you here because of this reason. You may get yourself acquainted with the guide by reading it, and reading it will help you follow the steps when you are really carrying out the task.

Step-by-step Procedure to Print Thunderbird MBOX Files in PDF

  • On the device that is configured with your Thunderbird account, download the Thunderbird MBOX to PDF Converter. You must now install the application by carefully following the offered instructions. The program may be used once the installation is complete.
  • Select Thunderbird Accounts from the drop-down option that appears after selecting the Open tab, then select Desktop Email Clients.
  • Following that, you will see that the inboxes connected to the Thunderbird account you choose have been imported into the application’s left pane. You can preview folders when they have all been made visible.
  • By choosing the Export tab and PDF from the drop-down menu, you may convert the document.
  • You may save a file by clicking the Save button after using the Browse button to choose the location where it should be saved.

Converting Thunderbird emails to PDF is a straightforward process, adding to the app’s overall utility and efficacy. If you’d want to learn more about the tool’s capabilities, you may now look at its specifications. It is up to you whether or whether you want to spend time reading the specifications, or just start working on the assignment right away, as you are already familiar with the process.

Learn About Some Capabilities of the Suggested Programme

  • It is also able to convert MBOX files to PDF format, even if Thunderbird is not installed on your computer.
  • You may easily convert many emails in Thunderbird to PDF format by following a few straightforward steps.
  • You may make a speedy assessment of the information included inside the Thunderbird files by previewing them.
  • It is able to transform any and all properties connected to emails received in Thunderbird, including attachments.
  • For reasons related to forensics, you may inspect emails in Thunderbird using either the hex or raw view.
  • During the conversion process, it takes on the responsibility of ensuring that all email characteristics are preserved.
  • You have the ability to pick the location of the saved files that are created by the application by utilizing the explore option.


Because it is easy to retrieve, PDF is the perfect format for saving emails received using Thunderbird. In addition, you need a foolproof way to convert Thunderbird to PDF format. As a result, we have given you the option to print Thunderbird MBOX files in PDF in both a manual and an automatic fashion. You are free to consider both approaches and select the one that seems to best fit your needs and circumstances.

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