Create A Winning Sponsorship Proposal Template With this Step-By-Step Guide

Create a wining sponsorship proposal

Sponsors have always been an integral part of any event. Be it an online event or an in-person event, having a sponsor helps you in many ways. Having someone investing in your brand, and sponsoring your event helps in building trust and setting the authenticity of your organization. 

But, how do you attract sponsors for your event? Is there any way you should approach a particular brand to invest in your event? Any brand will sponsor your event, given your event matches with their brand, and you are providing them with enough exposure, helping them expand the reach of their brand. 

If you are new to the event world and figuring out how things go, let us tell you something. Approaching a brand for sponsorship is not as simple as it sounds. There is a proper way and some strategy that one needs to follow. One of the best ways to get in touch with any brand and explain to them your objectives is by simply creating a sponsorship proposal.

But, how do you create a proposal for your prospect sponsors? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

 Here, we will be sharing with you a complete guide to creating a winning sponsorship proposal. 

But before diving into the process, let us share with you some factors you should consider while curating your sponsorship proposal. 

If you are reaching out to some sponsors, there will be basically two documents that you will need: an event-one sheet and a formal proposal. 

Also, here are a few things you need to consider before reaching out to the sponsors. 

  • Be Clear with Your Content: 

While you are reaching out to someone, make sure you make it clear about the kind of content you are planning to deliver to the attendees. Also, always have this clarity in mind that someone will invest in your brand only when you assure them something in return. 


  • Mention the Statistics: 

While you create the proposal, make sure you mention all the data and statistics very clearly. Your potential sponsors would most probably jump directly into them. Hence, mention all the aspects of your event statistically. 


  • Sort Out the Companies You Want to Reach Out To: 

Here, you need to sort out the names of organizations you want to reach out to. Things can get easy for you if you have some good names in your network. Invite people through cold emails by customizing them according to the organization. 


  • The Right Time to Reach Out: 

Though it generally depends on the type and size of the event and organization, the ideal time to reach out to your potential sponsors is when you have a clear and well-defined event idea. 


Now that you know how you should ideally target your sponsors, let us share with you a step-by-step guide to creating a sponsorship proposal template


  • Introduction: 

Introduce your event in this section. Mention if you have already hosted an event before or is it new. Along with it, add why you think they will be the perfect sponsors for your event. Add how your event objectives align with their brand objectives. In addition, add some impressive statistics and data from previous editions. For example, the number of attendees or speakers. 


  • Add Event Objectives: 

In this section, add your event’s objectives and things you want to achieve with your event. Be very clear with your objectives; convince them why they should invest in your event. Try to talk in figures; remember your event goals and objectives can include reaching out to more audiences and gaining more ROI, but they are not limited to them. Along with it, introduce your sponsors to the online meeting platform you have chosen for your event. 


  • Introduce your Audience: 

In this step, introduce your audience to the sponsors. Explain how your audience is connected to the sponsoring brands, and how investing in an event with this audience can help the sponsors. 


  • Advantages of Sponsoring Your Event: 

Here, explain how sponsorship can benefit their brand. Know that this page will most likely affect their decision whether or not to sponsor your event. Hence, include all the advantages of sponsoring any event. A few advantages include branding opportunities, brand recognition, brand expansion, generation of organic leads on their brand, etc. 


  • Testimonials and Reviews: 

You will be amazed to know that as many as 77% of professionals refer to reviews and testimonials before investing in any local business. Hence, while curating your sponsorship proposal, include testimonials and reviews from your previous sponsors. It will set your credibility and build trust between you and your potential sponsors. Also, if you are planning an event for the first time and don’t have any reviews and testimonials from previous sponsors, you can include your special media comments and show how your audience trusts you. 


  • Sponsorship Packages: 

Now that you have presented your objectives and event to the brands, it’s time you present them with the sponsorship packages. Create easy-to-understand sponsorship packages. Elaborate all the packages, so that it becomes easy for the sponsors to make their decision. Include all the perks and features of opting for a particular package. However, make sure you don’t end up making it too lengthy; nobody would enjoy reading lengthy packages, and they might end up skipping the entire proposal altogether. 


  • Deadline: 

End your sponsorship proposal with a deadline, which your sponsors need to consider while making their decision. Also, don’t forget to add a CTA at the end. 


  • Terms and Conditions: 

While you create your proposal, don’t miss out on the terms and conditions. Be very clear about all the terms and conditions the sponsors need to consider. Though this particular section will be covered in the sponsorship contract, it is still advisable to give them an idea in the proposal itself. 

As we mentioned earlier, approaching a brand and convincing them to invest in your brand is not an easy task. But, the right way and right approach can help you get the right sponsors. Approach your sponsors in a professional manner, and convince them to invest in your brand. Keep this blog in mind, and create a winning sponsorship proposal for the organizations you want to approach. 

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