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Despite the other advantages bilingual books help with confidence

It is necessary to understand the capacity of bilingual books

Bilingualism is not limited to memorizing words in two languages. It connects cultures. Every child is undeniably unique. However, they all live in families and in a certain environment. Bilingualism and dual language books help in communication. They also give a greater understanding of the world in which their roles can be very different. So going to a bilingual bookshop and choosing a personalized bilingual book is the best way for kids to raise a bilingual.

The child talks to the people around him. Language is communication. The child is a member of a large family. If he speaks more than one language, he develops stronger emotional relationships with people who speak that language, and the culture of his “second” people opens up to him.

In 21st century globalization contains every culture and every language

Research results show that children who grew up in a bilingual environment know their roots and are proud of them. Such children themselves sometimes say that they are bridges between cultures. A 2002 study of American teenagers with immigrant children found that those who retained their parents’ language were satisfied with their family relationships, felt confident, and were more positive about school than their peers who lost their language and knew only English.

The results of another study showed that bilingual children not only see themselves as a bridge between family members from two cultures. They also believe that they can contribute to greater understanding between people from different cultures in the world. One of the teenagers put it this way: “When a guy speaks two languages, he is always happy to help other people.”

In fact, you can live without worries with the knowledge of just one language, because scientists and businessmen communicate in English. Nevertheless, a second language provides a lot of benefits. In terms of developing cognitive abilities, as well as providing economic and educational advantages. A second language opens up new possibilities for understanding culture and building your child’s connection with family members, with the people around you, and with the world.

When you know another language, you have an advantage

Knowing numerous languages, or even just two, may increase your self-esteem tremendously. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to identify someone speaking in that language or seeing anything on TV in that language.

You are aware that you have an advantage over those who only know one language, you are aware that your professional prospects have been greatly enhanced, you are aware that you will now be able to appreciate other cultures, talk to many more people, and enjoy movies and music in other languages. And you are also likely to be respected by others. Particularly those whose language you have made an effort to learn. All of this is bound to increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Remember that no information, no matter how insignificant it appears at the moment of acquisition, is ever insignificant; it never goes to waste. It will come in handy at some point, perhaps even when you least expect it. Do you want some proof? Examine the results of standardized testing. Those who learn a second language outperform those who just speak their native tongue! Overall, they perform better in reading and vocabulary exams, as well as arithmetic, which needs comparable cognitive ability.



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