Destination Wedding Tips To Cut Down your Total Wedding Cost

Destination weddings are a new trend for the last few years. However, the pandemic may have put a damper on this plan but now things are more clear than ever. More and more couples are leaning towards marrying close friends and family members on an island or a beautiful location in the country. When you are planning a destination wedding then it can be tricky. As most of the things started to seem daunting since you have less idea of the place. Weddings away from your home come with their own set of challenges. And that is why hiring the destination wedding planner in India is a better idea as they have a trusted network of local vendors. Also, these Destination Wedding tips can get you happily married without breaking your bank.

However, apart from hiring the destination wedding planner in Jaipur, there are a few details that can help you save money with your destination wedding planning. So, without further ado let us have a look at some major tips to cut down your destination wedding planning cost.

Manage your Guest List

When it comes to destination weddings then you need to make a hard decision. Also, the number of guest lists will influence everything you are planning. To be honest destination weddings are meant to revolve around the couples instead of the family members. It’s your special day and since you are planning to visit somewhere else you need to be a bit stricter with your guest list. If you can’t shorten your guest list then welcoming them to the trip may probably cost you a fortune. Especially when you are working around the budget.

Consider your Wedding Date

We understand that you want to get married as soon as possible but setting dates in high-season crowds can add a lot to your whole budget. Even the destination wedding planner in India can’t help you in such scenarios even though they will still come with the best prices. But once again make yourself a priority first and get married at a quieter time for more fun.

Stay Precise in your Choices

According to the experts from the destination wedding planners in Jaipur, everyone can easily afford a destination wedding if they are precise in their choices. So, as per the expert advice, avoid the extras in your celebration. Also excluding the extra food menu and unnecessary wedding functions can really help you stay within your budget. For instance, ladies’ departments can rent the outfit and jewelry for multi-day celebrations.


These are the best destination wedding tips to cut down your total wedding cost. We still believe that hiring experts from the destination wedding planners in India is a better choice. Thanks to their connections with vendors, managers, venue owners, the makeup team, and everyone regarding the wedding can help you save a fortune on your wedding. Not only this, they even make the process simpler for every client. And each one of them has an amazing wedding which they cherish for the rest of their lives.

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