DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter – The Flycam for Everyday Use

Mavic Mini is a user-friendly and affordable drone camera for recording all your fun. A compact, easy-to-use consumer quadcopters are not new, but not as powerful as Mavic Mini. Mavic Mini from DJI, the leader in robust, feature-packed drones. Mavic Mini folds to fit into a backpack, jacket, and cargo pant pocket. It weighs less than eight of the weight of your smartphone.

Mini is quick and can go just where you’d like it to go, as controls are easy and GPS is integrated into the device. It can record high-definition, smooth video and clear still image like you would like from DJI. It weighs 249 grams that’s less than 8.8 grams The Mavic Mini is exempt from federal regulations, meaning you do not even need to sign up for it.


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Mavic Mini features:

  • Lightweight: Just under 1/2 lb.
  • Size of the pocket: 5.5×3.3×2.2 in. folded
  • Time for flight: Up to 30 minutes
  • The Range 2.48 miles
  • Shake-free: 3-axis Gimbal for smooth video
  • High-quality footage: 2.7K high-definition
  • Sharp stills: 12MP
  • Sharing: Simple recording and editing
  • Simple controls: 2 stick controller that connects to your smartphone. It also holds your phone

Everything You Need to Fly

Alongside Mavic Mini, in addition to Mavic Mini, you get a remote control rechargeable battery, rechargeable cord, wall outlet recharger screwdriver for propellers, and a carrying case.

Included Controller

The remote controller connects effortlessly to the drone at the drone’s initial start-up. It is compatible with the download DJI Fly app. Twin joysticks provide total control of directional direction. When you connect your phone, you will see live video streaming in high-definition 720p, details like GPS speed and location, and commands buttons. Press one button to take off one for landing, the other one for returning home, and another to determine how much battery capacity is remaining.

The controller folds down and the control sticks are removed for easy storage and transportation.

Link Your Smartphone

To check out how the Mavic Mini sees, attach your phone to the remote controller. The controller is adjustable to fit any phone that is compatible between .255 or .34 inches thick, and all the way to 6.3 inches in length. It is possible to remove the thick case, but that’s not a problem. Phones running iOS v10.0 plus and Android v6.0 or earlier are supported.

Save videos and photos on your smartphone and edit them in your DJI Fly app, then send them out for sharing.

Quality Camera

Mavic Mini has a high-performance camera that can capture your adventures. Video footage is captured in 2.7K high-definition and thirty frames per second. Stills are sharp 12MP. Shutter speeds as high as 1/8000 second for freeze actions. Everything is recorded by an enormous 1/2.3-inch camera with a CMOS.

The view field is approximately 83 degrees when viewed from a lens which is equal to 24mm when used in a 35mm format This is an angle large enough to be able to capture large groups as well as plenty of scenics. For closer shots, you can achieve this using the drone to fly close to the subject when it’s appropriate to do it.

Shake-Free Video

Mavic Mini’s camera connects to an extremely small motorized gimbal which can block drone movements across three axes. Although the drone might be moving a bit in hover the camera remains still. The footage is stabilized and appears smooth and free of shakes. It’s a smaller-scale variant of the technology that Hollywood filmmakers use. They are much more accurate than stabilization using digital technology which is more commonly used on drones that are priced in this segment.

Rich Stills

Mavic Mini’s stills with 12MP resolution are clear and unblurred. DJI firmware allows details to stand out and not be washed out. The colors pop, making objects appear as they would for the eyes of a human. Your girlfriend’s smile will appear identical to white as your boyfriend’s eyes and will be as blue, the hair of a child will be just as curly and brown as it is in real reality.

Do you want to shoot more than one image? Mavic Mini’s camera allows you to capture stills at pre-set intervals, from every 2 seconds to every 60 seconds.

Storing Images

This DJI Fly app lets you save videos and images on your connected smartphone that is controlled by your controller.

To let Mavic Mini store your photos and videos, you need to connect a microSD memory card you have. A slot for cards is inside the lid of the battery. Insert the card, and then snap the cover shut. Cards that can store up to 256GB of data are available.

Edit Your Photos

With the included DJI Fly app, edit videos or stills to suit your taste. You can add or remove music, or use templates.

Help from GPS

GPS satellite positioning – the same technology that gives you precise directions while driving, it also helps in reducing the time spent flying by:

  • Telling Mini the height and how far to go.
  • We’ll tell you exactly where Mini is.
  • Allowing Mini to return to the exact spot it was in when you stopped the flight to repair the battery.
  • The drone’s safe route is recorded and allows its return at just one click on the “Return To Home” Return To Home command.
  • Assistance in helping Mavic Mini automatically land within inches of the location from which it began its flight. If Mini’s sensors that detect downwards detect that it’s not safe to take off, Mini tells you so you can move it a few inches or feet or lower it safely making use of the control.

QuickShots Flight Programs

Mavic Mini can help you capture creative selfies and another fascinating video. QuickShots pilot help programs handle the difficult work:

Dronie. The camera will lock onto the subject, reverses up, and is able to fly upwards at the highest level you wish between 40 and 120 feet.

Rocket. The camera is locked on the subject and fly straight ahead to a distance that you can set between 40 to 120 feet.

Circle. Set the distance and altitude, and Mavic Mini can circle the subject.

Helix. Set the altitude to between 60 and 140 feet. Mini will take off and down to the distance while circling the object.

Of course, it’s possible to manually control the drone if need to take a photo that shows you as well as your family or friends. You can move the drone backward to capture more of the scene you’re enjoying or to the side for a better picture.

Cool Accessories

Drone Nerds has Mavic Mini accessories:

  • An additional Mavic Mini Smart Flight Battery provides more flight time and less waiting around for a charged battery.
  • The Mavic Mini Two-Way Charging Bank can recharge as many as three Intelligent Flight Batteries at once and also charge any other device such as your smartphone.
  • A fashionable charge base keeps your drone ready for flight, and also on display at your home.
  • Ideal for indoor flights A 360-degree propeller guard safeguards props and your drone from damage from obstacles or collisions.
  • Mavic Mini DIY Creative Kit Mavic Mini DIY Creative Kit includes stickers as well as colored markers to decorate your Mini and also wipes to wipe away your creations and give them a fresh appearance.
  • Its Snap Adapter features small accessories for greater fun and entertainment, such as an LCD screen that displays messages, two erasers, and the building block.
  • Mavic Mini Bag is a storage space for the Mini controller, controller, two-way charge bank, batteries, as well as other items.
  • Propellers spare consist of two pairs of propellers as well as screws, with screws for additional use.
  • Control sticks spare to ensure you have your control stick available.

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