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Doorstep Beauty Services in Delhi

Doorstep Beauty Services in Delhi

Doorstep beauty services in Delhi are one of the latest and most accepted services of all. A sudden change in the lifestyle of people and work-from-home culture allowed space for doorstep beauty services in Delhi. With a greater number of people now working from home scarcely have any time. And such is the case with the homemaking wives, who devote their lives to children and home. This naturally led to the creation of a space where people want to get beauty and grooming services at home.

Let us look at what all is there in beauty services in Delhi

Beauty services in Delhi take care of all your beauty needs. These services include face, skin, and hair care revitalizing your whole personality. Let us have a look at these services in a set of categories. 

  • What all is there in doorstep beauty services in Delhi. 

Face care services

Bleach and De tan services

There are many face-care services to get rid of dull and sullen looks giving it a fresh look. Services like bleach and de tan are primarily to get rid of tanned and sunburnt skin. Both bleach and de tan serve the same purpose. The only difference is bleach contains chemicals to treat the skin whereas the de tan pack contains natural ingredients. 

Now are facials. Facials are comprehensive face treatment sessions. There are different types of facials each one specific to a skin type. People have different types of skin like dry, oily, sensitive, or combination. Taking just any facial will not help. That is why to maximize the results of facial treatments it is essential to select product matching your skin type. If you are not aware of your skin type you can perform a small test. Or better still, leave it all to the beautician who will identify your skin type in a jiffy and will give you a fitting facial. 


Facial treatments consist of toning, scrubbing, massaging, and face packs as well. But what really steals the show is the steaming of the face. Where the beautician steams your face for about eight to ten minutes. This allows the clogged pores of the face to open up and flush out all the toxin built up under the skin. Furthermore, it allows the skin serum to move into the skin and start to act internally. This is where the true essence of a facial treatment lies. 

Hair care services

There are many hair care treatments that are now freely available. But they can be broadly classified into two types. One which gives nutrition to the hair and keeps it healthy. And second, which helps to beautify the hair and increase its appeal. 

Hair spa 

A typical hair spa involves the application of hair cream followed by a light head massage. It allows the cream to move all the way to the roots of the hair. And in the end, steaming the hair with a steamer. The duration for the steaming of hair generally depends upon the condition of the hair. The rougher the hair, the more they require steaming. 

Hair straightening/smoothening

These services are only to beautify the hair. They yield the best results only when the hair is already in good health. We do not recommend these services for damaged hair. These services allow the hair to become glossier, smoother, and attractive. Such is the appeal of hair services that transform the entire personality of a person. 

Hair Color

Although not taken by many, it still is one important service. People opt for hair color for two major reasons, one is to hide grey hairs and the other is to sport a trendy or more appealing look. No matter what the exact reason, they do change the entire personality of the person in just one go. Hair color is all the more popular with girls. Because there are many dimensions to using hair color girls go for all. Some girls may go for global hair color while many others may like to opt for hair color streaks. 

Mani-Pedi services 

Manicure pedicure services rejuvenate the battered limbs. A very smaller number of people pay real attention to their hands. But, in reality, it is your hands that do most physical work. People notice your hands the most after your face. Similar is the case with feet that carry the whole weight of the body around. 

  • Benefits of doorstep beauty services in Delhi

There are countless benefits of doorstep beauty services in Delhi. Let us have a look at them as well.

Convenience of home

There is nothing more comfortable than getting everything at your doorsteps. This is exactly what the doorstep beauty services in Delhi promise. You can take all the beauty services that you can possibly imagine within your home. You can also take a small break between the service. Or you may choose to watch your latest web series or catch up with something else more important. 

No queue

Another benefit of doorstep beauty services in Delhi is the ease of appointments. You can choose to have the service when you want and where you want. This allows you to do away with your pending work or put things in order. It is just a huge positive that scores above the usual waiting in a regular beauty salon. Since no one wants to wait, the control of time with doorstep beauty services in Delhi is just unparallel.

Saves money

With this, we arrive at yet another benefit. This is the price of the beauty services that you intend to take. The price of these services is less than half if you compare them to a regular beauty salon. The beautician coming to your home eliminates all the middle elements which increases the cost of service. For example, a regular beauty salon adds rent, electricity bills, and staff salaries to the final price of service. Since these are completely absent when you book at-home beauty services, they automatically benefit you financially. 

Low chance of cross-contamination

The beauticians carry all their products and tools inside of a bag. The beautician also sanitizes herself before entering your home sweet home. The beautician wears masks and gloves, corona or no corona alongside sanitizing tools and products for the service. This further helps the curbing of contamination and the spread of infection from one to the other person

  • Changes in doorstep beauty services in Delhi

With the advantage of availing the services within your home beauty services changed your lifestyle. 

More control over time

With the appointment system, there is a more sense of control of time among people. Most of the worries stem from a lack of control over one’s time. But, here, you rather have a better chance of reorganizing things altogether. When you book an appointment, you try and finish up all the important matters before the arrival of the beautician. This develops a sense of responsibility and urgency. As you now do those things which you otherwise would postpone. 

You can spend this time judiciously on something more valuable like your office work. Or you may choose to have this time all to yourself watching a movie with your family. Or may just a day of freshening yourself up. 

Quality services in hard-to-reach places

The city of Delhi is constantly expanding and pushing its current territory. It is now allowing people to move out into less crowded housing complexes. Although the population density is low, they still are to fully develop. This has led to the establishment of local monopolies at the level of salons. These salons do not even provide quality either at the level of product or the service. But since they are the only option people oftentimes have to subscribe to their terms. Which often are quite pricey. 

But, with at-home beauty services, this has now become possible to reach out there where it was earlier impossible. The doorstep beauty services allow people to still access the quality at a reasonable price. Simultaneously enabling the people to counter their monopoly. 

The doorstep beauty services in Delhi are a boon to the people. It exhibited itself in full force and won the confidence of the people. It was and is the trust of the people in the effectiveness of doorstep beauty services that people welcome the beautician with open doors and warm hearts. 

Serving people in the hour of their need and fighting its way through crises like corona has only solidified the place of doorstep beauty services in Delhi in the hearts of people. Such is the acceptance that these services have become a strong infrastructure of modern society. The people completely depend upon them and trust these services. It is the evidence proving the form of numbers which has been registering growth year after year. And it would be only apt to conclude that this is altogether a new sector. A sector upon which both the beauticians working and people taking services can trust. 

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