E-Learning Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Almost every industry has been transformed by the digital revolution. Digitization has taken over all aspects of our lives. The learning potential has expanded with the emergence of desktop programmes, and e-learning mobile app are becoming more popular.

Any new technologies, from the most fundamental to the most advanced, can now be learned by students and through online learning programmes with 24/7 access. Furthermore, education mobile app for students and teachers enable users to rapidly post assignments, get lessons, obtain online tutor help, and much more.

Advances in e-learning technologies are undoubtedly assisting students’ smartphone applications all around the world.

These e-learning programmes turn out to be an excellent approach to making good use of your time. Furthermore, these programmes are readily available to students, allowing them to make use of them without having to worry about exorbitant educational fees.

This guide contains information on the necessary features and technologies. We’ll also provide you with an estimated Cost to Develop an App.

Market Stats on E-learning

The education business has seen revolutionary innovations such as smart classrooms, e-learning programmes, and so on, which provide a platform for students to improve their learning regardless of teacher availability.

The e-learning app industry grew to $200 billion in the year 2020. The e-learning app industry is expected to reach $370 billion by the end of 2026, according to Statista. This industry is now growing at a CAGR of around 9%, with app retention rates ranging from 30% to 60%.

According to research, 64% of learners use mobile devices to access training resources. Mobile device users are about 43% more efficient and productive than non-mobile users.

Why Invest in Building an E-learning Mobile App?

If you want to develop an online business, education app development can be a good fit. for you. Right now, students have a high need for online courses and teachers. Apart from that, if you currently own an educational business or institution, launching an e-learning app for your students or learners is a great idea.

By developing an app, you may provide students with high-quality instructional content generated by teachers all around the world.

Flexible Learning

Learners can learn from any location in the globe with E-learning applications. E-learning applications have enabled education to reach beyond geographical boundaries.


The popularity of any software is directly proportionate to the features it provides to its customers. The same holds for eLearning applications. The application includes features like offline downloading and practice tests following classes.


You must be startled to hear the billing rate of E-learning applications, especially when compared to what you used to spend on tutors and coaching centres.

Types of Education App Development

Smart connect

This is a novel technique of using interactive technology assistance to help students comprehend concepts better. Smart classrooms are the most typical place where such apps are used.

Examination based Application

Exams and aptitudes are use in this type of e-learning programme to check students’ knowledge on a certain topic. These apps are built on a series of tests, the answers to which are record by the student and then published by the app.

Course-based e-learning app development

A course-based app is intended to offer students an entire course. In most cases, the study material available on these applications is in the form of audio and video.

Specialization-based application

These applications are design to assist students in extensively studying a specific area.

Features for E-Learning Mobile App

The feature set will vary because most e-learning mobile apps include more than two user panels. In addition, depending on the app type, certain features will differ. The key elements for e-learning apps are given below.

Features for Student App

The functionality and user experience of an e-learning system are mainly intended to fulfil the needs of students, making the learning process swift and the features convenient.

  • Signup and log in for social media
  • Integration of mobile payments
  • Search and filter options
  • Video conferencing and live chat
  • Flexibility to rate and review
  • Mock exams and practice sets
  • Manage purchases and subscriptions

Features for Tutor

A tutor is constantly active in synchronous or asynchronous learning, at least as an author of instructional material.

  • Easy sign-up and registration
  • Content management and uploading
  • Profile creation and management
  • Notification management
  • Scheduling classes
  • Student interaction via text and video

Features for Parent/Mentor

It is sometimes necessary to build features for a different sort of user: the parents of the kids. Younger students may require additional care at times.

  • Signup and log in for social media
  • Monitor student performance and course progression
  • Connect with teachers through chats and video conferencing
  • Manage course subscriptions
  • Push notifications

Features for Admin Panel

  • Account management for students, teachers, and mentors
  • Control and monitor the information available on the app
  • Manage price plans and subscriptions
  • Manage community content
  • Data visualisation and analytics

Must-have Features

Video Streaming

Get customise solutions from your custom LMS development firm so you may incorporate the features you want. Incorporating this feature into your app will increase user engagement since students will be able to interact with mentors in real-time and get answers to their questions.

Real-Time Analytics

Provide students and their parents with real-time e-learning insights and data on exam results, assignment completion speed, and other topics. Adding mobile app analytics capability can help with this.

Leaderboard Functionality

Incorporate a scoreboard for your app’s best contributors. You may also include these elements in particular educational courses on your app to encourage students to compete for higher grades.

Delivering quick lessons

Online learning is an appropriate medium for providing lessons at a quicker pace. E-learning is faster than traditional classroom training methods.

Cost to develop an e-learning app?

Take into account these three primary elements when calculating the Cost to Develop an App:

The complexity of the App

The cost of developing the platform would be lower if it merely had minimal features. Prices will rise if you want to include many features such as interactive, audio, or video.

A number of platforms your app use

The cost is restrict to one platform if the software is create just for one platform. The expense of providing a product for several platforms, on the other hand, will rise.

The development team

The more sophisticated the app, the more flexible a development team you will need to recruit for the project. The total cost of developing an e-learning app with minimal capabilities for a single platform (Android or iOS) ranges from $8000 to $30,000.

Furthermore, if you want to create a sophisticated online learning software (with features such as CRM solution integration, real-time analytics, and so on), you need to budget between $35000 and $70,000.

In a Nutshell

It takes time, money, and a lot of people to develop an e-learning app. Many people believe it is difficult to design and develop a featured rich online learning app. A time-consuming process with various obstacles they don’t know how to overcome.

To get a personalised e-learning app solution for your organisation, contact any mobile app development company india that specialises in education and e-learning solutions. These businesses provide a variety of educational IT products, including e-learning mobile and online apps, educational AR/VR solutions, and student information systems, among other things.


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