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Easy Steps to Make Bubble Hash and Kief

It is needless to say that several marijuana concentrates are available in the market surrounds. But, the purity and taste of hash and kief have kept them a favorite choice among weed lovers. However, these are the traditional forms of weed but are still popular among smokers since they can be smoked like a normal flower. Many enthusiasts prefer to form a bubble hash that is actually made from the hash. It is named after due to forming bubbles when smoked and a specific type of hash. It is made by using bubble bags by adding cannabis flowers to ice water bags. To avoid any legal complications, always obey the local marijuana laws.

Make 6 star bubble hash for pure marijuana use

The rating of hash mainly depends upon the melting level of hash when exposed to heat. However, 4 and 5-star hashes exposed to the heat become liquefied. But, still, it remains with some charring when it is vaporized. But, when it has 6 star rating, then it means that the hash is melted away with zero charring remains. It is also known as full melted hash and is easy to smoke.

How to make bubble hash with easy steps

You can use a Bubbleator, which is embedded with a zipper bag. You also need to have ice, fresh cannabis, a pollen press, a thermometer, and a food-grade bucket. Now follow these steps after collecting all this equipment.

  • Put the cannabis inside the zipper bag and close it well
  • Now place this bag in the Bubbleator and fill it with water about halfway
  • Add ice to the Bubbleator and wait until the temperature reaches the freezing level
  • Close the lid and let the machine works for at least 15 minutes
  • Place the food grade bucket under the drainage tube of the Bubbleator
  • Now place the finer mesh bag and larger fresh bag in the bucket. Remember, you must place a larger mesh bag on the finer mesh bag
  • Now, as per the filtering process, the larger bag will remove the debris from the water, and the beneath placed bag will collect the kief
  • Now, let the kief dry for 24 hours and then place it inside the pollen press
  • Open pollen press and insert the plug, and put the cap over the plug. Dispense the kief at the top part of the hollow and press the kief into the chamber.
  • Put the pollen in a warm place for at least 6 hours and then place it inside the freezer to become cold for at least 15 minutes.
  • Now, the 6 star bubble hash is ready to smoke or use with edibles.

To sum up

The process of making bubble hash might seem tough at first glance. But, it is quite easy to perform at home by using the required equipment. You can bring the tools from the market and follow the steps to make your own hash. You can enjoy the weed to get a health advantage due to its natural remedial properties. Always follow the local marijuana laws to prevent any legal issues.  

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