Effects of Double Sided Stickers on Development of Children

Do you remember having a sticker collection as a kid? It may have been a Trapper Keeper binder with paper or a sticker book with themed pages. Puffy stickers, scratch-and-sniff stickers, fuzzy stickers, and double sided stickers adorned its pages.

Memories of sticker trading might be evoked by recalling those sticker collections. Back then, all you cared about was having the entire Care Bears collection or a page full of sticker rainbows.

Did you realize, though, that removing all of those stickers offers a greater advantage than completing a whole sticker book page?

Sticker can help youngsters with a variety of skills. They can even be used as a hidden weapon by Therapists. Getting a new sheet of stickers from the OT’s treatment bag may make kids of all ages grin. The best part is that the kids aren’t even aware they’re working on critical developmental areas!

What catches your eye when you see a sheet of stickers? It may be the brightest sticker on the page, or it could be a unique character. Whatever it is that makes you happy with double sided stickers, they are all beneficial to your child’s growth.

Increased Grasping Power

Stickers are a great source of motor power. Pulling off the edge of a sticker from a sticker sheet requires a perfect pincer grasp to peel the adhesive small graphics. To hold such a small space, the very tips of the fingers are required. It might be challenging for some children to hold only the edge of a single sheet of paper. Picking up little beads, twine, or a sewing needle with stickers is an excellent technique to learn a clean pincer grasp.

Improved Hand to Eye Coordination

It’s a necessary skill for a variety of tasks. Handwriting, zipping a coat, and cutting with scissors are all actions that require bilateral hand coordination. Peeling double sided stickers for glass takes two hands: one to hold the sheet and the other to peel the stickers. Both hands are active in the job and completing separate duties.

Better Visual Reading, writing, seeking for an object in a busy place, and visually scanning the surroundings all need visual scanning. Kids can scan a sticker sheet and peel out the desired sticker.

Better Spatial Awareness

Reading, writing, and functioning in all everyday duties might be nearly difficult if you have problems with spatial awareness. Children may have poor handwriting or difficulty arranging their bodies in space. Stickers can be used as a visual signal to help with spatial awareness. The bright color of the sticker may be used as a visual indication for where to start writing on a page, how large to form letters, where to stop in the locker corridor, where to put folders in a desk, and where to put jackets in the closet by children. Double sided Stickers can be used in a variety of ways in this area.

Multiple Sensory Inputs

Scratch and sniff stickers are a fun way to learn about different fragrances. Discover the many textures of stickers such as smooth, puffy, scratchy, and fuzzy. Stickers are also a great motivator for kids. A youngster who touches a messy sensory bin or participates in tough treatment exercises might be rewarded with a sticker.


Kids frequently have difficulty determining which hand is whose. When writing, they will swap hands and may put their shoes on the incorrect foot. Double Sided Stickers can be used as a visual aid in learning left from right, both on and off the body. To assist youngsters, learning to place their shoes on the right foot, a single sticker can be affixed to one shoe. To educate a youngster which way is up, place a sticker on the top of their coat.

Better In-hand manipulation

Separation of the two sides of the hand is defined by using the thumb side of the hand while bending the pinkie side of the hand instability. This is required for tripod grasp, in-hand manipulation, and gross and power grip strength. Place a sticker in the palm of the child’s hand to work on this. They can cover the sticker with their pinkie, ring, and middle fingers while doing fine motor skills with their pointer and thumb.

Increased Hand Dexterity

How can something as little as a sticker have an impact on hand strength? To paint, use an open web area when holding a pencil, and manage buttons and snaps on clothes, children require power in the little muscles of their hands. By removing Double sided stickers off resistant surfaces, kids may strengthen their intrinsic hand muscles with stickers.

Organization and Placement

Adhesive double sided stickers on feet and other body parts might help toddlers learn to name their body parts. Children with difficulties in sequencing could have issues determining if a sock or shoe goes on their feet first. Stickers can aid with organization and placement on the body.

Double Sided Stickers Helps in  Motor Development

Crossing the midline, leaping, hopping, skipping, and jumping jacks are all gross motor activities that some children find challenging. Double Sided Stickers can be used as a visual cue or a barrier while learning certain skills.

Literacy, organization, sequencing, problem-solving, self-confidence, language development, mathematics, creativity, sense of achievement, stress relief, goal setting, and socializing are all reasons to play with double sided stickers.

Solicit your child’s participation in sticker collecting to help them with all of these developmental areas. With the scratch-and-sniff, fuzzy, holographic, double sided stickers, you’ll be able to revisit your youth!

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