Everything About Building a Video Chat Application in 2022

Thanks to rapid digital advancements, today video calling apps have witnessed a rise in popularity over the last few years. 

As per research, the market value of video conferencing is expected to be $14.58 billion by 2029. Thus, if this urges you to develop a video chat application of your own, then this is your post to carry on with

In this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects revolving around building a one-on-one or group video chat app for your business. Stay with us and read on. 

What is a Video Chat App & Their Types?

A video chat application can be defined as an app that enables face-to-face communication over the internet. Its main function is to stream real-time video calls between two or more parties. 

Businesses can build video chat apps to instantly connect with clients or collaborate with team members in a remote setup. 

It is important to identify the right target audience before you start building your video application. 

Let’s discuss the different types of video chat apps that businesses can develop for different target audiences.

1. Video Calling App

There are some apps in the market which are specifically built for chatting or messaging purposes but also offer video calling functionality. For instance, WhatsApp and Signal. Such apps can be termed as video calling apps. 

These apps generally do not support group video calls for a large number of participants. At the maximum, they help connect 4 – 10 users at a time. Hence, they cannot be utilized for business purposes. However, these video applications are perfect for facilitating one-to-one video interactions with family and friends. 

2. Video Conferencing App

Video conferencing application or group video call integration is surely meant for the business world as it enables team collaboration and facilitates quick communication in remote work setups. We recommend building a video conferencing app that allows at least 500 people to participate at a single time. 

3. Entertainment Video Chat Application

Entertainment video apps are those apps that also support entertainment functionalities. Such apps enable users to host voice and video calls and play games or perform entertaining activities together. 

Discord is a popular example of an entertainment-based video chat app. Well, it is specifically built for the gaming community. Gamers can easily connect with friends via video calling to strategize in between games.

Now that we’ve covered the different types of video chat apps, let us further discuss the crucial points to be noted before making a video chat application. 

How to Build a Video Chat Application – The Prerequisites

Businesses can seek the help of third-party video call API providers to build a video chat application. Here is a list of pointers that you should keep in mind: 

  • Come Up with a Unique Value Proposition

Dig deep into the video call industry before taking your first step towards app development. Look how you can make it different from other apps. One of the best ways to do that is to study the feedback section of other popular apps. Carefully go through their reviews to understand customer expectations better. This further helps decide your UVP to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Select the Type of Video Chat App You Wish to Build 

Choosing the right type of video chat application is an essential step to ensure the success of your app development. Here, are a few points that would help you make the right choice: 

  • Identify your target audience 
  • List all the functionalities that you need to incorporate in your app 
  • Focus on the core features that differentiate you from the competitors
  • Take inspiration from your favourite video chat app

Advanced features to include in A video chat app 

There are some basic features which are present in almost every video chat application. For example, Push notifications, profile management, geolocation, and much more.

If you want to beat the market competition, you need to make sure that you insert some unique additional features in your video chat application. Here’s a list of some of those advanced functionalities: 

1. Screen Share 

It is a must-have feature for every video chat application. With this, all users can easily collaborate with each other and conduct business presentations and discussions. Users can easily share objectives, tasks, and other important business information via screen sharing functionality. 

2. Virtual Background 

Work from home has become the new normal now. In remote work setups, the virtual background feature in video chat apps can be highly beneficial. It enables you to replace your original video background with beautiful virtual pictures. It facilitates a more professional feel during remote meetings. 

3. Noise Cancellation 

Including a virtual noise cancellation feature in your video chat app can prove to be a very wise decision. There’s always something going on at home and it can be a cause of a lot of disturbance while conducting video meetings. With virtual noise cancellation, you can easily remove real-time background noises during conversations. 

Which Industires Use Video Chat App?

1.Remote clinical benefits (Specialists and Medical clinics)

Correspondence innovations have prompted progresses in telemedicine. Of late video visit applications are the biggest drawing in stage for conveyance of far off conference with specialists, trained professionals, clinical specialists and speeding up a few distant Clinical benefits.

2.Management of Social Issues

Mental and social medical problems are a subsection of wellbeing and wellbeing the board that is widely put resources into video talk applications. Actually this industry has taken to the utilization of video visit in a broad way since specialists and clinicians can convey similar in-person benefits yet in the virtual video talk climate.


The instruction business is one of the biggest client networks of video talk applications. These new general media advancements are associating quality educating with upgraded learning open doors for understudies anyplace on the planet.

4.Customer help

The most awesome aspect of utilizing video visit applications in the business climate is having the option to associate in a profound way with clients. Thus such connected with clients support deals and it is not difficult to hold such clients. Furthermore by utilizing such applications clients are given fundamental responses to questions continuously particularly at online business entrances.

5.Events and online course

Recently Live video call application are progressively being utilized for advertising systems. They have become fundamental parts for video conferencing and in having the option to contact the more extensive crowd. Since online occasions and online courses keep on being the most involved stages for numerous business exercises, for example, sending off of new items, administrations giving data about items and the arrangement of item send off and different perspectives, virtual occasions and gatherings become intensely powerful.

6.Financial Administrations (Banking, Protection, Protections)

One more Industry that has taken to utilizing video visit applications in a significant manner is monetary administrations. Experts from this industry have viewed this as a compelling mechanism for correspondence and cooperation with clients. They are accessible up close and personal as well as on the telephone or on the work area to finish and sincerely interface with their clients. It is helpful for the client and furthermore guarantees that continuous administrations are delivered in a tweaked way.

Cost of Creating Video Call Applications

All businesses are different and so are their video chat requirements. Budget is one the most crucial points that you need to take care of while developing your video chat app. 

Building a video chat app from scratch may consume a lot of time and resources. In such scenarios, we recommend leveraging a powerful video call API. It enables you to incorporate all top video functionalities in your communication system. Moreover, you get more time to focus on other core business operations too

The total cost of your app development process will depend on the following factors: 

  • The technology stack you would be utilizing 
  • The number of functionalities you would include in your app 
  • App compatibility with different platforms 
  • The video chat API you choose for app development. Some API vendors may charge you on an hourly basis while some may have one-time subscriptions.  
  • Type of app design 


I hope my article would have helped you gain a fair understanding of all the essential aspects associated with the development of a video chat application. 

Now, wait no more! Start your video call integration today. 

Our best wishes for all your endeavours. 


Kenny Roy is a Digital Marketer by choice & profession. She munches on topics relating to Technology, E-Commerce, Enterprise Mobility etc

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