Everything You Need to Know About Equipment Downtime

When you own a construction equipment fleet, you have to face the damage due to the downtime. Equipment downtime is actually the time when your machine is not in operation. It may affect the performance of the machine if it sets down for too long. Hence, the equipment supplier tries to keep the downtime as low as they can.

However, it is not an easy task to achieve minimal downtime. You will need a proper strategy to work on it. Any misleads can create a fuss in your entire planning. Downtime may be of two types, planned and unplanned. You need a foolproof plan to deal with both situations. The effective solution during the idling of your equipment is what can save you from big loss.

Renting used industrial equipment during the time of downtime may help you maintain the demand for equipment during tough production schedules. It gives you the option to keep extra equipment in the backup that you can use as an alternative to the idling equipment.
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This article covers all the essential facts you should know about reducing the downtime of your equipment. If you are a rental company, you must know about the ins and outs of equipment downtime.

Difference between Planned and Unplanned Downtime

It is essential to be clear about the planned and unplanned downtime of equipment. You must know what and how these terms differ from each other. The major difference between planned and unplanned downtime is the level of control. During the planned downtime, you can easily control the budget and indulge with the operating budget that will not burden you. Whereas unplanned downtime does not give you the leverage of expense. You totally rely on the estimation and hence may fall into some financial instability.

The risk of unplanned downtime is greater if your fleet is larger. Below are some major and detailed insights on planned and unplanned downtime.

Planned Downtime

The idle time of the machine is properly scheduled and financially planned. Managers usually estimates the exact expense of the downtime by simply following a formula that helps them to release the budget accordingly. The main reasons for the planned downtime include: 

  • Transportation: When the equipment is moved from one construction site to another, it stays in downtime. As the transportation of the equipment is scheduled so it comes in the planned downtime category. The expense during this downtime is essential so that it can keep working for the next project.
  • Planned Maintenance: Equipment maintenance is important and unavoidable. Maintenance is important to keep the equipment working for a long time. The scheduled maintenance is something that saves you from sudden breakdowns. If your machine is properly maintained then it will give you maximum productivity. So, the expense is justified and comes in the planned downtime category.
  • Site Examination: It is very important for a construction contractor to inspect the site to keep a strict eye on the process. When the examination is going on, it is obvious that the work will stop for some time and hence the equipment. The site managers already schedule the site inspection, so it is part of the planned downtime. Site examination also helps the contractors to identify the issues that may cause unplanned downtime.

Among all these categories of planned downtime, scheduled maintenance has a direct impact on unplanned downtime. It can save you from sudden breakdowns and unplanned idling. During the maintenance, the managers can come through some potential mechanical issues which are important to fix on time.

The scheduled maintenance keeps you aware of the machine and when and for how long the machine could be out of order. The managers can also arrange the alternative in the meantime so that the work can keep going without any disturbance.

Unplanned Downtime

It is the unexpected and sudden breakdown that can occur at any time during the job. The unplanned downtime may leave you at a great financial loss. In terms of finance, it may be a little expensive as you cannot exactly assume the expense and you may run out of budget. 

The sudden and unplanned downtime may affect the entire construction process. The different equipment working on-site depends on each other for their tasks. If one machine goes under unplanned downtime, the others will automatically be non-operational. This will cause delays in project delivery and loss of money. 

Some common reasons for unplanned downtime may include:

  • Sudden Collapse: When the machine is not maintained regularly then it may cause sudden breakdowns. The parts may be torn-off, and electrical wires may spark and cause accidents. These events may cause the idling of equipment and may take uncertain time in repairing.
  • On-site Injuries: it is quite common at places where safety precautions are avoided. The workers and the machine operators are the major part of the construction process. If any sudden accident happens on the site, it may impede the entire construction work. The machinery will undergo the idling.
  • Weather Interruption: Weather is one the most common factor in unplanned downtime. When any sudden hurricane, rain, or earthquake occurs, the process will stop and may cause the idling of the equipment. You cannot restart the process until the weather becomes settled. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time. During this time, you may face unplanned downtime for your equipment.

In this unfavorable condition of unplanned downtime, preventive maintenance may save you from major financial loss. It is not a good thing to go but in the time of emergency, it may be your greatest help. Among all the reasons for unplanned downtime except the weather, you may go for the used industrial equipment rentals. You can save yourself from being delayed. But the financial coverage may hit you anyways. 

Final Words

The downtime of the machine is act45ually the time when your equipment is non-functional. There are two types of downtime, Planned and Unplanned. In both cases, you may face extra financial expenses due to the stoppage of work, when the machine is under idling. You may save yourself by renting the equipment and doing proper maintenance. The article has all the critical understandings to help you be mindful of equipment downtime.

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