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Are you looking for an option to protect your emails stored in Gmail accounts? In the beginning, let us declare that you will get not just one or two but a variety of the best ways to back up emails from Gmail. This means that you can be sure that this service is more instructive for users and we’ll get you started.

But, first, you must recognize that the decision to back up your Gmail emails can be very beneficial and can help you avoid unexpected and unpredictable circumstances. This is why you must think about the benefits you could gain by backups of your Gmail account’s email messages.

What is the reason to establish an email backup?

There have been several instances in the world where an account’s entire data was taken and, as you can imagine, this isn’t an easy feat in the modern world.

The problem isn’t limited to the theft of data, server failure or a bad internet connection, or an insufficient amount of account space; each of these causes can cause problems that you might encounter occasionally and problems can be resolved only by backing up your emails to Gmail.

In addition, you could benefit from the fact that, if you’re not able to access your email via Gmail it is possible to access them through a different platform that you keep the emails first by backup them.

We give you the best way to backup Gmail emails one at a time according to your particular scenario, which could require an entirely different approach. So, take a look.

Explore the various ways to backup emails using Gmail.
Your Emails Can Be Drag-and-Dropped

To start, we need to emphasize that this approach is not suitable for huge amounts of data. Only those with a tiny amount of emails to backup are advised to use this method. If you do have particular emails, you should take your time studying this procedure if you’re dealing with many files it is possible to use the next method of backup emails using Gmail.

Thus, you should read the entire tutorial to understand the steps you must take to ensure the security of Gmail emails this way.

To download Gmail emails follow these steps.

To begin, sign in to your Gmail account on your device.

Open the folder that holds the emails you want to back up. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Then, you can access your email on the device you would like to save.

When the three dots appear, click the download link.

After your email has been downloaded, you can open another email and go through the process again.

Limitations of the method

It’s a lot of work because you have to open each email separately to download. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Since the email downloaded is in EML format, you’ll require compatible software for opening it.

Emails are stored in download folders, and they can be mixed with other information.

Let’s take a look at a different approach to backup Gmail emails.

Utilizing Google’s Takeout to back up the emails in your Gmail email.

It’s the 2nd option to back up emails from Gmail with attachments in bulk. It’s not the most widely used method. While this technique can be able to save data in large quantities, however, it comes with a few limitations that you must know about.

However, first, we have to clarify how to remove every email from Gmail using Google’s manual feature and removal.

Complete Instructions on How to Save Emails Using Takeout

If the Google welcome page for your account appears on the left side you can click on “Data and Personalization. “Data & Personalization” link.

Scroll down until you reach the section that says “Download, delete, or develop a plan for your data.”

From the drop-down menu, select “Download your data.”

It is now time to eliminate the other options, and then choose “Mail.”

Then, choose the frequency, type of file and the size of the file then click Create Export.

This is the method to back up Gmail emails in large quantities across all your folders.
Check out the Restrictions of This Technique

The only drawback to this method is that you need to download all the data in your folders, regardless of whether you’d like to or not.

Your information is stored your data in MBOX ZIP format, which you can use until you locate an appropriate program.

Another limitation could be that the manual procedure can take several hours or even days, allowing you access to your data for more time than originally planned.

After the second option, we present to you the third method. Read it carefully then save Gmail emails in full folders.

Setting up Gmail with a different Account

If you use desktop-based client software it is possible. The majority of system-based clients allow users to connect multiple accounts and manage them on one platform.

There are only a handful of email clients that could be used to set up the Gmail account and ensure that your email is secure. If you’re unable to access your emails using Gmail it is possible to use an account that is system-based.

Therefore, we recommend using one of the no-cost E-mail programs, such as Thunderbird. If you are a fan of this program, you could employ this method to back up emails stored in Gmail.

Configuration of a Gmail Account

It’s the first thing to do is turn on IMAP within the settings of your Gmail accounts (if you weren’t previously).

Begin by logging into the web page of your Gmail account, and then select the gear symbol and select Gmail settings.

Select the option to enable IMAP under Forwarding as well as POP/IMAP.

Then, you can save your Changes following the configuration of Your IMAP client.

Once you have opened Thunderbird and enter names, Gmail credentials, and continue. Then, you must check the box for IMAP, and then click Manual configuration. After that, you can click Re-test.


Please keep in your mind this: IMAP is imap.gmail.com with a port of 993. The SMTP address will be smtp.gmail.com Port 465

After checking everything twice double-checking everything, click Create Account * after double-checking everything, click Create Account. A Gmail account has been created, and you are now able to look through your emails.

Therefore, it is the third method of backing up emails in Gmail.

Limitation of the Method

If you don’t have an account, you need to first set up an account on the device you are using.

If you choose to save data in the account and save it, it will be stored in the format supported by the account and you’ll be able to retrieve it from your account in the same way or application.

Let’s look at the final and fourth-most effective method of backing up Gmail emails.

Backup Emails sent from Gmail Automatically on Cloud or Local Servers

This Gmail Backup Assistant for email can overcome the limitations of the old method to backup Gmail emails.

By using this method you can back up your emails sent through Gmail on any of the cloud servers.

By using this method it is possible to send emails directly to an email file, or document file.

This way, you’ll be able to ensure the security of all Gmail folders simultaneously, in one step.

You can select the folders that you would like to store your attachments and emails too.

You’ll be able to select the service you would like to keep your Gmail information.

In contrast to the previous method, this software will not only allow users to save emails to MBOX formats but however, also gives you details on various platforms.

As you can observe, this method of backup of all Gmail’s email accounts in bulk is a complete solution since it gives you a range of options to save information.

Let’s now go over how to back up your emails to Gmail for you. It is recommended to read the article.

Using an Automated Approach to Save Gmail Data

Install and download and run the method.

Select the Open tab and select Add Account.

Input your Gmail login details and click on the Add button.

Click on Export, and then select the save option.

After selecting the storage choice Click Save

That’s the numerous options for backing emails to Gmail in large quantities. You can pick any of these based on what you’ve researched.

To summarize

We’ve provided you with a variety of alternatives to backup emails using Gmail. One option is more suitable to save individual email messages, and another is ideal to save in bulk. You can pick one of these depending on your needs.

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